Highway Robbery in Corpus Christi

By Robert Ecksel on February 18, 2012
Highway Robbery in Corpus Christi
What is it about the Lone Star State that brings out the worst in people? (Robert Ecksel)

With Cloud fighting for King, and the fight being in Texas, meant that justice had as little chance of being served as matzoh at the post-fight press conference…

You’ve got to hand it to Don King. And if you don’t hand it to Don King, rest assured he’ll take what it is you’re not handing him, by hook or by crook.

IBF light heavyweight champion Tavoris Cloud (24-0, 19KOs), a Don King fighter, was gifted an incomprehensible split decision victory over Gabriel Campillo (21-4-1, 8 KOs) Saturday night at the American Bank Center in Corpus Christi, Texas.

In a fight that no one except two of the three judges had Cloud winning, the scores were 115-111 for Campillo and 114-112 and 116-110 for Cloud.

Cloud started strong by dropping Campillo twice in the first round. The first knockdown came courtesy a hard right one minute in. The second was the result of a series of punches that were supposed to knock Campillo down and out.

But Campillo not only survived the disastrous first round, he came into his own and flourished for the remainder of the fight.

Putting his superior boxing skills to work, Campillo got his act and started putting is punches together, and it was apparent early on that Cloud didn’t have an answer for Campillo’s southpaw style and dazzling fast combinations.

Campillo was landing against the champion with ease and at will and was bulling him into the ropes. Having snatched what looked like victory from the jaws of defeat seemed only to discourage Cloud even further.

Cloud’s inability to effectively counterpunch put him at a distinct disadvantage against an aggressor like Campillo.

The champ pocketed round six, but it already seemed too little too late to make much difference, even though the fight was only at the midway point.

Cloud’s power, the great equalizer, proved ineffective against a skilled boxer like Campillo. Campillo had it and Cloud did not.

After the final bell, everyone held their breath. It was like déjà vu all over again for the umpteenth time. With Cloud being a King fighter, and with the fight being in Texas, meant that justice, whatever than might mean in this day and age, had as little chance of being served as matzoh at the post-fight press conference.

“The Classy” Jimmy Lennon Jr. said it was “One of the hardest decisions I’ve ever had to announce.”

David Diaz tweeted, “Campillo won!”

Peter Quillin, aka Kid Chocolate, wrote “Whoa what a f-cked up win!!!”

“I am sick of the incompetence AND CORRUPTION in boxing,” Lou DiBella tweeted. “Campillo just got robbed and it’s just f-ckin’ biz as usual. I feel sick…again.”

Paulie Malignaggi, who tweets as quickly as he talks, wrote, “Texas strikes again!!! Are they ever going to realize that they shouldn’t allow boxing in this f-cking state!!!!!”

And Bernard Hopkins, himself a light heavyweight champ, was short and sweet in his appraisal of the decision: “Cloud is a BUM!!!”

Compubox’s Bob Canobbio wrote that “CompuBox ShoStats show Campillo doubled Cloud in power shots landed and gets robbed!” 

After the fight Cloud said, “I feel like I won the fight. I knocked him down a few times and was the aggressor throughout. I wanted to put him away but sometimes you get it and sometimes you don’t. I wanted to stay busy and be aggressive. I did that. He was a busy fighter, and that’s what the crowd here in Corpus Christi responded to. The difference is I was landing the power shots, and that’s what the judges responded to.

“I give Campillo credit. He’s a good fighter and he hung around with me. I think he looked bad in the judges’ eyes for celebrating in the ring thinking he had it won while the fight was still going on. He forgot he was still in a fight.

“When he was throwing the left uppercut, he was catching me with the laces on his wrist, and I think that caused the cuts over my eyes. I was never hurt to the point I couldn’t keep coming forward and throwing shots. I closed the distance between us in the later rounds trying to go to the body and stop him from throwing flurries. He was another bouncy-bouncy guy.”

