I’m Drunk…and Mayweather’s Coming Back—Against a Japanese MMA Featherweight?

By Paul Magno on November 5, 2018
I’m Drunk…and Mayweather’s Coming Back—Against a Japanese MMA Featherweight?
The news is coming directly from Mayweather’s mouth in a press conference from Japan.

Apparently, he’s fighting December 31 against some 20-year-old kid named Tenshin Nasukawa in Japan…

Ok, I’m going to admit that as I’m putting fingers to keyboard right now, I’m pretty damn wasted. There were some señoritas, some Jimador tequila, more señoritas, and maybe some other substances floating around a friend’s ranch up here in the hills of Central Mexico. The party started on Saturday and I found my way back home just after 12:15 AM Monday.

Good times.

And the first thing I see online after lighting up my laptop is a post on Facebook about the press conference announcing Floyd Mayweather’s latest comeback.

Apparently, he’s fighting December 31 against some 20-year-old kid named Tenshin Nasukawa in Japan.


Let’s back this truck up.

I take a long drink of cold water, splash some on my face, and go back to the screen.

Yep, I read that right and the news is coming directly from Mayweather’s mouth in a press conference from Japan.

“The world has never seen Mayweather compete live in Tokyo,” an unusually unkempt Mayweather told reporters. “Throughout the years, I’ve seen a lot of fans from Japan come to Las Vegas and come to the US. But me and my team said, ‘let’s do something different, let’s go to Japan.’”

What rules will they be fighting under? In which weight class will they compete?

Well, shit, beyond it being a “special” bout as Mayweather described it, we can’t answer the first two questions at all. It’s likely that event organizers, Japanese MMA company Rizin Fighting Federation doesn’t have an answer to those questions, either. It would be a good bet, though, that the bout will be contested with boxing rules and at Mayweather’s chosen weight class of 147.
But the five-division former world champ insists that the petty details don’t matter.

“As far as the weight class, we’re not really worried about that,” Mayweather insisted. “When it’s all said and done, it’s all about me going out there displaying my skills against another skillful fighter.”

And, oh yeah, by the way, who the hell is this other “skillful” fighter, Nasukawa?

Remember, I’m still pretty wasted here.

The kid is a kickboxer/MMA fighter and he’s considered a pretty powerful southpaw puncher, sporting a 31-0 combined record with 29 KOs in his young career.

He’s also 5 ft. 4, competes at about 121 lbs. and is dwarfed by Mayweather in the one publicity shot available to the public. The sparkly suit he’s got on, along with the pretty fifi bleach-blond hairdo he’s sporting, makes him look more like Money’s little figure skater buddy than enemy combatant.

Apparently, however, this kid is a legitimate bad-ass in his own world. But he’s not a boxer. The closest he’s come to qualifying for a fight against the pound-for-pound best boxer of this era is a fourth round kickboxing KO of former IBF flyweight champ Amnat Ruenroeng in 2017.

This whole thing just sounds crazy, crazy, crazy at this point and me being buzzed out of my mind has very little to do with my current take on the event.

The buzz around boxing has been pretty strong about Mayweather coming back and possibly doing so in Japan, where he’s looking to build an Asian business empire revolving around, from what I hear, gyms and strip clubs. The comeback bout is also rumored to be a prelude to a rematch with Manny Pacquiao in 2019.

Pacquiao, who recently signed a reported two-fight deal with Mayweather advisor Al Haymon, let the cat out of the bag a bit by mentioning that Floyd would have a December 31 tune-up in Japan before moving on to the “megafight” rematch.

Mayweather, himself, had hinted about coming back to fight in Japan.

But, still…against a 20-year-old kickboxing featherweight? Man…

Just wait until all the sour-shoed, swamp-assed boxing “purists” who had fits over Mayweather fighting Conor McGregor in 2017 sink their teeth into this big ball of “fuck you”…

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  1. Koolz 12:20pm, 11/07/2018

    Great now i HEAR Mayweather has called off the fight.  he was mislead and bla bla bla.
    Damn I wanted to see this!  See if Tenshin could adapt!

    It could have been Great like this with Fedor!

  2. fan 09:41am, 11/07/2018

    On the same page as that fight, we should have some celebrities boxing show.

  3. Ho Lee Chit 08:57am, 11/07/2018

    I was hoping it would be a match that included kicks above the waist only. If this was the case, I could see this tiny guy pulling off a win MAYBE.  This is a very small guy. Little Floyd looks a good deal bigger when standing next to him, but the little guy seems to kick like a mudder fudder. IF it is boxing only, the guy has no chance at all. While his hands are pretty good, they aren’t anything special when it comes to being matched against a world class boxer, especially an all time great like Floyd. I still say this bout regardless of the rules will more than likely be SCRIPTED. Even a forty-something year old Floyd is capable of hurting this youngster badly IF this is going to be a LEGIT REAL boxing match. Kickboxers, MMA fighters, just don’t have the hands like world class boxers. Troy Dorsey, and James Warring are the only kickboxers who ever transitioned to boxing with any sort of success, to a lesser degree you could include Randall “Tex” Cobb. Rick Roufus was a kickboxing legend, but when he tried his hand at boxing, he was just a so-so boxer. And at least these kickboxers mentioned fought boxers in their own weight class.

