Floyd and Canelo Hit Times Square

By Robert Ecksel on June 25, 2013
Floyd and Canelo Hit Times Square
Money Mayweather’s internal cooling system has a logic all its own. (Tom Casino/Showtime)

Events of the sort aren’t about breaking news, they’re about making news, and the news in Manhattan will be the news in the cities to follow…

The first stop of the Floyd Mayweather-Canelo Alvarez 11-city press tour was Manhattan. Thousands of fans gathered in Times Square for a glimpse at the two fighters. In the sweltering heat they waved flags, took photographs, and made their preference known as to who will win on September 14th

The fight is being billed as “The One: Mayweather vs. Canelo.” Mayweather is “The One” because he’s the number one pound-for-pound fighter and highest paid athlete on the planet. Canelo is “The One” because if he beats Mayweather he’ll be “The One.” And the fight itself is “The One” because it will generate more revenue than any other fight in history.

Canelo appeared first. Cries of “Mex-i-co, Mex-i-co, Mex-i-co” filled the air. He walked down the red carpet as streams of confetti fell from the sky. Canelo was dressed inappropriately in a long-sleeved shirt and matching necktie. The 42-0 wunderkind looked uncomfortable. He looked stiff. He looked ill at ease. It could have been the heat in midtown Manhattan. It could have been the heat that comes with the knowledge that he’s fighting Floyd Mayweather in September.

Mayweather appeared next. Wearing shades, discreet jewelry, a subdued t-shirt, and sporting his signature goatee, the 44-0 Mayweather looked as cool as cool could be. Any concerns he might have had regarding Canelo were nowhere to be seen. The temperature could have been 120 degrees and it wouldn’t have made any difference. Money May’s internal cooling system has a logic all its own.

Canelo Alvarez spoke first.

“Good afternoon, New York,” he said. “Thank you all for being here and for your support. In this fight, everybody’s going to win. In boxing everybody has their time, and this is my time.

“Everybody knows that Floyd’s the best, without question, but it’s my time. We’re going to win. I’m younger and bigger, which are very important keys, but you must remember that Floyd is a very intelligent fighter, but I’m going to have the right game plan.

“Obviously, this is my biggest fight, but I’ve visualized it and I’ve prepared my mind for it for a while. I appreciate all the fans for all of their incredible support. I always have. I’m very gratified to be here today, to see this turnout and to have so many fans supporting me. I’ll be ready on September 14 and give them all what they want to see.”

Then Floyd Mayweather spoke.

“Hard work,” he said. “Hard work. Hard work. Hard work. Hard work. First off, I want to thank God, because without God this wouldn’t be possible. I want to thank the fans. The fans have been truly amazing. I want to thank Canelo. I want to thank Team Canelo. I want to thank Golden Boy. It’s been a truly amazing ride. I want to thank the media. You guys have done an amazing job. I want to thank the writers. I’m truly blessed to be in the sport of boxing and be at the top for 17 years. I’m truly, truly thankful for the fans, because without the fans I wouldn’t be where I’m at. Al Haymon, you have done a tremendous job in the sport of boxing, Leonard, you have done a tremendous job. My team, you guys are truly amazing.”

Having thanked almost everyone who deserved to be thanked, Mayweather began praising New York.

“There’s no city like New York City. Once again, there’s no city like New York City. I wish that we could afford the Madison Square Garden. You want the fight at The Garden?” The crowd cheered. “As a matter of fact, they should put a ring right here in Times Square and we can do it today.” The crowd cheered again, and Mayweather said, “Once again, the fans. Canelo fans, you guys have stood behind him. He’s a true champion, he’s a young champion, and he earned his right to be up here with me. And come September 14th, it’s the best versus the best: ‘The One. He’s a guy that I know I can’t overlook. I dedicated myself my whole life to be at the pinnacle and face the best. The WBA organization, you guys done a helluva job. The WBC organization, you guys done a helluva job. And come September 14th, the only thing we want to do is give fans excitement. That’s all we want to do, give fans excitement.

“The Golden Boy staff, you guys have been tremendous. Continue the good work. We like working hand in hand with you guys. Mayweather Promotion, our company is still building. We got some young champions on the rise. Canelo, I appreciate you for taking the fight. Let’s give the fans what they want on September 14th. This crowd is truly amazing. The crowd is truly amazing. All work is what?”

The crowd chanted, “Easy work!”

“All work is what?”

“Easy work!”

“Mexico has produced some legendary champions,” continued Mayweather. “I take my hat off to the country of Mexico. They have produced some tremendous champions. I respect the country of Mexico. But one thing I know always about the sport of boxing, my fans can’t fight for me and his fans can’t fight for him. The earth is my turf. You can put me in any ring, and I will always come out victorious. I’ll see you guys September 14th. This crowd has been truly amazing. Thank everybody for showing up. I gotta thank Showtime. We’re gonna do some record-breaking things. I gotta thank CBS. You guys have been truly amazing. Thank you. Stephen, Al, Richard, Leonard, Oscar, I want to thank all you guys for believing in me, believing in my skills. And guess what. It don’t stop now. I’ll see you guys September 14th.”

