Illinois Martial Arts HOF expands into Boxing

By Boxing News on February 21, 2014

The Illinois State Martial Arts Hall of Fame is dedicated to honoring martial artists from Illinois who participated in, and/or contributed to the Martial Arts in Illinois. The Illinois State Martial Arts Hall of Fame elects Martial Arts professionals such as officials and participants from karate, judo, wrestling and other MMA along with the recent addition of professional boxing.  Special acknowledgement to the 2013 addition of Chicago trainer Sam Colonna. Colonna became the first member to be elected to the Illinois Hall of Fame from the world of professional boxing.  Nominated participants from all groups are being reviewed and the 2014 additions will be announced by the end of March.

Current Inductees include (through 2013):

Otis Baker (2005), Preston Baker (2005), Harold “Scorpion” Burrage (2005), Al Campbell (2005), Mike “Mad Dog” Cass (2006), Sam Colonna (2013), John Castaldo (2007), Terry Creamer (2010), Kieron Davis (2009), Alex Dunlap Jr. (2005), Ken Eubanks (2005), Flem Dean Evans (2013), Joe Gangi (2006), Joe Gerardi (2011), Jianhua Guo (2005), David Grabinski Sr. (201…1), Steve Gross (2008), Tom Heriaud (2008), Juan Hernandez (2007), William Hernandez Jr. (2005)., Michael Hill (2008), Pete Hoffman (2010), Glenn Hudson (2009), Gregory Jaco (2008), Jimmie Jones (2005), Michonne Keeble-Berry (2013), Jacky King (2007), Ken Knudson (2005), Ken Kolodziej (2012), Roger Lane (2011), Darrell Lassiter (2013), Tom Matison (2013), Greg Mattson (2010), Mike McNamara (2006), Vincent “Shorty” Mills (2005), Ozzie Mitchell (2006), Peggy Mitchell (2006), Tak Mizuta (2010), Craig Monyelle (2013), Becky Mornar (2010), John Nanay (2011), Julio Ortiz (2011), Rico Paone (2010), Ben Peacock (2005), Daniel Pesina (2005), Mike Peura (2012), Harry “Wolfman” Reid (2013), Fred Richmond (2009), Scott Rosak (2010), Rob Salazar (2007), Francisco Santiago (2012), Tom Saviano (2008), John Sharkey (2005), Kyung Sun Shin (2005), Brian Smith (2007), Bill Solano (2012), Larry Tankson Sr. (2005), Cynthia Thompson (2012), John Townsley (2010), Mary Townsley (2010), Rocky Troutman (2009), Ron Troutman (2012), Johnny Chi Yuan Tsai (2005), John Venson (2005), Rick Weber (2008), Jerry Weiss (2005), Jim White (2010), Drew Wickham (2011), David “Butcher” Wilson (2011), Tim “Apache” Wright (2005), Bob Zange (2012)

The Director is Mike McNamara.  The HOF was founded in 2005 by Fred Richmond.

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