Hurt, hurt me Ronda

By Dennis Taylor on July 16, 2015
Hurt, hurt me Ronda
When asked if she'd ever fight Mayweather, Rousey said, "Not unless we ended up dating."

Mercy! Better submit, Floyd, before she tears your arm off. Where the hell is Pat Russell when you need him most?

The winner, by TKO ... and new ESPY champion ... “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey!

The UFC’s “Queen of Mean” took Floyd Mayweather Jr. to the mat for a public beatddown earlier this week after besting him for “Best Fighter” honors at the ESPY Awards.

“I wonder how Floyd feels being beaten by a woman, for once,” cooed Rousey, landing a shot just slightly below the belt.

Although the UFC’s undefeated world bantamweight champion didn’t say so, that haymaker may well have been a reference to Mayweather’s well-documented issues with domestic violence against women.

If so, it wouldn’t be the first time she seemingly has backhanded Floyd on that issue.

When asked early this year by “Access Hollywood” whether she’d ever fight Floyd Mayweather, she answered, “Not unless we ended up dating.”

Or, maybe she was simply getting even (OK, a bit more than even) for the crack Mayweather made when asked to respond to Rousey’s “dating” joke: “I don’t even know who he is,” Floyd shrugged.

Not yet satisfied, Rousey threw one last punch at Mayweather’s ego before wrapping up her red-carpet interview, symbolically waving her shiny new ESPY under Floyd’s nose:

“I’d like to see Floyd try to pretend he doesn’t know who I am now.”

Mercy! Better submit, Floyd, before she tears your arm off. Where the hell is Pat Russell when you need him most?

Math problem of the day ... Define the value of zero—when the numeral appears in the loss column of a heavyweight boxer.

That’s a question we’ll try to answer this coming Sunday on The Ringside Boxing Show, with Matt Podgorski, founder of the sports consulting company, Pod Index, and advisor for the World Boxing Association, as well as Brian Mazique from Bleacher Report.

Podgorski and Mazique will join us during the second half of the show to weigh in on multiple topics, including the relative merits of Deontay Wilder, Tyson and Hughie Fury, Anthony Joshua, Lucas Browne, Andy Ruiz Jr., Robert Helenius, and 13 others who haven’t yet been conquered as a pro. Which are unpolished diamonds, and which are merely fool’s gold?

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Ronda Rousey wins Best Fighter at the 2015 ESPY's then fires shots at Floyd Mayweather jr

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  1. shotgun517 12:24pm, 07/19/2015

    You folks need to quit, i don’t care what discipline he’d be charged for man or better yet womanslaughter with a two punch combo uppercut and hook like he hit the kid who head butted him with! I can’t stand Floyd but quit trying to incite a man fighting a woman, I’d like to see him an the bigmouth Irish MMA kid!

  2. tlig 03:17am, 07/19/2015

    Ronda’s profile no doubt has risen considerably this week. You can’t tell this wasn’t all planned.

  3. Koolz 06:17pm, 07/17/2015

    Oh Hey what’s the one thing people do (normal people) when they want to fight or trying to act tough, they push someone!

    Ok if someone tries to push you all you have to do is take your right arm to their arm closest to you and move with there push and ultimately push them to the side.(right side)
    Now in boxing or fighting that also works, you place your foot in front that your using your arm to move there power away, your ultimately just making waste energy, and blinding them, as they will be pushed away from you will end up almost behind them.
    If you right handed you use your Right Arm straight out and turn to your right as you follow there energy and bring left arm to follow keep elbows in , the center is always important.
    Lot of Variations of that .

  4. Koolz 05:56pm, 07/17/2015

    Great Story Jack!!

    I saw one of the Gracies beat a Guy just using their legs with their arms tied behind their back…Pretty amazing!
    Give all the Credit to Ronda she is really fantastic!  Lot of people are jealous of her.
    Oh and her and Golovkin are very good friends and trained together!

  5. Koolz 05:52pm, 07/17/2015

    yea if Ronda was fighting in the Rules of Boxing sure she would lose to Floyd.

    You know back in the day when Pride was going on in Tokyo and Fedor was ruling King they also had K1.  What was great is they would pit different styles against other fighters.  It was pretty cool and some of it was darn right silly.
    Boxing , Wrestling ...what do you think?...
    Sumo vs Kick Boxer?
    Lot’s of things.

