Hello It’s Me

By Robert Ecksel on January 28, 2015
Hello It’s Me
Floyd told Manny to “stop lying” about having signed a contract. (Grant Smith/Twitter)

I’ve been wrong in the past and will no doubt be wrong again, but I won’t have mistaken wish-fulfillment for reality…

Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao have finally spoken. It wasn’t at an arbitrator’s office. It was at a Miami Heat game, where both were in attendance.

Having met at a public event has been much discussed, breathlessly in most cases, knowledgeably in others. In matters of such importance, I side with the knowledgeable, as heavy breathing is disconcerting.

Captured on a smart phone and beamed to the four corners of the earth, the video of the interaction is revealing. It appears that Mayweather is browbeating Pacquiao, or at the very least talking his ear off, while Pacquiao, unsmiling and not speaking, solemnly nods his head a few times.

What was said? Were they discussing the fight?

Giddy speculation aside, FightHype.com, Mayweather’s favorite website, has attempted to the set the record straight. But what Ben Thompson has written has been all but drowned out by the swooning boyos.

“According to sources with knowledge of the situation, upon receiving confirmation that Pacquiao was scheduled to be in attendance at the game, Mayweather made it a point to also attend.”

Therefore the meeting wasn’t accidental, as had been reported ad nauseum. Mayweather made a point of attending the game when he heard that Manny would be there. Is that a good sign? It depends on whether or not one took one’s medication.

“Although all of the specific details of the conversation are not known, FightHype.com has been informed by two reliable sources in attendance that Mayweather told both Pacquiao and Koncz to ‘stop lying’ about signing any contracts. The same eyewitness tells us that Mayweather then informed Pacquiao that he’s been told multiple lies.”

Floyd didn’t tell Manny who was telling him lies. Presumably that wasn’t necessary.

Mayweather allegedly informed Paquiao that “he’s been trying to make the fight happen” but has said nothing because he doesn’t “entertain bullshit!”

I’m no more convinced that Mayweather doesn’t “entertain bullshit” than I’m convinced that the fight is close to happening. I’ve been wrong in the past and will no doubt be wrong again, but I won’t have mistaken wish-fulfillment for reality.

Mayweather asked Pacquiao “what contract” he signed. If Pacquiao had an answer he didn’t share it in Miami. Mayweather added, just in case Manny didn’t get it the first time, “If you’re not going to tell the truth, it’s best to stay silent.”

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Floyd Mayweather And Pacquiao Face Off At Miami Heat Game

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  1. ROB 09:01am, 02/03/2015

    I still can’t believe the racist things that come out of the Filipino mouth! it is amazing! I would have never known how racist and delusional and self aggrandizing they are if not for this fight and don’t say that Floyd said something racist once so that gives every Filipino the right to endlessy make racial remarks not just about Floyd but about all black people. you Filipinos are not superior to a damn person place or thing on planet earth but you talk like you’re Gods gift = get real! you have one piece of champ in one category almost since the beginning of boxing yet you talk all the crap in the world…incredible

  2. Koolz 11:35am, 01/29/2015

    Mayweather Body Language, is telling Pac off!  Pac is humble and listening but his body language suggests he not completely agreeing to what Floyd is saying.
    Later they chat at Pacs Hotel Suite.  That must have been when they really had a professional discussion.

    Now I think this fight hasn’t been announced because Showtime is trying to figure out how they can get money from the fight instead of losing it.

    They should realize that this will be the largest PVP in history, it’s hyped to the moon and beyond already.  After 31st then what?

    how about Next Year!  Yea!

  3. Melgaszar 04:40am, 01/29/2015

    These “sources with knowledge of the situation” and “two reliable sources in attendance” on whose statements Ben Thompson based his article are all Mayweather followers. Michael Koncz, who was not only “in attendance” but actually took part in the conversation, says that “it was a nice little talk.” Now, why would Ben Thompson accept the version of his “sources” as if they were gospel truth and completely disregard Koncz’s version?

  4. andrew 09:48pm, 01/28/2015

    I hope this over the hill fight never happens. The thought of Mr wife beating illiterate old chicken making $150 million is more than I can bear.

  5. Smithy 06:38pm, 01/28/2015

    Look at those duck-bills for mouth. How could one believe a mouth that prattles endlessly and incoherently is “telling the truth?” A duck naturally quacks—and quacks a lot, too! (lol)

  6. Eric 03:58pm, 01/28/2015

    teehee. Love the Gump reference, Irish. Floyd is really flapping those big lips. Wonder if Mike Tyson would want Floyd to kiss him with those big lips. Maybe FMJ was trying to convince little Manny that the Bubba Gump Shrimp Company is a great place to work with other pugs like Razor Ruddock.

  7. Koolz 02:56pm, 01/28/2015

    Floyd Needs a Second Plane!  The man needs the money for that plane.  Why would just have one plane when you can have two!

    Pac is just waiting for Floyd to agree on everything and sign.
    Later Floyd stopped by Pac’s Hotel.

  8. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 12:19pm, 01/28/2015

    Christ Almighty!! ....Is that a billboard behind Floyd…..easy to talk shit when “Kong the eighth wonder of the world” has your back…. like Cap’n Dan sez: Floyd “better tuck that lip in”!

  9. bernie 11:55am, 01/28/2015

    It is now clear to all, that Floyd is holding up this fight happening and that Floyd has always been the problem with it happening over the last 6yrs. Boxing commentators and boxing reporters, should be telling the sports world to “BOYCOTT” Floyd Mayweather fights in the future. Floyd has brought the sport of boxing into disrepute.

  10. Eric 11:12am, 01/28/2015

    If I had a choice of watching Floyd vs Pac circa 2015 or the Canelo vs Kirkland fight, I would watch Canelo vs Kirkland. I wish the Floyd vs Pac fight would happen that way people would see what a dud it would turn out to be. Floyd dancing around like his arse is on fire and running like a thief scores a unanimous decision over an old Manny. Be about as exciting as watching Lewis-Tyson II.

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