Here Comes Triple G (Again)

By Ted Sares on December 1, 2012
Here Comes Triple G (Again)
Gennady (GGG) Golovkin is the complete package and is exactly what boxing needs today.

“Watch out, middleweights. There’s a new sheriff in town. As a matter of fact, junior middleweights and super-middleweights should also be on the alert. This heavy-hitting boss man is gunning for all of you.”—Jackie Kallen

Many (including me) are calling him the “Next Big Thing.” Others simply refer to him as “GGG.” He is WBA and IBO middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin (24-0 with 21 KOs) and he is meeting tough Philadelphian Gabriel “King” Rosado (21-5-1) in The Theater at Madison Square Garden on January 12.

The Champion’s amateur accomplishments belie his professional record and would turn this blog into a lengthy essay, but make no mistake: He is the complete package and is exactly what boxing needs today. GGG is also an equal opportunity type of guy as his last several destruction-type wins have come against a Pole, Japanese, American, Ugandan, Colombian, Russian, and Brazilian—in that order.

Rosado is on a seven-fight winning streak but has bitten off far more than he can chew in fighting the beast from Kazakhstan (and of Russian ethnicity) who now resides in Germany. Hopefully, Gabe’s payday will compensate for the drubbing he is almost certain to endure.

GGG demolished heretofore undefeated Pole Grzegorz “Super G” Proska (28-0 coming in) in September. Proska held a stoppage win over Sebastian “Hurrikan” Sylvester and was held in high regard coming into his fight with the real Super GGG. Look for the highly affable and marketable Golovkin to duplicate the demolition in January.

The co-feature involves another new heavy-handed star in Miguel Angel “Mikey” Garcia (30—0 with 26 KOs) who takes on WBO featherweight champion Orlando “Siri” Salido, best known for his two crunching TKOs of Juan Manuel Lopez both of which occurred in Juan’s home environs of Puerto Rico. Garcia, out of Oxnard, has come along well under the expert tutelage of older brother Robert Garcia and is fast becoming another complete package, but unlike GGG, he will have to work every second of every round against Siri who seems to get stronger as his fights progress.

January 12 is a day that should be clearly marked on any boxing fan’s calendar.

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  1. the thresher 06:19pm, 12/03/2012

    B Red, no one wants to fight GGG, ya dig.

  2. Tex Hassler 05:00pm, 12/03/2012

    It is very good to see some new faces edging their way to the top of the contenders. Possibly Golovkin is the real thing. Thanks for informing us.

  3. B Red 02:13pm, 12/03/2012

    i dont know the other guy Rosado, but Triple G fighting a guy with a 21-5 record is not impressive. Gennady should be fighting better comp by now. If he steps up to SMW and fights Ward, Gennady will get punished and possibly stopped ya dig

  4. Don from Prov 08:57am, 12/03/2012

    Man, what a fight card that will be!  Can’t wait.

    Garcia/Salido = great potential for a FOY type match.

  5. kelso 01:30pm, 12/02/2012

    golovkin already beat canelo in a sparing sesson in mexico, canelo’s handlers have to stop the sparring and send golovkin packin home so canelo does not get hurt. he will be the most avoided boxer in his division.

  6. the thresher 05:51pm, 12/01/2012

    He will in my opinion. He has more dimensions.

  7. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo (aka) Gimpel 05:17pm, 12/01/2012

    Ted Sares-This report is as neat as the way GGG “touched up” Fuchigami while going half throttle. Rosado will play the brute and keep coming….GGG will be full bore that night and Gabe’s jutting jaw will get nicely massaged as he gets smartly waxed! The only question mark here is whether GGG will measure up to Kostya Z..

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