Hopkins vs. Shumenov Predictions

By Boxing News on April 18, 2014
Hopkins vs. Shumenov Predictions
Has the Old Master forgotten more about boxing than his opponent will ever know?

Will youth be served in the nation’s capital? Will the seemingly ageless Bernard Hopkins grow old before our very eyes?

Saturday night at the Armory in Washington, DC, IBF light heavyweight champion Bernard Hopkins (54-6-2) fights a unification bout with WBA light heavyweight champion Beibut Shumenov (14-1) on Showtime. The 49-year-old Hopkins is old enough to be the 30-year-old Shumenov’s dad, which doesn’t mean he won’t take the Kazakh whippersnapper to school. Shumenov is always in shape. He comes to fight and comes to win. But the Old Master with his Philly toolbox has forgotten more about boxing than his opponent will ever know. Will youth be served in the nation’s capital? Will the seemingly ageless Hopkins grow old before our very eyes? Or will Ol’ Man River jes keep rollin’ along? This is how the Boxing.com writers see Hopkins vs. Shumenov.

Daniel Attias: “There are numerous adages pertaining to fighters who fought on too long, the old and the weary who know nothing else but fight on though they have little left to give. Bernard Hopkins, despite being 49 years of age, does not fall into any of those categories, yet. One certainly does have to wonder how long this can go on for though. Bernard Hopkins faces a much younger and less experienced fighter in Beibut Shumenov this weekend in Washington but it remains to be seen whether youth will be enough to see Shumenov through. I expect the crafty Hopkins to box his way to a decision victory in this one, Hopkins hasn’t knocked out an opponent since 2004 so don’t expect to see a stoppage from him, it’s also a long shot to think that he will bring any kind of high work rate into the fight. What we should see however is a close points win for B-Hop who will use his full arsenal of tricks learned over his 26 years in the prize ring to continue his long career. There is always the possibility for Hopkins at such an advanced age to show a marked decline in ability but I don’t see it happening against a fighter such as the Kazakh.”

J. Fredrick Baptiste: “I simply don’t see Hopkins losing to Shumenov. Sure, the Eastern European is dangerous, powerful and finely conditioned, both physically and mentally, but he is nothing the ‘Old Man’ hasn’t seen. Activity and speed are what thwart Bernard Hopkins. Beibut Shumenov is very active, so as long as you’re there to hit. I predict that the wily-defense of the veteran Hopkins will win the evening by split decision.”

Adam Berlin: “Bernard Hopkins doesn’t get the criticism Money May gets when it comes to picking opponents, but these days he’s just as careful. There were far more interesting options out there, interesting because they would have put the wily veteran in harm’s way. He could have faced Sergey Kovalev’s brutal hands. He could have faced Adonis Stevenson’s raw power. And if the rumors that he’d be willing to drop weight to fight Mayweather are true, he could have faced Gennady Golovkin on the way down. Instead, Hopkins is puffing up his forty-nine-year-old chest with safe bravado. Beibut Shumenov is a solid fighter, good at boxing’s basics, but he’s not superlative in any area—he’s not super-quick, super-strong, or super-skilled. To beat Hopkins and his boxful of tricks (legal and less-than-legal), you need at least one stellar leg on the three-legged stool that distinguishes prizefighters. When Hopkins takes Shumenov to school, it won’t be his easiest day of teaching, but when the lesson’s done, Hopkins will be in the same position as when he started the fight: looking for an easy opponent to celebrate his half-century mark with another relatively painless victory.”

Joe Bruno: “Hopkins has to run out of steam sometime. All old fighters do. This might be the night. Shumenov by decision.”

