Hearn Already Teaching US Promoters A Lesson

By Paul Magno on November 11, 2017
Hearn Already Teaching US Promoters A Lesson
Bob Arum does nothing anymore but feed info to the dwindling base via media stooges.

The American version of Hearn’s wildly successful UK based promotional company, Matchroom Boxing, kicks off Saturday night…

Eddie Hearn is already showing American boxing promoters a thing or two about how to actually promote.

The American version of Hearn’s wildly successful UK based promotional company, Matchroom Boxing, kicks off Saturday night with a card headlined by former middleweight titlist Daniel Jacobs. And, regardless of how well the Jacobs card actually sells, his efforts are already proving to be successful when stacked up against the efforts of his American counterparts.

The back and forth between his heavyweight star Anthony Joshua and American heavyweight top dog Deontay Wilder has spilled over into discussions of the Jacobs card on Saturday with Hearn stoking the fire in the media. He’s also using undercard player Jarrell “Big Baby” Miller, who is not a Matchroom Boxing USA fighter, as a focal point for more chatter, linking him as an opponent to both Joshua and fellow Matchroom fighter Dillian Whyte.

And, between heavyweight banter, Hearn has been everywhere, titillating the media with quotable quotes that are too good to NOT generate headlines.

Maybe none of this helps sell seats at the Nassau Coliseum for Jacobs’ showcase main event, but maybe a blockbuster is not the ultimate goal of this first Matchroom USA outing.

Hearn has created a buzz and maybe that buzz is the primary goal for Saturday. Realistically, Jacobs is not the type of fighter, at least not right now, who is going to create a buzz on his own, not without a superb, dynamic opponent. Many, many more people are talking about the HBO-aired show now than would normally be the case. TV ratings should be up by some degree, a few more asses will be in seats, but the real difference made is in the fact that people are talking boxing and the talk is focused through this card.

Joshua talk, Wilder talk, heavyweight talk is channeled through the Nassau Coliseum card via Hearn and the Miller-Mariusz Wach undercard feature. Golovkin talk, Canelo talk, Jacobs talk, and middleweight talk in general is channeled through the main event of this same Nassau Coliseum card. Hearn has all energies feeding this central event—and that’s the way things should be.

By contrast, Oscar De la Hoya, owner and founder of Golden Boy Promotions, is making headlines, again, promoting nothing but his own hurt ego via his verified Twitter account:

“I promoted @BronzeBomber first 33 fights and made him a champion, if I was his promoter he would be a star and @anthonyfjoshua would be begging for the fight and not the other way around. #heavyweights #superfight“

Similar to when he penned cringe-worthy open hate letters about Floyd Mayweather before two of his company’s biggest fights (Canelo-Cotto and Canelo-Golovkin), De la Hoya actually directs attention away from his fights nearly as often as TO them.

Bob Arum, meanwhile, touts over five decades in the promotion game, but he does nothing anymore but feed info to the dwindling base via media stooges. The elderly Hall of Fame promoter confounds as much as he titillates with the frustrating compulsion to bait and switch and hustle rather than actually promote.

And De la Hoya and Arum are the best of the bunch in the United States, at least in terms of reach and power. Other American promoters are out and about, doing quality work on a smaller scale, but on the main stages, Golden Boy and Top Rank are the big dogs—and that has definitely not been good enough for a sport in dire need of promotion. There’s just way too much negative energy involved in the so-called promotion of the sport.

Hearn’s presence in the US should be a welcomed addition and we’re seeing just the very beginning of what his energy and focus can bring to the American fight scene. One can only hope that the other promoters are taking notes.

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