Ignorance is Bliss for Mayweather-McGregor

By Paul Magno on August 20, 2017
Ignorance is Bliss for Mayweather-McGregor
We’ve been hustled again and again by a sport pretty much DESIGNED to screw us over.

Some days you go to the circus for the death-defying trapeze artists and sometimes you just go for the clowns. It really is okay to like both…

Like it or not, there is huge buzz for Mayweather-McGregor in the mainstream sports world and the interest will be red-hot by fight night. Most of those eager to consume will do so—and will not be running any internal analysis as to why this may or may not be a “real,” competitive fight.

Most fans are just looking for a distraction and something fun to do with their free time and expendable income. Unlike the super-serious “hardcore” boxing die-hards, these people don’t see their likes and dislikes in boxing as a test of their status as a “real” fan. Actually, they don’t care one bit about being a “real” fan, they just want to be entertained.

So, let them be entertained however they like.

How obnoxiously pretentious for us to preach about the way people choose to pursue entertainment.

As if “hardcore” boxing fans are so smart!

We’ve only been hustled over and over again by a sport pretty much DESIGNED to screw us over. We fall for scam after scam, are lead around by the nose by anyone even marginally savvy enough to dangle the right carrot in front of us. We believe a media made up of idiots and creeps flat-out employed by the promoters they cover. We have allowed dangerous (and convenient) incompetence to murder and maim the fighters we revere and have not noticed the rotten behind-the-scenes business that robs the livelihoods of those who do manage to survive the brutal incompetence. We are the suckers of the sporting world—an entire fandom made up of marks and patsies.

Yet we have the audacity to look down our noses at those not “smart” like us for not realizing that Mayweather-McGregor isn’t a competitive pairing. And we do this while praising same day competition Miguel Cotto vs. Yoshihiro Kamegai as a “real fight”—despite it being a bout which, on any other night and against any other counter programming, would be acknowledged as the cynical cash-grab set-up it was intended to be.

The reality is that maybe we aren’t so smart after all. Maybe while we’re laughing at the rubes and nubes “tricked” into buying a farce of a fight, the real joke is on us. THEY are getting what they want—a spectacle, an event, a centerpiece for a social gathering, a piece of a cultural happening. How often do WE get precisely what we want, precisely in the way we want it?

There’s something to say for ignorance being bliss, at least a little bit and when it comes to our choice in prizefighting entertainment. An outsider looking in would swear that boxing’s biggest and most hardcore fans get zero actual joy from the sport they profess to love. Every once in a while, it’s okay to stop being an expert and gatekeeper for the sanctity of the game. Sometime it’s okay to just have fun and enjoy a bit of fluff.

There are plenty of boxing battles to be waged from our side of the boxing equation. I’d suggest devoting some of that protective motherly instinct to any number of pressing issues facing the sport. Wasting good energy on swatting at Floyd-Conor nothingness accomplishes nothing, it just makes us look like a bunch of elitist snobs—even if we know that we’re in the right.

I say let fans buy what they like, enjoy what they want; let fans be fans in whichever way they choose. Boxing is NOT our private club.

Personally, I don’t pay for any PPV fights and will never sway from that choice (in part because I believe that the pay-per-view business model is bad for the sport and in part because I’m a cheap SOB), but I WILL be watching Mayweather-McGregor, somehow (wink, wink). And, like millions of other fans tuning in, I’ll be enjoying myself in some capacity, either for the freak show aspect or out of genuine curiosity for how this fight will play out. Then, I’ll catch a video of Cotto-Kamegai—another fight with a foregone conclusion that isn’t without its own intrigue.

It’s all good. I love boxing. I can take in the best of the best and the worst of the worst, appreciate it all for what it is, and still keep moving forward.

Some days you go to the circus for the death-defying trapeze artists and sometimes you just go for the clowns. It really is okay to like both.

Relax, boxing fans…Stop taking yourself so seriously.

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  1. Lucas McCain 06:17am, 08/22/2017

    A fancy-ass but mediocre restaurant in downtown NYC or LA will cost at least as much.  This way you get to yell out loud a little as you’re fleeced.

  2. David 01:20pm, 08/21/2017

    A lot of people are going to throw $100 out the door to see this shameful spectacle called a boxing match.

  3. Lucas McCain 12:52pm, 08/21/2017

    A sport that can take Tony Galento vs. a kagaroo and Sonny Liston’s early-evening nap in Lewiston can pretty much bounce back from anything.

  4. Alfonso Bedoya 06:52am, 08/21/2017

    Paul Magno-Everything you write rings true about boxing fans/suckers and that’s why this “spectacle” is nothing more than an in your face, fuk you over scam….it’s all the sucker plays you outline in your piece rolled into one and on steroids. It’s all about getting screwed without so much as a kiss or a reach around. Adding insult to injury the undercard isn’t worth a shit either! Which reminds me….who the fuk is your ISP down there in Old Mexico?!

  5. Kid Blast 05:59am, 08/21/2017

    Boycott. This is a sting.

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