Hurd Destroys Galarza

By Robert Ecksel on November 14, 2015
Hurd Destroys Galarza
Galarza was the Golden Boy with the compelling backstory. (Stephanie Trapp/Showtime)

Hurd was undefeated but unheralded. Hailing from Accokeek, Maryland, he was on few people’s radar, until now…

Saturday night at the Hard Rock Hotel in Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, super welterweight Jarrett “Swift” Hurd (17-0, 11 KOs), from Accokeek, Maryland, destroyed Frank “Notorious” Galarza (17-1-2, 11 KOs), from Brooklyn, New York, scoring a TKO at 0:59 of round six.

Fighting out of the blue corner in purple and green trunks, Galarza was the favorite coming in. He was the Golden Boy with the compelling backstory, the kid who turned his life around and, with boxing as a platform, was spreading the word to kids in need.

Hurd, fighting out of the red corner in red and black trunks, was undefeated but unheralded. Hailing from Accokeek, he was on few people’s radar, but he had come to fight and he had come to win, which he did with ease.

According to our scorecard, Galarza didn’t win a round. He took the first half of the first round, but Hurd came on in the second half to win the round, establishing that he was the better fighter, if not the better man, in the opening three minutes.

Utilizing his superior reach and athleticism, Hurd put his jab to good use. It wasn’t a rangefinder jab. It was a hard punch that set up lefts and rights to Galarza’s body and head. The Brooklynite’s inability to get inside, as well as his inability to impose his will or feint, made him an easy target for Hurd’s bad intentions.

Hurd continued to pour it on in rounds two and three, landing single punches and combinations, getting the better of exchanges in the center of the ring or fighting off the ropes.

In round four Galarza continued to apply pressure, of a sort, at least he was moving forward, only to eat lead right hands and uppercuts that he had no idea how to counter. A right staggered Galarza. Hurd followed up with an uppercut that dropped him to a knee. Galarza had never been down before and failed to take advantage of the count. The fighting resumed and Galarza, unable to tie up his opponent, was absorbing right hands at the bell.

With his corner panicking between rounds, Galarza came out for the fifth with swelling under his left eye and no legs to speak of. Hurd’s jabs and lead right couldn’t miss. Galarza’s inability to move his head, a symptom of his undeveloped talent, made him a sitting duck. Hurd was more composed, powerful, and skilled than Galarza, who had no snap on his punches.

Round six saw Hurd throwing everything at Galarza but the kitchen sink, and everything by the kitchen sink landed. After being battered from pillar to post, Galarza turned away from the onslaught. Referee Russell Mora stepped in to save Galarza from more punishment.

The dream, as John Lennon sang, is over.

According to ShoStats, Hurd landed 87 of 249 total punches (35%) to Galarza’s 50 of 219 (23%). Hurd landed 21 of 98 jabs (21%) to 6 of 68 for Galarza (9%). And in the power punch department. Hurd connected with 66 of 151 (44%) to Galarza’s 44 of 151 (29%).

Having Susan Sarandon, who was ringside, in his corner made no difference. Having me in his corner made even less difference.

There’s no room for sentimentality in boxing, no room at all.

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Jarrett Hurd Upsets Frank Galarza with 6th Round TKO | SHOWTIME Boxing

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  1. KB 07:45am, 11/16/2015

    You think?

  2. Don from Prov 05:09am, 11/16/2015

    Hurd handled him in all phases of the game—

    great story-line for Galaraza but Galaraza the fighter needs some work

  3. KB 07:41am, 11/15/2015

    Never fall in love with a fighter. They will break your heart every time.

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