Ike Quartey Speaks Out

By Robert Ecksel on April 24, 2012
Ike Quartey Speaks Out
“Like a foundation of every project, if it is not well laid, the building will collapse midway.”

Boxing has been good to former welterweight champion Ike Quartey (37-4-1). He loves the sport but feels as many of us do: a twinge of regret at what has been lost, without having given up hope.

Speaking to Daily Guide Sports in Ghana, Quartey said it would take years of rebuilding before his country would again be in a position to produce fighters like Azumah Nelson, Joseph Agbeko, Ben Tackie, Joshua Clottey, and himself.

“Boxing is dead,” he said, perhaps overstating the case. “It will take us about three to four years to restore the lost fortunes. Government must support by way of sponsorship.

“I also blame the amateur boxers. They don’t know how to throw. They don’t know that amateur is different from pro and the best form of defense is to attack. It was my trump card. I made sure my opponents blinked every second by jabbing.”

Defense is defense and offense and offense and each of them has its virtues. But there’s no overstating the importance of a jab. Everything follows from that.

“Like a foundation of every project, if it is not well laid, the building will collapse midway,” said Quartey. “If the amateur side is okay, then we can produce more world champions.

“I will form a team in all the regions, support them with equipment, tell the National Sports Authority to import well versed trainers to handle the boxers. After a period, a national team would be formed by selecting the best from the regional teams, and I can say that within a few years, boxing will bounce back.”

Quartey’s optimism, love of the sport, and willingness to give back is exactly what boxing needs.

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