Mike Casey: “Hopkins, like Archie Moore before him, has reached that strangely ‘eternal’ status now where it is very difficult to pick against him until he is absolutely nailed to the canvas in that one fight too far. Perhaps the old boy is cleverer than we know and will never let it come to that, fading away on a winning note just as Archie did. Shumenov has admirably overcome some earlier difficulties in life to make himself a very successful man inside the ring and out. But he is already 30, coaching himself and said to look ‘distracted’ in the run-up to this one. His short 14-1 record looks pretty solid but the only meaningful names on it are those of fighters who’ve been pounding the beat for 20 years or more (Mitchell, Griffin, Joppy). In a sane world without multiple world champions, where would Shumenov honestly rank? Even in this kindly climate, one ‘independent ranking’ source can’t fit him inside their Top 20. I have to go with BHop, probably by a unanimous and workmanlike decision. By the way, for those who might be struggling to remember, this affair is for the WBA Super World Light Heavyweight title, the IBF light heavyweight title and the International Boxing Association light heavyweight title. I know this because I looked it up.”

George Thomas Clark: “This may be presumptuous, but I think someday 49-year-old Bernard Hopkins will, at least in regard to championship athleticism, become a middle-age man. If this transformation from eternally-youthful titlist to a guy who’s lost too much vigor has already occurred, then Beibut Shumenov should win. He’s strong, athletic, and aggressive and will force Hopkins to fight more than he wants. I’m betting Shumenov today has a little more than Hopkins and will win a close decision.”

Mohummad Humza Elahi: “There’s only so long the mantra that Hopkins is too old can remain false; on the occasions it seems that Father Time is ready to take his most elusive victim, Hopkins finds a way to slip, slide and slither away (with assistance from Sidekick Steve Smoger). But Hopkins is too wily to pick fights that represent too much of a danger to him now. Shumenov is young and able, but far too green for someone like B-Hop. I think this will be a performance that epitomizes everything that is both good, bad and dividing about. The Alien, he fouls, spoils and frustrates whilst demonstrating some sublime ring tactics and generalship. Shumenov is a solid guy, but those slightly low hands and upright head are ripe for the picking should someone have the nous to execute the plan. Hopkins in a 12 round UD.”

Clarence George: “Hopkins by unanimous decision, following 12 rounds so godawful-boring you’d wish you were in a beige room listening to the collected speeches of Harry Reid.”

Norman Marcus: “Well another championship fight between an American and a Tartar from the Steppes of Central Asia (Kazakhstan). Hopkins wants this guy’s WBA Light Heavyweight Belt to add to his collection. Beibut is made for Bernard. Young, strong and not very experienced, compared to Hopkins who has forgotten more about boxing than this guy will ever know. Shumenov will come right at Hopkins and the Philly Phantom will give him a real boxing lesson. Naazim Richardson trained Shumenov briefly and he and Bernard have picked the guy’s style apart in training camp. Look for an easy UD 12 for Hopkins, no problem.”

Gordon Marino: “I am picking Hopkins by a unanimous decision. He is Archie Moore reincarnated though without the punch. Too crafty for this guy.”

Matt McGrain: “I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: I never pick against Bernard Hopkins. He’s surprised me too many times down the years, and continues to do so. So when he loses, I’m wrong, and I’m fine with that. As far as this one goes it was easy: Hopkins will be beating 14-1 fighters when he is 75.”

Robert Mladinich: “I know nothing about Shumenov, but a look at his record indicates he is far too inexperienced for the old master. Hopkins should win as he always does, by making it look easy whatever weapons Shumenov brings to the battle. Hopkins W 12.”

Ezra Salkin: “I’ve watched only one fight with Beibut, the one against Tamas Kovacs. He looked strong and tough and showed some decent boxing skills but was also slow and not particularly tricky. The only fighters who seem to trouble Bhop at this stage are fast, mobile boxers with high activity rates who also possess good improvisational ability. So Shumenov doesn’t have the right tool kit to beat the old master but, with his strength and desire, presumably, coupled with Hopkins age, hopefully he does have enough to keep the fight more entertaining than tortuous. Hopkins UD.”

Jeff Weston: “I will use the words of the great Hugh McIlvanney on this one, writing 23 years ago one week before the bout: ‘The scale of George Foreman these days suggests that he should be located by lines of longitude and latitude. He is not so much a prize-fighter as an historical site and some feel that if Evander Holyfield has a problem at the Atlantic City Convention Center on Friday night it may be in summoning up the callousness to be an archaeological vandal…I am stuck with the mundanities of the form book. It indicates that Holyfield will so discomfit Foreman with youthful movement and crisp combinations that, after a few rounds, he will be wearing the flummoxed, ill-used expression to be seen on the faces of senior citizens who have rashly tried to cross the street in heavy traffic.’ For the sake of the Light Heavyweight division and fewer 12-rounders, Shumenov please.”