Don King had something to say in is own defense: “It was an electric fight, it was something that you’d do again. It was a fight where the guy was very colorful, but the devastating punches and the most power punches were from the champion (Cloud). And the referees, I have to commend them, and the judges, for doing a great job, because it could have went either way from the way it colorfully looked, but the effectiveness of the fight, it was all the champ.”

What is it about Texas that seem to bring out the worst in people? First there was the Kennedy assassination. Then there was the “compassionate conservative” George W. Bush. Two weeks ago it was the business with Chavez Jr. and the disappearing drug test. And now it’s highway robbery in Corpus Christi.

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Tavoris Cloud vs Gabriel Campillo - Final Round / Scores / Interview - 2/18/2012 (Boxing Talk GAR168

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  2. the thresher 11:03am, 02/23/2012

    Texas Combative Sports Program

    PO Box 12157

    Austin TX 78711

    800 803 9202

    and even better still

    ATTN: DICKY COLE, .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) , 3936 Amherst, Dallas, TX 75225 (Home Address)

    More likely to get some results is writing to the sanctioning body in charge, namely the IBF, which has a history of actually living up to its commitment on a number of past occasions; here, one more time, is their contact info:

    International Boxing Federation


    899 Mountain Ave., Suite 2C

    Springfield, NJ 07081

    Phone: 973-564-8046

    Fax: 973-564-8751

    Main Contacts:

    Daryl J. Peoples, President

    Lindsey E. Tucker, Championships Chairman

    It can’t hurt to write. Maybe our two cents will make a difference.: LET’S GET IT ON

  3. the thresher 12:20pm, 02/21/2012

    Check out this one:


  4. Bk Don/Teron 09:41am, 02/20/2012

    I had the fight scored 114 - 112 for the challenger. 8 rds to 4 for Campillo, scoring the 1st rd 10 - 7 Cloud. I thought Cloud won the 1st, 4th (I see that as debatable),  6th and 12th. I don’t see one other round the judges could have given to him. Campillo clearly won the fight to me. In regards to Texas, and all of the shady stuff that’s come out of there recently as long as promoters can sell tickets there they’re not going to raise a fuss about a commission which is obviously inept.

  5. "Old Yank" Schneider 08:36am, 02/20/2012

    If I had a dollar for every time Don King spun bullsh*t into some fantasy version of truth, I’d be a millionaire. A BLIND MAN needed only examine the faces of the two fighters at the end of the bout to tell you who won and who lost!

  6. the thresher 07:35am, 02/20/2012

    Don from Prov has the beat

  7. the thresher 07:32am, 02/20/2012

    Don King: “It was an electric fight, it was something that you’d do again. It was a fight where the guy was very colorful, but the devastating punches and the most power punches were from the champion (Cloud). And the referees, I have to commend them, and the judges, for doing a great job, because it could have went either way from the way it colorfully looked, but the effectiveness of the fight, it was all the champ.”

  8. "Old Yank" Schneider 07:14pm, 02/19/2012

    Don—#4? I don’t think Campillo took his foot off the gas. I saw Cloud fighting in a more desperate mode in the 11th and 12th because he had to know he was getting the sh*t kicked out of him. Cloud is a well-conditioned fighter and dangerous ‘till the end. Cloud stepped on the gas in the last two rounds. I’m not at all convinced that Campillo let off the gas. Perhaps just a different perspective.

  9. "Old Yank" Schneider 07:11pm, 02/19/2012

    Don - -I do not knock Cloud’s willingness to swing for the fences. When it ain’t “fan friendly” the alternative is…? But I agree, he’s got great power but he’s not fast enough for a great stylist. And even though Dawson is not a great stylist, he is a southpaw and he will make easy work of Cloud.

  10. "Old Yank" Schneider 07:07pm, 02/19/2012

    Don—“1) Gus Johnson—no details necessary.” PERFECT! Ha, ha, ha!

