Imagining the All Time WSB

By Cain Bradley on December 31, 2017
Imagining the All Time WSB
The World Series of Boxing (WSB) has played a role in transforming Olympic style boxing.

Weights will be either decided by a draw or if both teams have priority boxers at the same weight…

The World Series of Boxing (WSB) has played a role in transforming Olympic style boxing. The competition for 16 nations sees boxers box it out with a team becoming an overall champion at the end of the year. This will be the same competition but for professional boxers. Almost a year ago I did a version with current professionals. This time it would be about the all time greats. It will still feature national teams with a few boxers who are not already on teams available to be drafted. Teams will split into four groups and have five bouts on the nights. Weights will be either decided by a draw or if both teams have priority boxers at the same weight.

Argentina Condors (Carlos Monzon, Pascual Perez, Nicolino Locche, Sergio Martinez, Victor Galindez)
Bangkok Bruisers (Khaosai Galaxy, Pone Kingpetch, Veeraphol Sahaprom, Saman Sorjaturong, Chayaphon Moonsri)
British Lionhearts (Joe Calzaghe, Freddie Welsh, Bob Fitzsimmons, Ted Kid Lewis, Jimmy Wilde)
Caciques Venezuela (Antonio Esparragoza, Jorge Linares, Edwin Valero, Betulio Gonzalez, Carlos Hernandez)
Colombia Heroicos (Antonio Cervantes, Rodrigo Valdez, Miguel Bora, Beibis Mendoza, Fidel Bassa)
Domadores De Cuba (Kid Gavilán, Kid Chocolate, Jose Napoles, Sugar Ramos, Guilermo Rigondeaux)
France Fighting Roosters (Marcel Cerdan, Georges Carpentier, Ray Famechon, Jean Marc Mormeck, Fabrice Tiozzo)
Filipino Flashes (Pancho Villa, Flash Elorde, Manny Pacquaio, Donnie Nietes, Nonito Donaire)
Italian Thunder (Nino Benvenuti, Duilio Loi, Sandro Mazzinghi, Primo Carnera, Salvatore Burruni)
Mexico Guerreros (Julio Cesar Chavez, Ruben Olivares, Salvador Sanchez, Miguel Canto, Ricardo Lopez)
Panama Punchers (Roberto Duran, Ismael Laguna, Panama Al Brown, Eusebio Pedroza, Hilario Zapata)
Puerto Rico Hurricanes (Carlos Ortiz, Wilfred Benitez, Felix Trinidad, Wilfredo Gomez, Sixto Escobar)
Seoul Sluggers (Jung-Koo Chang, Ki-Soo Kim, Sung-Kill Moon, Yong-Kang Kim, In Chul Baek)
Tokyo Terrors (Fighting Harada, Katsunari Takayama, Jiro Watanabe, Masao Ohba, Toshiaki Nishioka)
Toronto Tornadoes (Sam Langford, Jimmy McLarnin, George Dixon, Tommy Burns, Tommy Ryan)
USA Knockouts (Willie Pep, Henry Armstrong, Sugar Ray Robinson, Ezzard Charles, Muhammad Ali)

The draft is introduced to help the weaker nations and has two rounds where any boxer who does not represent a country competing can be picked.

Round 1:
Colombia Heroicos pick Alexis Arguello
Seoul Sluggers pick Vitali Klitschko
Caciques Venezuela pick Mike McCallum
Tokyo Terrors pick Emile Griffith
Italia Thunder pick Rosendo Alvarez
Bangkok Bruisers pick Dick Tiger
France Fighting Roosters pick Roman Gonzalez
Argentina Condors pick Vasilly Jirov
Filipino Flashes pick Barbados Joe Walcott
Domadores De Cuba pick Eder Jofre
Panama Punchers pick Max Schmelling
Toronto Tornadoes pick Azumah Nelson
British Lionhearts pick Masamori Tokuyama
Puerto Rico Hurricanes pick Wladimir Klitschko
Mexico Guerreros pick Dariusz Michaelczewski
USA Knockouts pick Nkosinathi Joyi

