Hopkins-Shumenov Scoring Review

By Boxing Analytics on April 25, 2014
Hopkins-Shumenov Scoring Review
Without digging deep into his Philly toolbox, Hopkins showed the upstart a thing or two.

Bernard Hopkins took Beibut Shumenov to school last week at the DC Armory in Washington, DC. Without digging deep into his Philly toolbox, the Old Master showed the upstart a thing or two over 12 one-sided rounds. Hopkins fought clean. He didn’t resort to dirty tricks. The only controversial thing about the bout was the scoring.

Judges Dave Moretti and Jerry Roth both had it 116-111 in favor of Hopkins, whereas Gustavo Padilla had it 114-113 for Shumenov.

The Pod Index, LLC conducted an official scoring review of the April 19th light heavyweight title unification bout. Five experienced championship judges were asked to score the fight on TV with the sound muted. The chart below compares the scores of all eight judges.

All five review judges, who shall remain nameless, scored the fight for Hopkins, with margins as close as 116-111 and as wide as 120-108.

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  1. Matt McGrain 10:46am, 04/26/2014

    It’s fascinating stuff this.  Very interesting.

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