  4. Koolz 02:14am, 11/07/2018

    Dang i just learned that this is boxing.
    Which means Mayweather wins this.

    Still I am excited to watch it!
    Actually Tenshin if he had the time should hook up with Inoue so Inoue can help him.

  5. Koolz 04:36pm, 11/06/2018

    on really cool trick in Thai Boxing is that when someone come in on you and get’s close, you grab their head turn them and pull them at the same time you knee them!

    Mayweather fights this kid under Thai rules he is doomed.

  6. Koolz 04:21pm, 11/06/2018

    Tenshin KOs!! 

    It would be so damn Funny if Mayweather fought Tenshin under Kick boxing Rules oh man!!!

  7. Koolz 04:16pm, 11/06/2018

    Ahh my old Pride days and K1 Days have returned!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Man Remember Fedor!!!

    I was heavy into Jeet Kune Do and other things then.

    Well Mayweather is going to get his Butt Whooped maybe he doesn’t know who Tenshin is!


    Unless of course it’s just boxing then that a different story.

    Give you Idea of what Tenshin can do.  he can pop into a jab in blink of an eye, it’s stabbing jab that involved thrusting your self and the jab at the same time it’s in different forms of Karate.  A Punch not in Boxing.

    You could say Point Karate but that would be silly to say as it is a form of offense that is effective more then just trying to score a point.

    Always remember this might be some marketing thing with Mayweather but on the other side for Tenshin this great PR!!  Show the World who he is.

  8. nonprophet 08:08am, 11/06/2018

    I’m sure it will be confined to boxing rules.  If so, a script will definitely be needed for Money to beat this kid.  Dude’s no joke.  Check out Tenshin’s YouTube videos.  He’s quick, elusive, moves astonishingly well (poor man’s Lomo in that regard), excellent counter puncher, is just 20 years old, and has POP.  If this is booked for 12 rounds I don’t see Mayweather lasting beyond round 8 because Mayweather’s key weapon…being nearly unhittable ... will be nullified by Tenshin’s power, speed, combinations and accurate punching.  The mayweather haters will finally get their rocks off on his one.  And I’m not a mayweather hater….just realistic.

  9. fan 07:46am, 11/06/2018

    Boxing, mma and kickboxing wants to be popular in other countries.

  10. thrashem 07:06am, 11/06/2018

    When you have money “Mayweather” he will make more money. This is not a freebee! Japs love this shit! No PPV on my end!

    Waiting for Trump vs Godzilla.

  11. Your Name 05:02pm, 11/05/2018

    Ho Lee Chit, thanks for both of your comments!  I loved them!

  12. Ho Lee Chit 08:30am, 11/05/2018

    Off topic but with election day tomorrow, what the hell. While Magno was out getting his groove on and getting hammered last Saturday night,  I was home like a good senior citizen drinking Diet Coke and watching Trump’s rally in Pensacola, Florida. President Trump pointed out boxing legend, Evander Holyfield, who was in attendance. Holyfield also has a son who plays football for the Georgia Bulldogs. “Little” Holyfield is a decent player.

  13. Ho Lee Chit 07:24am, 11/05/2018

    IF this is a mixed match, it will be WELL SCRIPTED. Hell, if it is a boxing match, it will probably be rehearsed. This boxer vs. MMA fighters/ pro Japanese “wrestlers” has happened a time or two before. Nobuhiko Takada, a Japanese rassler took on Trevor Berbick and Berbick left the ring after continously being kicked below the waist. Masakatsu Funaki took on a very fat, Roberto Duran and “submitted” Stone Hands in the 3rd round. Funaki was a legit Pancrase fighter having beaten people like Bas Rutten, Ken & Frank Shamrock. Both Duran and Berbick entered the ring wearing boxing gloves. Duran even had a t shirt and tights, removing the t shirt later to expose his fat gut. Funaki appeared a good 3 inches taller than Duran and while it looked like the weight might have been close, it sure was distributed differently on their bodies. Duran was as fat as a Christmas goose. Remember Antonio Inoki, the guy that faced Ali? Well Inoki had already faced Karl Mildenberger before in a scripted match in Germany and would go on to face Leon Spinks in another promotion of boxer vs. wrestler. These events have been happening in Japan for years. I think Saad Muhammad might have been involved in one of these matches as well. The Duran and Berbick bouts are still on YouTube for anyone who wants to watch those “fights.” Both are like watching a WWE event.

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