  11. Shockwave 06:50pm, 02/19/2012

    Robert - Thanks brother! I think there is a lot of frustration out there. I’m with ya on that one. Keep writing the good aticles. Hang in there, see ya soon. ;)

  12. Don from Prov 06:44pm, 02/19/2012

    This one belongs under Ted Sares’ article"Pendulum Shift”: What a list of things to dislike in a single bout.

    1) Gus Johnson—no details necessary.

    2) Tavoris Cloud—Nothing personal, but he represents a fairly big disappointment to me.  There have always been disappointments in boxing, often reputed “big punchers” who don’t fully pan out when they step up, but there have also been times when so many fighters were coming up that one or two partial fizzles didn’t seem to stand out so much.  I think that Cloud’s power is overrated, and any resemblance to a true come forward full-pressure monster like the recently deceased Joe Frazier is merely a fancy in the minds of talking head shills.  Cloud gave us the ninth round against Glen Johnson, and he not only got mugged by Campillo but he also gave a completely unsatisfactory (and very much NOT “blood and guts”) response when asked if he’d entertain the idea of a rematch with Campillo.  Actually, he pretty much indicated that given his druthers a rematch was not happening any time soon.  Not what one wishes to hear from a warrior listening to a venue full of fans booing him.

    3) Terrible decisions—no details needed.

    4) Fighters who take their foot off the gas when they have a fight in their grasp.  While there is no reason to imagine that the judge who gave the fight to Cloud by a score of 114-112 might have gone the other way if Campillo had presented us with a more definitive finish, Campillo should have given us a more definitive finish anyway: Hasn’t the man been jobbed enough times already that he should have learned?  Obviously, Campillo did not pull an Oscar and run for the last two rounds—far from it.  He had at least one VERY strong spurt in the eleventh and good moments in the last round, but it appeared he could have done more.  Some fighters need to be forced to watch one of those thrillers where a victim hits his or her madman pursuer with an axe handle and then runs away only to have the flattened bad guy come back to rain death.  Lesson: Once you hit the bad guy and drop him with an axe handle, keep hitting him until the axe handle breaks, and then stab his sorry being with the remains.

  13. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo 06:42pm, 02/19/2012

    Old Yank-AMEN!!!....I think!

  14. "Old Yank" Schneider 05:24pm, 02/19/2012

    Robert—I hear you loud and clear. Keep the faith. Things can operate while broken for a long time. A moment of reckoning comes when the busted metal of a working, broken machine finally jams in a cog and the mechanism slams to an abrupt stop. The warning signs were there. The red flags were flying. Complacency set in to such a degree that swimming at the beach with triple warning flags became commonplace. And then perfect correction comes in so congruently an incongruent instant and the rip tide drags someone important to their drowning. And in a moment the entire world changes (or at least the microcosm we are focusing on does).

  15. Robert Ecksel 04:34pm, 02/19/2012

    Shockwave—Maybe I jumped the gun as well. We’re an agreement. I know where you’re coming from. One thing is for sure, we’ve got trouble in River City. Good to have you aboard.

  16. Shockwave 03:44pm, 02/19/2012

    Robert Ecksel - Maybe “you should be ashamed” was a little to hard. For that you have my apology. I think eveyone of them are corrupt and full of sh*t for that matter. I jumped the gun because I am sick of ALL the losers in office and what they stand for. I agree with you, yes! All of them should be thrown out. But mind you, I have NO “hard-on” for any political agenda here. I am sick of corruption as a “whole” on all levels. Especially when we are paying in some way or another and keep getting the short end of the stick. So in closing, I was wrong for attacking you. Im just sick and tierd of all of it…wherever it’s coming from. - Peace! ;)

  17. "Old Yank" Schneider 03:43pm, 02/19/2012

    Robert—You have an editor’s view of where the arrows in my quiver get aimed. Disgust with the entire world is insufficient to discourage me from making my own bed and wiping the crap off the plates I eat from. Peace brother!

