Hopkins-Dawson II: Once Is Not Enough?

By Robert Ecksel on January 25, 2012
Hopkins-Dawson II: Once Is Not Enough?
Hopkins can talk until he’s blue in the face, but not everyone is buying what he’s selling

“You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time…”

“You always say I’ll quit when I start to slide, and then one morning you wake up and you’ve done slid.”—Sugar Ray Robinson

It’s our job to report the news, whether there’s news to report or not, whether we like the news we’re reporting or not. We take seriously our responsibility to advocate for the sport. That means calling the good, bad and ugly for what they are, and not legitimizing every whiff that passes beneath our nose. It also means trumpeting the truth, or at the very least the truth as we see it, when others fail to treat critically that which deserves nothing less.

The latest news to come down the pike is that Bernard Hopkins and Chad Dawson, whose first fight was, to put it mildly, the ultimate nonstarter, have agreed to do it again.

Now there are wags out there who must be thinking to themselves, “Do what again?” since Hopkins and Dawson did so little when they first met. But maybe that’s why they’re doing it again. Maybe this time they’re going to give the fans their money’s worth.

Granted, “There’s a sucker born every minute,” quoting P.T. Barnum. Yet “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time,” according to Abraham Lincoln.

Why anyone would want to see Hopkins perform for the umpteenth time is beyond me. But if there’s money to be made, Hopkins might as well go and make it, because if he doesn’t someone more deserving will.

So on April 28 at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, in what we hope isn’t a replay of the Staples Center Stinker, Hopkins-Dawson II will take place.

Golden Boy CEO Richard Schaefer, Hopkins’ promoter, Dawson’s promoter Gary Shaw, and HBO have reached an agreement that apparently satisfies all concerned.

Hopkins is pleased that he’s getting another crack at Dawson, and expressed his pleasure as only Hopkins can.

“I have a chance to settle the bullshit from the first fight,” he said, “and straighten that all out. A real athlete don’t want to win something on a disqualification or a no-decision or get something handed to them without doing the work. I’m ready to go.”

Hopkins was more than “ready to go” running to the WBC and the California State Athletic Commission when Pat Russell ruled the fight in Dawson’s favor. Is that what a “real athlete” does?

There’s no need to dredge up what went down in the first Hopkins-Dawson, especially since there are so many contradictory versions of what occurred. That HBO, the former paradigm turned bellwether, is foisting Hopkins-Dawson II on a disgusted and shrinking fan base is nothing less than another potential fiasco disguised as a miscalculation.

“It’s time to correct the first fight and let people get what they paid for, this time not on pay-per-view,” said Hopkins to the relief of some. “They paid for a fight. They didn’t come to see a round-and-a-half and then have that ending. It happened. You move on and you go ahead and give the people what they want, and I’m pretty sure Dawson thinks the same thing and that he will be overconfident and think I will be easy to beat.”

Hopkins can talk until he’s blue in the face, but not everyone is buying what he’s selling. This fight isn’t about boxing. That’s a subtext. It’s about Hopkins being Hopkins, and what that has meant in the past, means in the present, and has ceased to mean as the years have progressed.

Hopkins’ accomplishments are many and nothing to sneeze at. But boxing needs this fight like it needs a hole in the head. Win, lose, or draw, no decision or disqualification, it will be a less than satisfying night.

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  1. Bk Don 10:16am, 01/28/2012

    hopkins style has been the same for the last 8 years or so. only certain opponents can engage him in watchable fights. Dawson doesnt poses that style. they could fight a million times and i dont think 1 of their fights would be enjoyable to watch. hops needs to fight bute, or retire. i wanna see dawson in with a young stud like cloud whose style would mesh well with him. knowing hbo, they will overpay for this fight and only give us 1 fight on the card.

  2. "Old Yank" Schneider 10:58am, 01/27/2012

    David and Cheekay have my attention. I’m looking forward to Dawson bitch-slapping Hopkins into retirement. Only Hopkins is capable of turning himself from a living legend into a brittle old fool, over-staying his welcome—and he’s doing it without a shred of grace or dignity. Dawson will STOP Hopkins inside the distance. After that happens let the prayer vigil begin over never having to see Hopkins in the ring ever again.

  3. Cheekay Brandon 03:41pm, 01/26/2012

    You guys are HILARIOUS….Hahahaha…I wanna disagree but the comments are too funny….keep at it

  4. Elliot 03:34pm, 01/26/2012

    This should be a good fight, but this is boxing. One never knows for sure what’s going to happen. I think B. Hopkins should call it a day. Before he get’s hurt. But if Dawson don’t let his hands go, then Hopkins by a decision.

  5. jofre 02:35pm, 01/26/2012

    This is not a fight that I will waste my valuable time watching. Pete The Sneak hit the nail on the head!

  6. the thresher 12:21pm, 01/26/2012

    I will not watch it.

  7. the thresher 12:20pm, 01/26/2012

    David, I’m going to have my house painted this summer. How about coming up to NH and we can drink while we watch the paint dry?

  8. Don From Prov 12:13pm, 01/26/2012

    Actually, yes-

    Once was more than enough, for me anyway

  9. David Matthew 11:53am, 01/26/2012

    I’m with Cheekay in that I actually am excited to see them fight - something which we didn’t get to see last time (and I was in L.A. covering the fight).  I still think it’s an intriguing match-up and I will be watching it.

  10. Jim Crue 11:36am, 01/26/2012

    And HBO should be ashamed to telecast this crap
    Oh, by the way, I wonder how the surgery Hopkins was supposed to require on his shoulder turned out? We haven’t heard anything about that have we. Golden Boy Promotions even has MD’s lying for them. It makes me ill that Hopkins is going to more $$millions. I refuse to watch it.

  11. cheekay brandon 09:51am, 01/26/2012

    I’m excited (if no one else is….and apparently no one else is)!!  No PPV this time, guys. Just on HBO. The main beef with the last one was that people paid hard earned money just to watch it.  I stand by my belief that its an intriguing boxing matchup (maybe I’m just stubborn).


  12. the thresher 07:13am, 01/26/2012

    How many times can you say, “no,” I don’t want this fight to happen?

  13. mikecasey 06:25am, 01/26/2012

    Good idea, Pete!

  14. Pete The Sneak 06:22am, 01/26/2012

    mikecasey, guess I’ll be over to watch the Paint dry on your fence in April..I’ll bring the paint thinner. Catch you then..Peace

  15. mikecasey 05:19am, 01/26/2012

    No, please, not again! Get these two into a Floyd/Pac kind of wrangle where they need ten or twenty years to sort it out.

  16. AKT 03:04am, 01/26/2012

    It’ll be great if Boxing.com had their official boxing records where crappy decisions are ignored. For example, you have Bernard as losing to Chad Dawson by TKO! (not sure if that’s unintentional, but it sure is a classic move to me if done on purpose!). Imagine if in 20 years time, people had to consult a second set of records to get the real truth.

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