    Anywayz I used to spar a different styles three times month.  No matter how good your Kung fu is or Thai boxing is or whatever, once you had that person who was good with Grappling or Judo got next to you , you hit the ground.  On the Ground size doesn’t matter it’s a whole different game. 
    Yea Gracie’s Ruled that Game.  Chuck Norris Helped to make that big deal in the US.
    Met lot of people back then.

  6. Eric 05:22pm, 07/17/2015

    How legit can an ESPY award really be if Caitlyn (Bruce) Jenner can win some kind of thingie called a “Courage Award,” just for switching genders.hehe.

  7. Jack 04:16pm, 07/17/2015

    Koolz, you will appreciate this Gracie Jiu-Jitsu story. My friend Jim H. had an 8x10 glossy of him on top of Helio Gracie looking like he could submit him. He tells the truth about the picture, Helio asks him “did you get your photo?” Jim said “yes” and it took about 5 seconds for Helio to reverse him and have him tapping out!!! Helio was 91 at the time. Jim had been training at the Gracie Academy for about 15 years at that time. My point about fighting under the rules of a particular Discipline, if Jim and I where boxing, I could have KO’D him within 1 round, but if we did MMA rules and I couldn’t keep him from taking me to the ground, I was tapping out quickly!!!!

  8. Dennis Taylor 03:56pm, 07/17/2015

    Ronda Rousy vs. Uriah Hall

  9. Jack 03:44pm, 07/17/2015

    Irish, I very rarely disagree with any of your boxing comments but about Ali and Wofle in the Octagon with Rousey, even with the weight discrepancy, I still feel Rousey beats them today, she is that good!!!

  10. Jack 03:08pm, 07/17/2015

    Koolz, I was waiting for you to “weigh in” because I know you have a martial arts background and understand the different types of disciplines. You are correct in saying Floyd would be submitted in short order. Floyd is a defensive specialist who likes to grab, hold and normally just counter punch. The only chance he would have is if he could catch Rousey coming in with such a good shot, she gets KO’d, other than that, Floyd would be tapping out!!! Goes back to my initial point, being: Whatever discipline’s rules you are fighting under, the person from that “discipline” normally wins the fight. Rousey in a boxing match, under boxing rules, against a top fighter in the same weight class loses!!! But put that same fighter in the Octagon, under MMA rules and Rousey submits them, it’s pretty simple. Both Wolfe and Ali are not in the same weight class as Rousey, but in an MMA fight, the “smart money” would be on Rousey!!!

  11. Koolz 01:40pm, 07/17/2015

    do you guys even know Judo?  Jistu Grapling, and other styles.
    Actually your guys’s comments are showing me how ignorant you are on fighting.

    Floyd would be destroyed in Seconds I give it 20 seconds.  Martial arts goes like this:
    you stick out an arm, a jab, whatever, elbows away from your body and your doomed?
    you basically will see yourself fly across the room or hitting the mat getting the wind knocked out of you.  And since one move flows into many, the most you can be thankful is that your arm will be twisted and locked so the fight is completely over.
    I hope you are Joking about Floyd beating Ronda.
    He’s just a boxer.  That’s not enough tools to win in some one’s threat circle.
    Hahah Ronda has some nice Quips!

  12. Eric 01:37pm, 07/17/2015

    Irish….Both Wolfe and Laila would have a pretty significant size advantage over Ronda. Would be interesting if they could have met Rousey when they were younger, both are too old now. Ali was about 5’10”-5’11” and fighting Wolfe would be like fighting a man.

  13. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 12:42pm, 07/17/2015

    I say Ronda would be hard pressed to whip Laila’s ass in the octagon or Ann Wolfe’s for that matter, let alone Floyd’s. Now, if Floyd would sign up at Rex Kwon Do and dedicate himself and not wimp out like Kip did, that’s another matter entirely.

  14. AKT 10:59am, 07/17/2015

    Jack - I see your point and I agree that skill and technique are huge contributory factors. I just don’t see how Rhonda will be able to take a full blow to the head from a pin-point accurate male boxer (no matter how good she is, she’ll not be able to avoid at least one) of the same weight, wearing 4 oz gloves and still maintain the same level of competitiveness afterwards. I may be wrong ... personally I just don’t see it happening.

