Heavens Can Wait

By James Murphy on August 12, 2017
Heavens Can Wait
"I'm just looking to get in the ring and show what I've learned and impress everyone."

“It’s all about keeping active and learning. Whether it’s through sparring or fights—I just need to keep learning…”

Super-welterweight prospect Ricky Heavens says he is spending his time out of the gym learning about the business of boxing through the new ‘Boxing Promoter’ game.

The 19-year-old, who is scheduled to be out at least once before the end of the year, admits since playing the game he has learned how hard it can be out of the ring, too.

“Everyone think they can be the next Eddie Hearn or Steve Goodwin when you go on social media, but trust me it’s a lot harder.

“The game is a bit like a boxing version of Football Manager, it honestly has made me think a lot more about your marketability and worth to promoters.

“It’s good because you can switch off a bit but still be thinking about boxing - it breaks camp up a bit to be honest,” he said.

The undefeated youngster is preparing for his showdown on the Goodwin card “Date with Destiny” on the 23rd September.

Brentford fan Heavens said: “Camp is going really well, I’ve had a sit down with Steve and we have mapped out a plan for the next 18 months.

“It’s all about keeping active and learning, that is the most important thing. Whether it’s through sparring or fights—I just need to keep learning.

“I’m lucky because in my gym we have the likes of John O’Donnell, Dean Richardson, Jumaane Camero and Dan—Dan Keenan so the standard is really good anyway.

“I spent time with Ryan Toms down Hayes ABC for his recent fight, I enjoyed that and felt I did well.

“I’m just looking to get in the ring come in September, show what I’ve learned and impress everyone that comes to watch.

“It would be nice for other guys’ fans to say ‘Ricky Heavens looked good,’ that’s what I want.”

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