Holt the Presses

By Robert Ecksel on April 9, 2013
Holt the Presses
What is happening now is what always happens when reason gives way to mass hysteria.

It seems like only yesterday that Lamont Peterson was tarred and feathered a second time for allegedly having failed another drug test. But unlike the first time, there was enough tar and feathers the second time around to accentuate a certain a RingTV.com writer. His mistake was corrected, albeit several hours after the fact, and mea culpas came pouring in (or rather dribbling in) from those who admitted to having jumped the gun.

Illogic being what it is, attention shifted from the dastardly Lamont Peterson to the now dastardly Kendall Holt. If Peterson was not guilty, then surely Holt was the culprit, and the pitchfork mentality, as heated as ever, focused on “Rated R.”

It now turns out that the “atypical” urine test about which so much was made was not as “atypical” as first believed.

“I am pleased to announce that according to laboratory results I am not under suspicion of having taken a banned substance in connection with my bout against Lamont Peterson,” said Holt in a statement prepared by an attorney. “We have received an email from Dr. David Eichner, director of the accredited Sports Medicine Research and Testing Laboratory that my results ‘do not suggest doping.’

“As explained to me,” he went on, “‘intact hCG’ indicates the use of that banned substance. A confirmatory test reflected that I did not have ‘intact hCG’ and thus doping was ruled out in my case. There is an atypical finding for ‘non-intact HCB,’ which, as explained to me, is naturally produced. That finding will be explored further by my physicians.

“I requested a full WADA drug screening at the time of my bout with Lamont Peterson. Under the circumstances I am very glad that I did because it not only provided protection against drug cheating but also alerted me when I finally got the proper information of the need for further medical testing. I look forward to returning to the ring at 147 pounds.”

What is happening now is what always happens when reason gives way to mass hysteria. When child sexual abuse and satanism were the issues du jour (see McMartin Preschool case), scores of people’s lives were ruined by false accusations. It may be a matter of degree, but that is not unlike what is happening now in boxing. No one ever said that boxing is a clean sport, which is not to say that boxing cannot be a clean sport, at least insofar as chemistry is concerned. But the hysteria surrounding steroid abuse, real and/or imagined, is another matter entirely, and maybe it’s time for the hysterical to take heed.

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  1. the thresher 09:59am, 04/09/2013

    This is an issue that many writers own. Many suffer from engageitis—the deadly malady whereby they engage their mouths and keyboards before they engage their minds. Hauser was just awarded a prize for his investigative two-part series on this subject, yet his entire work was premised on a rumor.

  2. Matt McGrain 09:32am, 04/09/2013

    GOAT headline boss.

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