Jarrett Zook: “One day when I was looking through BoxRec, I came across a fighter who beat Montell Griffith by an extremely lopsided decision in only his sixth pro fight. Upon further research I realized that this fighter was a Kazakh Olympian and I immediately became interested in his pro career. This fighter is of course Beibut Shumenov and by his tenth fight he would become the quickest man to ever win a world title in the light heavyweight division. That statistic serves as a great misnomer though as he won the WBA strap by very controversial decision and since then has defended the title against a series of nobodies. Shumenov has not earned a shot at Hopkins and though he may be nearly 20 years younger than his foe, he possesses little more than a puncher’s chance. Hopkins is going to outfox Shumenov in a fight that may be boring at times, but we’ll see the Alien emerge victorious by a wide decision. The only way this won’t happen is if Hopkins suddenly feels his age. If Hopkins does somehow lose it’s time for him to retire. If he doesn’t, then it’s time for him to face Kovalev or Stevenson. Those are his only real challengers in the division. (Plus I don’t think any of us want a Dawson rematch.)”

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  1. Pete The Sneak 07:52am, 04/20/2014

    Darrell, was thinking the same thing about Porter being a bit Tyson-esque, but in retrospect, I believe he has a bit more of a James Kirkland type style…Either way, he’s enjoyable to watch…Peace.

  2. Darrell 08:51pm, 04/19/2014

    Prettiest Corona girls I’ve ever seen.

  3. Darrell 08:49pm, 04/19/2014

    Split decision!!!  Aside from the first round which Shumenov won on activity & nothing else, the second being even, it was a total shutout by Hopkins…..total.


  4. Darrell 07:55pm, 04/19/2014

    I like Shumenov but it’s always hard to discount Hopkins.  I’ll go out on a limb, Shumenov wins by ugly decision…..there!

  5. Darrell 07:38pm, 04/19/2014

    Shawn Porter did the business on Malignaggi impressively.  Mini-Tysonesque actually.

  6. bikermike 04:27pm, 04/19/2014

    hard to dislike Hopkins…really.
    ...a self made man…truly….fought on the fringes..and when he won his First Title…insisted on handling his own management and never signed for more than one fight at a time…true…Hopkins was never a HUGE PURSE fighter…with a few exception….but what he earned….he kept….

    ..and at the age of 49…he’s still taking on top contenders (whatever that means nowadays)...  Bernard Hopkins won’t go out ...unless it’s on his shield

  7. bikermike 12:53pm, 04/19/2014

    Irish Frankie…been reading your posts…...lots and long….I ’ m saying you know what you’re talking about….
    I go along with you about the tactics of Hopkins….but Calzaghe just got by that and beat him ....like he was his daddy….

    Ali would drape his hand over the back of his opponents’ necks…and pull them off balance….Foreman would push his opponents back into punching range…and yes…Hopkins deployed tactics that were designed to ‘tire and make weary’ his opponnents…rather than out point them…...

    so fkn what…...deal with it…..If you and I saw this on the fight tapes…so should anybody else who plans to ‘challenge’ Hopkins…...Calzaghe did…and won ...on anybody’s score cards

    :You gotta beat Hopkins…..all night long…to win a decision over a Name Fighter ..like Hopkins….Ali must have been awarded at least four decisions…maybe six…on the good will of the judges..and his antics being tolerated

  8. bikermike 12:44pm, 04/19/2014

    ....will youth be served ........for fuck’s sake….Shumenov is at least thirty years old !!!!

  9. bikermike 12:42pm, 04/19/2014

    Clarence George…forgive my ignorance ..but whodf is Harry Reid…..or was that the point ??

