Homestretch: Bailey vs. Alexander

By Robert Ecksel on August 15, 2012
Homestretch: Bailey vs. Alexander
"Nobody would ever say, ‘Randall Bailey’s a good guy, let me give him a shot.’ No-body."

It’s a match that deserved better. But all’s well that ends well, now that the fight between IBF welterweight champion Randall Bailey and Devon Alexander has finally found a venue it can call home.

The fight is scheduled to be broadcast from the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas on Sept. 8, but even that date was in doubt as the fighters’ promoters scrambled to find a suitable arena.

Bailey and his promoter Lou DiBella were dead set against having the fight in Alexander’s hometown, and for good reason.

When I asked Bailey a few weeks back about fighting Alexander in St Louis, he told me, “Everybody wants a handout right now. But when I was out there at 140, I went to Don King’s office and asked to fight Devon when he had nobody to fight. I was searching for a fight. Nobody would ever say, ‘Let me give Randall Bailey a shot. He’s a good guy, so let me give him a shot.’ No-body—including Devon Alexander.

“For me to wait 12 years to finally get back something I’ve been working so hard for, and for him to step to me with the little he tried to give me, and ask me to come to him hometown to fight him when he hasn’t done anything to deserve the shot I’m going to give him, it’s like a slap in the fucking face. When I’m not even trying to ask him to fight in my hometown where people support and show me love. But you’re going to try to sucker me to your hometown so you can run around the ring like Speedy Gonzalez and I get robbed? It ain’t about to happen.”

Bailey stuck to his guns. The fight was going to be in Memphis. That got canned. The fight was moved to San Antonio. That got canned. With the clock ticking, the fight crash landed at the Hard Rock in Vegas, a mere three weeks before the opening bell.

“A request to secure the location was filed and approved,” said Keith Kizer, Executive Director of the Nevada State Athletic Commission. “The fight will take place at the Hard Rock on September 8.”

Randall Bailey got what he wanted. Now we’ll see if he can catch Devon Alexander and knock him out.

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  1. the thresher 10:53am, 08/15/2012

    If DA fights him the way he fought Maidana, he should win going away. But if The KO King catches him coming in, look out below. This is a match of contrasting styles. Boxer vs slugger.. A real classic type if you will and will be in dioubt until the very last second of the last round. Bailey is the last coming of Hearns.

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