Events of the sort aren’t about breaking news, they’re about making news, and the news in Manhattan will be the news in the cities to follow.

Mayweather deserves credit for agreeing to fight Canelo. He is young. He is strong. He is an undefeated champion. There are lesser opponents who would have loved this opportunity. But Canelo is “The One.” He wanted to fight Mayweather. He’s been saying he’s ready for the longest time. We’ll find out on September 14 just how ready he is. I’m open to being wrong but fully expect Mayweather to take Canelo to school, and the lesson of the day is likely to be, be careful what you wish for.

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  1. Pete The Sneak 04:49am, 06/27/2013

    Michael Hegan (can I call you Machine Gun Michael, the way you rat-a-tat-tat posts?.lol)...You are right on about PBF toning it down a bit. Kind of reminds me of the wrestling game, where a good guy goes to a bad guy and then back to good. I don’t know if it’s his getting older, the few months he spent in the clink, or just being totally comfortable since he got that huge SHOWTIME loot. But yeah, he is trying to play nice. As for George Foremans getting cut just before the Zaire fight, as you said if it were today, “Fughetaboutit.” We would have already known via a Tweet before Dick Saddler would have placed the first Bandaid over the cut. Peace.

  2. Michael Hegan 01:55pm, 06/26/2013

    with all the glitz aside….I will say….as a somewhat informed Fight Fan…..pbf is a good Boxer…..second deadliest counter puncher in history…..‘cept for ten or so tied for first place.

  3. Michael Hegan 01:52pm, 06/26/2013

    peter…....in the good ‘ol days…...you had print…radio ...and tv..that’s it…..
    nowadays…you got all of that on satellite…plus anybody with a cellphone camera…

    lotsa ways to pass the \word….and more difficult to control….

    I saw that footage where George Foreman got cut in sparring…prior to his defending his Challenge against Ali….
    Ali had got himself into absofknlutely tremendous shape…...timed perfectly for the agreed upon fight…...

    major fk up….
    nowadays…i’d know this in a day….then…maybe half a week

  4. Michael Hegan 01:23pm, 06/26/2013

    I’m pretty sure I didn’t get struck by lightning…..and haven’t changed any substance abuse patterns ...in any major way…I quit smoking ..tobacco anyway…..don’t chew…nada….just quit.

    What I’m getting to…is the new and improved pbf we’re seeing.

    Kinda dressed a little less outrageous….and saying package type comments about how both of these fighters have their strengths…and we’re looking towards a great fight tonight…..and yadayada..ya…

    much ...less outrageous presentation of pbf…..

    Just sayn

  5. Michael Hegan 01:17pm, 06/26/2013

    Pete The Sneak
    Obviously….the effort of a world class athlete..to get into the immediate area to promote his upcoming Title Challange ...

    drew Pete The Sneak ...into the web of what are called Fight Fans….

    Ali did this too….Frazier…even Liston…did the Hospital and public workout ‘thing’..

    Check out previous ....Ray Robinson’s ‘Skip Routine’....Three minutes of ...pure grace and balance…

    It was on the video Pound For Pound…..but it may well be on youtube…I just have it on video…

    These guys could fill a hall and sell a crowd…....they had “CHUTZPAH !!!

    when it was Gomez’s time…...he could do the strategic
    meet and greet…...it sold tickets…

  6. Bob 07:37pm, 06/25/2013

    To Pete the Sneak: Pete’s posts always bring you back. I wish he would write more. It’s great remembering how excited I’d get seeing the undercard fighters. It was like being backstage.  What memories!

  7. Clarence George 12:47pm, 06/25/2013

    Um…why is Alvarez dressed like a West Point cadet?

  8. Pete The Sneak 12:08pm, 06/25/2013

    peter, I totally agree. One of the reasons I came to love boxing was as a young kid meeting the Boricua boxing star (at the time) Wilfredo Gomez, who came to the South Bronx, NY with Don King to promote his upcoming fight with the great Salvador Sanchez at MSG. Didn’t know much about boxing at the time (not that I do now), but I was so impressed with how this little man was so popular. I mean he was being mobbed right there on Southern Boulevard, and yet he was gracious with everyone, took pictures, signed autographs (I got one) and spoke to whomever spoke to him. I said man, I hope this guy wins. What a cool cat. Unfortunately for Gomez, he didn’t, but from all accounts what a fight it was (I’m told). Still, it was this display out in the street that first peaked my interest. Sorry for the long rap, but man your post brought me back. Peace.

  9. peter 10:49am, 06/25/2013

    I like that the current boxing-powers-that-be will still host public events that publicize the sport and spotlight the boxers. As a kid, one night at such an event, at Sheridan Square, mid-town Manhattan, I remember meeting Dick Tiger and Frankie DePaula a few days before their fight. Also there were the undercard fighters. Also Harold Green, Jack Dempsey, Johnny Colon, Ismael Laguna, Harold Valan, Jose Torres and many more. It was a memorable evening for a young boxing fan.

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