  15. Jack 10:27am, 07/17/2015

    AKT, Strength would have nothing to do with the outcome of an MMA rules bout between Rousey and Floyd. It is all about skill level and technique in that particular discipline. Tell me who is stronger between Rener Gracie and Tamba Hali, it has nothing to do with the outcome of the match, generally speaking!!! Who do you think was stronger and had more pop in their punches, Tyson or Douglas? Who won????

  16. AKT 09:47am, 07/17/2015

    Floyd is a supreme male athlete. I cannot understand that anyone can seriously entertain the thought of a match up between him and Rousey. There is no way she is stronger physically than he is - genetics says no lol. It’ll definitely be interesting to see them in an arm wrestling contest (either way Floyd loses ..).

  17. KB 08:45am, 07/17/2015

    She needs to stfu.

  18. Eric 07:39am, 07/17/2015

    Jack…I actually agree with you. My thingie with a Floyd vs. Ronda matchup is that we are talking a female athlete vs. a male athlete. I know that Ronda breaks the average 145lb man on the street in tiny pieces, but Floyd isn’t your average Joe. Floyd vs. the 145lb MMA male champion in the cage or the street? If the MMA guy is an exceptional grappler or a very skilled submission type of feller, I would favor the MMA guy naturally because Floyd would be like a fish out of water. Floyd would be taken to the ground in short order, and Floyd doesn’t look like the strongest guy in the world either. It really is apples and oranges, I love both sports, perhaps boxing a little bit more. Just out of curiousity it would be nice to see a boxer who is an exceptional puncher or one with very fast hands and feet enter the cage in their prime. I would still look for the elite MMA fighter to beat the boxer, after all, the boxer is out of his element but it would be interesting to see.

  19. Jack 06:48am, 07/17/2015

    Eric, This is my experience with different fighting disciplines, whatever disciplines rules you are fighting under, the fighter who specializes in that discipline normally wins. Yes there is the exception if a boxer is very heavy handed, he may not be submitted by Judo, Jiu-Jitsu,Wrestling etc. etc. because he is able to KO his opponent before he is brought to the ground. But, any top 10 boxer against a top 10 MMA fighter in the same weight class by pounds, fighting under MMA rules will be submitted 9 out of 10 times!!! This may be hard to swallow if your discipline is boxing, which mine is, but I have seen it firsthand. I can tell you this, Floyd fighting Rousey in a boxing match, (under boxing rules ) is a NO CONTEST!!! Under MMA rules, Floyd gets submitted, unless he can KO Rousey somehow, before going to the ground. It is a hard pill to swallow if your discipline is boxing!!!

  20. Eric 06:08am, 07/17/2015

    Irish…I just don’t like Ronda’s attitude, which may be scripted ala the WWE, you never know with Dana White. I’m sure Ronda’s “attitude” was somewhat rehearsed in those “Ultimate Fighter” episodes with Miesha Tate. I find Miesha Tate attractive as well. Ronda is one tough woman, and I don’t think she is ever going to be a victim of domestic violence or anything for that matter.

  21. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 05:47am, 07/17/2015

    Eric-I can see Ronda has your attention too….to tell the truth I wouldn’t mind it if she got me in a good old fashioned scissor grip…..but no arm bars thank you.

  22. Eric 06:14pm, 07/16/2015

    Sorry Ronda, as tough & skilled as you are, you don’t beat Floyd in REAL LIFE, maybe in Hollyweird REEL LIFE, but this ain’t the movies. While I think it has been proven that grappling usually trumps striking in MMA, Floyd’s hands are infinitely better than any male athlete in MMA. Most MMA fighters, even the strikers, would be subpar boxers. Boxers like James Toney and Art Jimmerson were dismal failures in making the switch to MMA, while Ray Mercer & James Warring had marginal success. Jimmerson was only a marginally talented cruiserweight, and Warring was lucky enough to capture a partial title at cruiserweight at a time when it was one of boxing’s worst divisions. By the time Mercer & Toney stepped into the cage, both were old, fat, and a bit past it. Perhaps boxers would have fared better if we had seen a prime Mike Tyson or a prime Wlad step into the cage. I doubt that Tyson would be much on the ground, but the thought of him clocking someone with 4 ounce gloves is scary.

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