  10. bikermike 12:33pm, 04/19/2014

    Clarence George visited upon a point that is another ‘elephant group sex act ’ in the room…...Hopkins ...due to his physical need to conserve energy..coupled with his RING SMARTS…...Hopkins has been known to be ...can we say…...less than the explosive middle weights ..now Lt hvy weight Champions of old…......wears his opponents down…angles..shoulders…duck and move…crowding…slip punches….....Hopkins can be…...for lack of a better word….BORING

  11. bikermike 12:28pm, 04/19/2014

    Holding a WORLD TITLE….Has always meant something…..moreso to the handlers and managers and promoters….than even that kid ..man…..who got out of bed at 3 AM…took his anti inflamatories….be it pharmaceudical…or just a shot of booze and a hit on the pipe….and paid his dues….gotta run to get in shape…you gotta….do wind sprints…what ever..but you gotta run..
    ................some say that there are treadmills for that…but that;s only for rehab…not getting ready for a WORLD TITLE DEFENCE

    Thing about Hopkins…he knows this..and is much more in control of money flow…with his fights….than any fighter .....ever

    ...sixty percent of a dozen million .....is way better than one percent of fifty million

  12. bikermike 12:21pm, 04/19/2014

    I’m not going to make a prediction…..everything from choosing Custer over the Indians up to and including Bradley over Pacquaio II…..has turned to shit and cost me money….

    Fair to say…..the ‘worthy opponent’ satisfies the ‘boys’......


  13. bikermike 12:11pm, 04/19/2014

    I’m not goling to say that the ratings of top ten contenders has..and can be manipulated….forsooth !!

    What I think it is safe to say ...is that Bernard Hopkins is a Name Fighter…and will continue to be able to ‘accept’ challenges from ...the number one available contender of the day

    With ..what ..four WORLD RANKINGS….each as honest as the next…..and ..when the window opens and closes..for the signing of the next ‘challenge’...in order for the CHampion to prepare…

    I’d say Hopkins has as good a chance as he has had in the past…to retain his Title…......
    Like a lot of fight fans…...we’re wondering if this guy Shumenov ...might be the Leon Spinks of his time…(sorry about the weight difference..hope you see my point).and that alone will sell the fight

  14. bikermike 12:01pm, 04/19/2014

    Jeff…that is cold…man…..just cold.  Trouble is…you are talking about the ‘elephant in the room’ that nobody else wants to address….Thanks for that

  15. bikermike 11:57am, 04/19/2014

    OK…lots of good informed posts…...but wdf….at least we have unification match ..and for that…I’m grateful.

    ..btw..what was it…..twenty yrs ago…when I ‘m sure I heard Hopkins..saying that he promised his Mother that he would retire when he reached forty yrs of age

  16. PACMANUSA 07:02pm, 04/18/2014

    Shumenov by UD !

    Knck the excon outta there for good !

    And Porter blows out the guido loudmouth !

  17. Pete The Sneak 01:43pm, 04/18/2014

    Prediction? Another waist clutching, back climbing, arm holding, hit on the break, rabbit punching, head butting, occasional jabbing, referee work over time un-clutching, boring ass 12 Round UD for Hopkins. Shumenov will take about 10-to- 11 rounds to try and figure out Hopkins, who will coast and hold to an easy UD by then…Peace…

  18. Pete The Sneak 01:26pm, 04/18/2014

    Hopkins is fighting? Oh No!...Clarence, can you please Fed-Ex me that Harry Reid collection? I need to do something exciting this weekend…Peace.

  19. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 01:14pm, 04/18/2014

    They say Shumenov is very bright…..but I for one don’t think he gets it…..if he did , the first time Hopkins drapes himself all over him on Saturday night he should go into a squat with those powerful legs and come up underneath like Dawson did and catapult Hopkins not just through the ropes but up and over them and out of boxing…..nothing less will do…..it just won’t get it.

  20. Eric 12:21pm, 04/18/2014

    For the WBA Super World LIght Heavyweight Title. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  21. George Thomas Clark 11:58am, 04/18/2014

    Kovalev v. Stevenson is certainly one of the top two matchups in the world today, and potentially one of the best ever.  Why hasn’t it happened?  Why won’t it happen?

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