  18. Robert Ecksel 03:20pm, 02/19/2012

    Old Yank—I’m biased and will advocate for boxing till my dying day. But when you “conclude that the system” is “corrupt to the core” I have to ask which system is NOT corrupt to the core? The corruption in boxing is emblematic of the corruption everywhere else. Those people and institutions that have not yet been exposed are no less corrupt than those that have. They’ve simply not be prosecuted. Should we hold boxing to a higher standard that we hold government or the medical establishment or industry or the judiciary? How many arrows are in your quiver, and where does one aim when there are varmints all around us? Beating one’s breast accomplishes nothing. We can demand this, that and the other thing, but boxing no more hears our indignation than a deaf mute hears our song.

  19. Robert Ecksel 03:17pm, 02/19/2012

    Shockwave—Ashamed? You’re barking up the wrong tree. I would have mentioned Obama, as you suggest, if he were from Texas, since that’s what I was writing about. But since he’s not, it wasn’t relevant. If you have a hard-on for some politico or political party, more power to you and God bless you all. Personally, I think they should all be thrown into the sea. You don’t know my politics. Why jump to conclusions based on raw emotion? I should be ashamed? I don’t think so.

  20. Shockwave 03:11pm, 02/19/2012

    Indeed Old Yank. One more thing…No one has mentioned the fact that Cloud’s mother had fainted. I couldn’t believe when asked by the announcer if his Mom was alright, he seemed to not care at all. He said “oh she’s tough, she will be alright, she has a tough son right?” Something along those lines. Anyways, I would of been down at my mother’s side assisting her for Christ sake! She fainted after she heard her son actually won the fight. The reason she fainted is because she couldn’t believe it herself…

  21. "Old Yank" Schneider 03:03pm, 02/19/2012

    Robert—I all but begged the Texas Attorney General and the US Department of Justice to investigate how Margarito got his license in Texas. When inexplicable events happen and curious paths are taken and serious signs of corruption exist and are all spelled out in black and white for investigators to pick up the ball and NOTHING HAPPENS, these corrupt mo-fo’s are going to do it again and again with IMPUNITY! Why not? The authorities have signaled that they don’t care about any criminal activity taking place. Texas has become a laughing stock—who is actually dumb enough to believe an outcome of a bout that takes place there? And I’d be laughing too if I did not care as much about boxing as I do.

  22. "Old Yank" Schneider 02:55pm, 02/19/2012

    Shockwave—Thanx man!

  23. "Old Yank" Schneider 02:55pm, 02/19/2012

    Irish—It feels like crap! I’d hazard a guess that every writer on this site has been connected to the sport in one form or another long enough to be up to his eyeballs in out-of-pocket spending on this sport. No one spends more than the ardent fan and no one is clusterfugged worse than that fan when this crap happens.

  24. Shockwave 02:47pm, 02/19/2012

    BTW…although this was the most disappointing crap I have ever witnessed…capping on George W. Bush is B.S. The writer of this article should be ashamed as well. Stick to the facts about this disgusting fight without bringing your political views into it. If anything, you could have compared the Obama corruption machine to this mess…most but not all of them are crooks and fraudulent in thier dealings period. So please be fair and please leave politics out of it. 

    There are a lot of boxers and management out there that aren’t corrupt. Most of them as a matter of fact. It’s the small few that ruin it for the rest. It still is the great fighting sport of the human being. We will always have competition sports as we are competitive at nature. But, we need to keep it clean…

    Boxing needs to tighten its belt (no pun intended). Make sure there is NO MORE CORRUPTION like we saw in this particular fight. Make sure judges are held accountable when there was a CLEAR win and they slide the other way because of payoffs, threats etc. There must be new regulations put in place and protection from people like D.K. and his thugs.