Round 2:
Colombia Heroicos pick Ingemaar Johanssen
Seoul Sluggers pick Battling Nelson
Caciques Venezuela pick Steve Collins
Tokyo Terrors pick Nonpareil Jack Dempsey
Italia Thunder pick Hekkie Budler
Bangkok Bruisers pick Young Griffo
France Fighting Roosters pick Kostya Tsyzu
Argentina Condors pick Sven Ottke
Filipino Flashes pick Peter Jackson
Domadores De Cuba pick Zolani Petelo
Panama Punchers pick Julian Jackson
Toronto Tornadoes pick Jacob Matala
British Lionhearts pick Brian Mitchell
Puerto Rico Hurricanes pick Arthur Abraham
Mexico Guerreros pick Marco Huck
USA Knockouts pick Vic Darchiniyan

Group A:
Mexico Guerreros
Colombia Heroicos
Filipino Flashes
Panama Punchers

Group B:
Puerto Rico Hurricanes
Tokyo Terrors
Caciques Venezuela
Toronto Tornadoes

Group C:
USA Knockouts
France Fighting Roosters
Argentina Condors
Cuba De Domodores

Group D:
British Lionhearts
Seoul Sluggers
Bangkok Bruisers
Italia Thunder

Group A
Mexico Guerreros v Colombia Heroicos
Miguel Canto v Fidel Bassa
Ruben Olivares v Miguel Bora
Julio Cesar Chavez v Antonio Cervantes
Juan Manuel Marquez v Antonio Pitulua
Vincente Salvidar v Jose Cervantes
The matchups fall perfectly for the Mexicans.  They are strong all over but their best chance here comes from Antonio Cervantes. Unfortunately, he is matched up against Julio Cesar Chavez, an all-time great who wears Cervantes down late on.

Filipino Flashes v Panama Punchers
Donnie Nietes v Hilario Zapata
Nonito Donaire v Panama Al Brown
Manny Pacquaio v Ismael Laguna
Morris East v Julian Jackson
Gerry Penalsoa v Ernesto Marcel
The three marquee bouts are superb watches. Zapata has the big edge over Nietes and gets Panama on the board. Panama Al Brown is absolute massive in comparison to Donaire and has a chin of steel which leads me to doubt Donaire being able to stop him. Pacquiao can get the win over Laguna with his overwhelming attack. Jackson does complete the win for Panama over an overmatched East. Marcel adds to the score with a win.

Mexico Guerreros v Filipino Flashes
Miguel Canto v Pancho Villa
Ruben Olivares v Nonito Donaire
Juan Manuel Marquez v Manny Pacquaio
Humberto Gonzalez v Donnie Nietes
Juan Francisco Estrada v Sonny Boy Jaro
Again the three big bouts are simply sensational. I think Villa may have a slight edge over Canto as he constantly comes forward throwing punches and gets the decision. Donaire v Olivares is an utter war but I think Olivares comes off slightly better. History says Pacquaio won 2-1-1 against Marquez so despite me thinking Marquez actually wins that matchup more often than not, I have to go to Pacquaio. The last two matchups see the two Mexicans in pretty one sided affairs to take the win from behind.

Colombia Heroicos v Panama Punchers
Beibis Mendoza v Hilario Zapata
Miguel Bora v Panama Al Brown
Dionisio Miranda v Victor Corboda
Joel Julio v Julian Jackson
Antonio Cervantes v Alfonso Fraser
It is a similar story for the Colombian team, they are just outclassed by a better team. Zapata and Al Brown get Panama off to the perfect start and the draw works quite favourably for them. The fifth and final bout sees one of the Colombian stars drawn to participate but frankly it is already too late.

