IBF Strips Tyson Fury

By Robert Ecksel on December 8, 2015
IBF Strips Tyson Fury
Hopes for an undisputed heavyweight champion of the world are now dimmer than ever.

Fury believes he can play by his own rules and remain unscathed. That’s sometimes true in life. It’s rarely true in boxing…

Say what you will about Tyson Fury, but no one can accuse him of not being his own man.

Because he’s the king of kings, the boss of bosses, no less than the heavyweight champion of the world, Fury believes he can play by his own rules and remain unscathed.

That’s sometimes true in life. It’s rarely true in boxing.

When Wladimir Klitschko was champion he fought many a Johnny-come-lately in order to keep his belts. It wasn’t pretty, as he methodically buried more men than a gravedigger at Forest Lawn. But he at least kept the title from being splintered any more than it was splintered when his brother Vitali called it quits.

But that was then and this is now and Fury, by refusing to fight undefeated Vyacheslav “Czar” Glazkov, the IBF’s mandatory, the sanctioning body has decided to strip the newly crowned champion.

“It’s true,” said IBF Championships Chairman Lindsey Tucker. “He’s been stripped of his IBF belt. Our challenger was Vyacheslav Glazkov, but instead Fury’s gone and signed a rematch clause with Wladimir Klitschko.”

Bad boy Fury it is. But of course he wants a rematch with Klitschko—and who can blame him? Fury wants to bring it to the devil-worshiping, water-poisoning pretender to the throne another time.

And there’s the money the fight will generate.

But there’s a more relevant question than why Fury wants to fight Klitschko instead of Glazkov. Such as, what exactly is the IBF’s big hurry? Do they want a champion all their very own? Do they need a champion all their very own. Well, they’re about to have their wish granted, at the expense of Tyson Fury, and, it goes without saying, at the expense of boxing.

Those of us of a certain age can recall what it was like to have the heavyweight title fragmented into little pieces. It was a mess, but boxing seems to specialize in making a mess, especially where power, control, and capital are concerned.

While Fury continues to put his foot in his mouth, while he continues to call out former champions Lennox Lewis and Vitali Klitschko, the small minds at the IBF have been making mischief of the most unforgivable sort.

Fury is no piece of cake, but he won the title as it’s meant to be won. But instead of giving him a chance to defeat Klitschko a second time, the IBF has ordered Glazkov to face Charles Martin for their now even more diminished title.

Hopes for an undisputed heavyweight champion are growing dimmer by the day. But hey, that’s showbiz.

And, alas, that’s boxing.

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  1. Mike v horn 06:12am, 12/11/2015

    Boxing is boxing..judhpges are paid off..terrible for years! They keep who draws the crowds. !!  Fury fight was horrible..hes no champion..klitchko needs to punch him out..was a lazy fight !!  Gives those that earned a great title by fighting a bad deall..boxing is still my fav..but is so crooked..managers have to much control too.! On when and they fight..needs to be fixed..but wont..its tge money !!

  2. tuxtucis 12:05pm, 12/10/2015

    I’m not a fan of judges, tribunals and handcuffs, but those men of IBF deserve to be persecuted for fraud same way it happens with the Blatters or Platinis of FIFA.

  3. Mel 07:19am, 12/10/2015

    OMG! this is just absurd and downright ridiculous! These “Governing Bodies” need a new marketing manager to help guide them to the 21st century. Fury literally just won his belt, like yesterday and now he longer gets to keep it because he is giving the former champ the opportunity to practice his rematch clause.

    I know Boxing has always been known as a “Shady” sport but lets get with the program, this sport will never flourish to the next level if these sanctions keep the sport unfair!

  4. Leigh 02:30pm, 12/09/2015

    Hey old school just been checking out the transnational rankings great stuff I love this idea

  5. Leigh 01:49pm, 12/09/2015

    It’s crazy the IBF can’t wait to strip fury then the wbc allow wilder to announce he’s lined up another ridiculous defence it makes a mockery of my beloved sport.

  6. Koolz 12:47pm, 12/09/2015

    I was going to contact the IBF on this but then I realized I don’t waste my time talking to stupid people.  If I told you what was really behind this you wouldn’t post it.  The Rematch Clause Excuse by the IBF is complete BS!

    Fury Road Everyone!

  7. oldschool 12:15pm, 12/09/2015

    Eric, I agree with you 100%. 9 weight divisions 9 champions. Wlad has more than earned a rematch as a long standing former champion.

  8. tuxtucis@hotmail.com 10:24am, 12/09/2015

    Of all criminal sporting federations (Fifa etc.), the ones governing professional boxing are the worst.

  9. The Fight Film Collector 09:39am, 12/09/2015

    Eric, my thoughts exactly, and I wish I’d clicked a minute sooner!

  10. Eric 09:37am, 12/09/2015

    Oops. That’s 23 title defenses and not 2.

  11. The Fight Film Collector 09:37am, 12/09/2015

    When I heard this news, the only thing that kept me from running screaming from my house, was to consider how resilient boxing truly is to still be here, despite the astounding stupidity of the ABCs.  They were founded to help unify world titles, but instead, they now they compete with each other like fast food franchises.  And this title stripping also illustrates the end of another long-held boxing tradition, that of the deposed champion’s right to immediate rematch.

  12. Eric 09:36am, 12/09/2015

    You would think any organization worth a damn would have no problem with a granting an immediate rematch for a long time champ like Wlad. The new champ giving the dethroned champ the first crack at his new title was the standard MO back in the day. Tunney-Dempsey, Robinson-Turpin, Marciano-Walcott, Liston-Patterson, Ali-Liston, etc. It should be mandatoy that the ex-champ gets first crack at the new champion, especially a champion who has held the title for nearly a decade and made 2 title defenses. Boxing needs to clean up their act, drop all super/junior weight classes, add only the cruiserweight division to the original 8 and have a total of 9 world champs and 9 divisions.

  13. oldschool 08:58am, 12/09/2015


  14. Mike Casey 06:37am, 12/09/2015

    Me too, OldSchool.

  15. oldschool 06:10am, 12/09/2015

    I only look at the Transnational Boxing Ratings. It separates Champions from belt holders.

  16. Mike Casey 05:25am, 12/09/2015

    It seems the only way you can’t be stripped by at least one of the alphabet soup jokers is to fight all their challengers on the same night. Even though these guys have been messing things up since the old days of the NBA, the heavyweight championship was always viewed as ‘sacred’ and generally left alone. Then Ernie Terrell beat Eddie Machen in a snooze fest for the WBA crown in 1965 and - as the old saying goes - it all went downhill from there.

  17. peter 04:59am, 12/09/2015

    What a farce. Try to find “Charles Martin” on BoxRec—he’s ranked at 43.

  18. TheSweetScience 01:28am, 12/09/2015

    First Cotto (tho not heavyweight) a few days before his Canelo mega-fight, now Fury, in an even more, if possible. But yes more, disgusting of ways.
    The lows get lower as the sense made gets lessened.

    Fury is the champ. Kudos to him for sticking to his guns. In the post-fight, he said Klitschko gets a round “2”, “ding ding”! Like Holm said to Ronda, Tyson said to Wlad. IBF, what does this gain for you!?

  19. Eric 08:39pm, 12/08/2015

    And this is why boxing is a dying sport. It doesn’t matter what the IBF, FBI, CIA, IRS, IRA, LGBTQ, or NAACP say, Fury is the heavyweight champion of the world.

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