    Campillo WON this fight because he worked for it…a professional boxer with the heart of a lion. I am in no way showing favoritism for Campillo. To tell you the truth, I had never heard of Campillo or Cloud before this fight. My father invited me to watch the match on Showtime boxing. I am a boxing fan but really watch more UFC actually. I am an average American man that loves the sport of human fighting but at the same time hate the scumbags that fix and cheat in the sport.

    My whole point here is that when you pay to watch a fight, you should get your money’s worth. That means a good clean fight from start to finish, including giving the guy who worked so hard the WIN and the BELT if he clearly deserved it. Broom the scumbags that are taking payoffs, the thugs in ownership and management that are making threats on people’s jobs. We as the people that pay and the fighters that spend their whole life working to get to this moment should not have to deal with crap like this. 

    FIRE AND BAR the judges, the promoters, owners and management that are stealing from the fighters and the people that pay to see them that are fixing these fights. DEMAND a FULL INVESTIGATION into this and all future fights that have OBVIOUS corruption like this…We the people, the boxers, management and the families of the fighters DESERVE fights without corruption. Campillo has a new boxing fan here. He wants a rematch with Cloud now. Too bad he has to do that to get what he deserved in the first place. He should have won this fight fair and square. Start an investigation on Don King and the judges right away. We will not relent until something is done.

    @ The Thresher, you too bud. Thx…
    @ Old Yank - I like the way you think.
    You sound like my Pop. ;)

  25. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo 02:19pm, 02/19/2012

    Old Yank- Your better half might have added ” any man of integrity and intelligence”....because here’s the kicker…the writers here and on other sites as well as the MSM that chronicle these clusterfuggs are for the most part intelligent people…..but here’s a revelation for you….these people that perpetrate these clusterfuggs are in fact marginally developmentally disabled….that’s why they are so bold with their in your face dirty dealing….they have no sense of proportion…they are just plain stupid enough to think and in the present instance to know that they can get away with it….so why not do it again and again and again! So all of us writers and fans alike are getting skinned by idiots…how does make you feel?

  26. "Old Yank" Schneider 02:17pm, 02/19/2012

    Look, A citizen of Spain (a nation in dire financial straights) was just robbed of bringing a World Championship Title home; home to where he might have had an opportunity to generate some financial injection into his home region. This is international in scope. And we’ve got a bunch of local bumpkins screwing with things of international importance. We are long overdue for a major house cleaning—way overdue. What do you get when you toss Don King, Texas and a bunch of inexperienced judges in a pot? We get exactly what a bunch of complacent fans and writers sitting on their asses deserve! I don’t know if a perfect solution exists, but I know wrong when I see it and wrong is happening way too often to conclude that the system is not corrupt to the core!

  27. "Old Yank" Schneider 02:10pm, 02/19/2012

    Robert—Fair enough question. It is truly a rare thing for me to ever suggest that the Feds should have power over anything—I’m a Thomas Paine kind of guy (“Society in all its forms is a blessing; government it all its forms a curse”). However, this federalist approach to boxing has left us with 50 corrupt governmental institutions (states) rather than one corrupt Fed to keep our eye on. I would also suggest that the ABC (the body that grew out of the federal Ali Act) has thus far done a very fine job in at least appearing incorruptible. So far they’ve only been able to use their gums. Let’s give them some teeth and see what happens.

  28. Robert Ecksel 01:42pm, 02/19/2012

    Old Yank—I’m responding to your suggestion that boxing be placed under Federal control. That appears reasonable on its face. But since the Feds can’t even run the post office or take care of its own citizens, what makes you think they can run boxing and take care of the fighters? How many times do we have to see Don King yucking it up with a U.S. President or an African dictator to understand that the criminal element we decry is as at home in Washington, DC and Zimbabwe as it is in Corpus Christi?

  29. "Old Yank" Schneider 11:48am, 02/19/2012

    In spite of my rep for failing to give fighter’s an even shake at times, I have massive respect for the fact that these men put their health and lives on the line for my entertainment. They deserve better than being treated in Texas as if they are some antebellum piece of plantation meat to be to be toyed with by a collection of overseers and owners.

