I’m a Believer

By Johnathan Lee Iverson on November 9, 2014
I’m a Believer
For all his guile and pugilistic wit, Hopkins is still a tough as nails Philadelphia fighter.

The way Sergey Kovalev fought the Alien in Atlantic City would have also given a 29-year-old Executioner fits…

Save for his power, nothing impressed me about Sergey Kovalev. I simply didn’t see it. In fact, I wrote a blog about it sometime ago entitled, It Ain’t Necessarily So, in which I essentially dismissed the Russian as nothing more than another premature hype job. I’m not a power groupie as is the case for many a fight fan. Sure, I love a good knockout like the next fan, but boxing is, was, and shall always be a science first. Bernard Hopkins is clearly one of the sport’s premiere scientists so when he decided to take on Sergey Kovalev, I merely assumed he would do to the “Krusher,” even at the age of 49, what he has always done to proverbial “Krushers.” Kovalev was to have his name added to a list of supposed monsters preordained to vanquish the elder Hopkins.

Digesting crow is a slow and agonizing process. Sergey Kovalev’s victory versus Bernard Hopkins wasn’t nearly as surprising as the manner in which he went about achieving it. Outpunch Bernard Hopkins, yes, but outbox him? Who would have thought? Sergey Kovalev’s masterful gauge of range, distance, and pace, accompanied by an easy temperament, with that frightening power as insurance made for a very long and unproductive evening for Hopkins. He earned the Alien’s respect immediately and brought him back down to the planet earth. And make no mistake. Hopkins’ age had nothing to do with Kovalev’s dominant performance. Despite being utterly outclassed, Bernard Hopkins reminded viewers and attendees alike, that for all his guile and pugilistic wit, he is still a tough as nails Philadelphia fighter. I actually did begin to wonder if he was indeed an extraterrestrial with the way he absorbed Kovalev’s much vaunted power, punches that have eviscerated men not even half his age. But alas, boxing is a science first, thus, styles make fights! The way the Krusher fought the Alien would have also given a 29-year-old Executioner fits. This past Saturday, Sergey Kovalev ascended from the supposedly predictable Krusher to the Terminator. Measured, sober minded destruction. He was the scientist and was more than prepared to be the executioner if need be. No hype, no frills, just pure skill and gifted hands. Sergey Kovalev is officially the most dangerous man in boxing. Something tells me that Superman does not intend on entering the building.

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Bernard Hopkins vs Sergey Kovalev 08.11.2014 HDTV

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  1. Mel 05:31am, 11/10/2014

    Johnathan, this was short and sweet and the writing was SOOOOOO on point. I will be back reading all you entries and looking forward to your next article here on Boxing.com. Great Job!

  2. bikermike 09:08am, 11/09/2014

    I thought Kovalev did a great job of dealing the the old wolf’s experience and ring savvy. 
    Praise to both fighters ...as fans were treated to something we used to see a lot of….when Boxing was on free TV….Good fighters and Champions fighting against good fighters and deserving challengers.

    Hopkins…as Champion….could have done what far too many Title holders do nowadays…and took a challenge from a less threatening boxer…Kovalev is as deserving a challenger to Hopkins as there is today.

    Hopkins went out on his shield…and made no excuses..He praised Kovalev at the end of the fight.  Classy move.

  3. Leigh 08:15am, 11/09/2014

    Kovalev has shown he can be tagged so Stevenson stands a good chance against him I hope Stevenson will accept the challenge and step up, what a cracking all the belts fight it would be ,I won a few quid last night with kovalev on points ,that is not a bet I will be laying if these two meet

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