Holy Roller

By Robert Ecksel on October 22, 2012
Holy Roller
Holyfield, always the gentleman, always the professional, didn't take a swing at the brat.

Evander Holyfield wants to break George Foreman’s record as the oldest man to wear the heavyweight crown. But as the years drag on and the Klitschkos continue to keep their distance, Holyfield has succeeded in breaking at least one record, which is the shortest retirement on record.

Of course Holyfield never actually said he was retiring. He was pressed by TMZ at an airport, which is not unlike being pressed like a grape at a vineyard, and he hemmed and hawed and said something ambiguous. When questioned by the BBC about the same subject later that week, Holyfield’s reply was suggestive but not definitive.

A TMZ staffer caught up with Holyfield over the weekend, this time leaving a Hollywood nightclub. Like a cub reporter on steroids, he asked the one-time champion, no doubt snarkily, about his retirement plans.

Holyfield, always the gentleman, always the professional, didn’t take a swing at the brat. He said he was “just confused” at the time, understandable in light of the pressure he’s been under, and that he intends to fight again when the opportunity arises.

And just in case there was any doubt, Holyfield reportedly stated that he is “still a serious contender for the title,” adding, somewhat philosophically, “One day at a time.”

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  1. Mike Casey 05:06am, 10/23/2012

    A man who’s broke really shouldn’t be seen coming out of a Hollywood nightclub.

  2. the thresher 04:34am, 10/23/2012

    What I don’t much like about him is his hypocrisy around religion. On the one hand he sings the Lord’s praises, one the other, he makes babies faster than you can say “rabbit.” I just don’t get that.

    I like my Christian role models to walk the walk like Chris Byrd.

  3. Pete The Sneak 04:30am, 10/23/2012

    While this type thing occasionally occurs in other sports, it’s so much more prevalent (and almost predictable) in boxing. Yes Ted, delusional pretty much captures it. Truly a shame that he ‘needs’ to continue to fight and tries to hide it with his ‘Heavyweight Champion’ quest. Never ends in this sport. Peace.

  4. the thresher 05:55pm, 10/22/2012

    Mike, from hero to laughing stock. A true American tragedy.

  5. MIKE SCHMIDT 05:51pm, 10/22/2012

    You got it Ted. Twelve fights in ten years with a record of 6-5-1 during that period and if you watch his fight with Sherman the tank Williams—well that says as much as you need to know and what possible explanation can be given that he should step to the front of the class and possibly deserve a title shot—we just saw the Rock showing—we really should not even give this press time—it just feeds the monster so to speak- tax issues, child support issues, asset sale liquidations, sad sad sad , “Requiem for a Heavyweight”

  6. the thresher 05:32pm, 10/22/2012

    He is delusional and broke. A bad combination.

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