  30. the thresher 09:59am, 02/19/2012

    Look, I am a hard man to convince sometimes, but when you can predict bad stuff with a 100% right first time index, it truly must be bad.

    This kind of garbage will give me a dignified way to exit the scene at some point. It’s like an avalanche of feces.

  31. the thresher 09:57am, 02/19/2012

    Shockwayve good stuff.

  32. the thresher 09:56am, 02/19/2012

    Old Yank has the beat

  33. "Old Yank" Schneider 09:41am, 02/19/2012

    We should leave the sport to gangsters and thieves so it can die of a cancerous rotting from the inside out. Let them sell tickets to each other until the only thing in the seat next to them is an oozing leper suffering from the same disease. OR! We should do the unthinkable and place it under Federal control. And Texas should be hung from their collective balls!

  34. Robert Ecksel 09:00am, 02/19/2012

    When boxing is good, it’s very, very good. And when it’s bad, it’s godawful. Should we leave the sport to the gangsters and thieves? Or does being the conscience of the fight game fill a void?

  35. "Old Yank" Schneider 08:50am, 02/19/2012

    The Thresher—My sentiments exactly. My wife turned to me last night and boldly asked how any man of integrity (presumably like me) can be so tied to something so corrupt. This is a huge turn-off!

  36. the thresher 07:53am, 02/19/2012

    My pendulum has just moved signifivcantly towards the side of my saying “why do I even watch boxing anymore.” This decision was as corrupt as they get. Right up there with Lara-Williams. Sickening to watch a guy get screwed who was beating the living crap out of his opponent.

    One time in Texas is bad. Two times in Texas is noteworthy. Too many times in Texas says it all.

  37. Tony Capoocia 06:56am, 02/19/2012

    The scores were a joke. It’s things like this that gives this LONG TIME boxing fan a bad taste. See if Texas has the Guts like NJ and kicked the Judges to the curb. Nah..that would take balls to do.

  38. "Old Yank" Schneider 06:20am, 02/19/2012

    I gave Cloud the 1st and the 6th. The rest of the fight was easy to score. If someone wanted to gift Cloud the 12th then gift away. But this was one hell of an easy bout to score and the winner was obvious.

  39. "Old Yank" Schneider 06:17am, 02/19/2012

    What can one say but TEXAS!? Indeed something must change! How do you spell Texas? C-O-R-R-U-P-T!

  40. Cheekay Brandon 05:50am, 02/19/2012

    Incredible. Just….incredible.  I recognize that people have been saying this for quite some time, but: something really does have to change.

  41. Shockwave 02:13am, 02/19/2012

    Campillo was CLEARLY dominating the entire fight with skill. Campillo got knocked down but got back up and bear Cloud for the remainder of the fight. Cloud got his a** kicked and he knows it. The fight was obviously fixed. It stunk! The worst corruption I have ever seen in a fight. Cloud is a joke. He knows he was pummeled by Campillo. Cloud should be embarrassed. If Cloud was any kind of a man he should step down and give up his belt to the winner and that was Campillo.

    I DEMAND all the judges be suspended indefinitely until a FULL investigation in to fraud and is completed. All boxing fans should stand up now against the sickening blatant corruption in this fight. It’s called CHEATING folks. Why pay for another fight on SHOWTIME sports or Corpus Christi if the are ripping off the fans and their boxers?

    The whole crowd knew who won, Campillo won. He not only won, he embarrassed Cloud…period! Made him look like a fool after Cloud was shooting his big piehole off saying he was going to teach Campillo a lesson in American boxing. Wasn’t the case, Campillo beat and cut cloud twice over the left eye. The big bad thunder Cloud was weak with no thunder out of that boy. He stunk…now, I’m wondering just how much fixing with big old Don King had to do with this fraudulent mess?

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