IBF Board Names Pete Podgorski

By Robert Ecksel on May 26, 2016
IBF Board Names Pete Podgorski
The judges named the dos and don’ts of what constitutes a good judge. (Belle Ayllon)

When the final votes were counted, Kizer and Priluker each returned to the board for another three-year term…

At the 33rd IBF convention in Beijing, China, the nut and bolts, what boxing looks like under the hood, was discussed from morning to night. Judges self examined, naming the dos and don’ts of what constitutes a good judge. Doctors explored weight, rehydration, and the inevitability of cuts. Eye injuries like those of Carmen Basilio and Antonio Margarito served as memorable examples.

On the political front, three IBF Board of Directors positions were up for grabs. The incumbents were Aaron Kizer, Glen Hamada and Lou Priluker. Former board member Vaughan LaPrade and referee and boxing judge Pete Podgorski were looking to regain and gain a position on the board.

Elections are always unpredictable. When the final votes were counted, Kizer and Priluker each returned for another three-year term.

Pete Podgorski gained his first position on the board.

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  1. PETE PODGORSKI 12:00am, 12/23/2018

    It is always nice to hear positive comments, especially regarding officiating of any sports. Most fans are negative only. Enjoyed boxing and refereeing and am now enjoying IBF board member. Trying to use my experience to improve boxing anyway I can.

  2. jim allcorn 02:44pm, 06/06/2016

    Pete Podgorski?!!
    Now there’s a name from the past. I always enjoyed reading the well-written accounts of his fighting career that appeared in the back pages of The Ring magazine, Hank Kaplan’s Boxing Digest & Boxing Illustrated, with the bulk of them having been recounted from ringside by one of my all time favorite boxing writers of the day, Lindy Lindell.
    Yeah, I’m outing myself as a bit of a “geezer” by aging myself with this post, but when it comes to this sport, that’s a bit of a badge of honor, now isn’t it? LOL.

    Back to the subject at hand, Podgorski was always an entertaining brawler during his fighting career who fell fairly well short of world class status, but as an official he’s definitely world class all the way & I’d like to see him get some of the bigger, higher profile assignments, because he certainly deserves them.

  3. KB 05:32am, 05/27/2016

    The Polish Hammer = great buddy and great referee.

    congratulations, Pete

  4. Kurwa Mac 08:26pm, 05/26/2016

    IBF is a better place with people on their board. 
    The best of the best! 
    Hammer Time!!

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