Mexico Guerreros v Panama Punchers
Ruben Olivares v Panama Al Brown
Salvador Sanchez v Eusebio Pedroza
Efren Torres v Alfonso Lopez
Erik Morales v Ernesto Marcel
Juan Francisco Estrada v Luis Concepcion
Panama Al Brown would get his country off to a good start in an epic battle but Salvador Sanchez would stop Pedraza late to even the scores. Mexico would clinch the tie with three clear cut victories in the remaining contests.
Eusebio Pedroza gets injured and misses the rest of the tournament

Filipino Flashes v Colombia Heroicos
Donnie Nietes v Beibes Mendoza
Pancho Villa v Fidel Bassa
Nonito Donaire v Miguel Bora
Manny Pacquaio v Antonio Pitulua
Allan Alegria v Edison Miranda
Four Filipino superstars come out to fight and each one gets a convincing victory over their rivals. The Colombians are able to get a number on the board as Miranda stops Alegria.
Donnie Nietes gets injured and misses the rest of the tournament

Mexico Guerreros 12-3
Panama Punchers 9-6
Filipino Flashes 7-8
Colombia Heroicos 2-13

Group B
Puerto Rico Hurricanes v Tokyo Terrors
Sixto Escobar v Fighting Harada
Wilfredo Gomez v Toshiaki Nishioka
Arthur Abraham v Yuzo Kiyota
Hector Camacho v Tsuyoshi Hamada
Juan Laporte v Shozo Saijo
Harada is the more effective aggressive boxer and gets the win early. After that it is pretty much plain sailing for a strong Puerto Rican lineup.

Caciques Venezuela v Toronto Terrors
Antonio Esparragoza v George Dixon
Noel Arambulet v Joe Vollay
Edwin Valero v Arthur King
Gusmyr Pedroza v Sam Langford
Steve Collins v Eric Lucas
A back and forth contest sees Canada get the early advantage with Dixon winning a decision. Arambulet and Valero put Venezuela in the lead before Langford outclasses Pedroza. The draw goes the way of Venezuela as draft pick Steve Collins gets the stoppage victory for the tie.
Arthur King is injured and out for the tournament

Puerto Rico Hurricanes v Caciques Venezuela
Wilfredo Gomez v Alexander Munoz
Jose Ruiz v Jesus Rojas
Samuel Serrano v Jorge Linares
Eric Morel v Betulio Gonzalez
Arthur Abraham v Steve Collins
Gomez is levels above Munoz and gets the Hurricanes off to a good start. Rojas would equal it up with a decision victory over Ruiz. Serrano and Linares is an intriguing matchup but I think Linares has the winning edge. The talent of Gonzalez and his patience mean I believe he also gets the edge. I think the Collins - Abraham clash is very intriguing. Collins has the chin to take Abraham’s best punches but I do think it wears him down and he loses a split decision.

Tokyo Terrors v Toronto Terrors
Fighting Harada v Carl Tremaine
Yutaka Niida v Joe Vollay
George Chuvalo v Kyotaro Fujimoto
Nonpareii Jack Dempsey v Tommy Ryan
Yuzo Kiyota v Eric Lucas
Harada, Chuvalo and Niida get huge wins in a convincing fashion. Ryan beat Dempsey when the two clashed but Dempsey was past his best. I do think in his prime though, Ryan would probably just edge it but he has more trouble. His power edges him a decision. Lucas helps him make the score respectable with a good win over Kiyota
Eric Lucas is injured and out for the tournament

Puerto Rico Hurricanes v Toronto Tornadoes
Sixto Escobar v Carl Tremaine
Felix Trinidad v Jimmy McLarnin
Wladimir Klitschko v Tommy Burns
Hector Camacho v Arturo Gatti
Eric Morel v Frechny Belanger
The five Puerto Rican boxers here are all quality. Escobar gets the early victory. McLarnin has a superb chin and is of high class so I give him the edge here. The rest of the matchups are heavily in favour of the Puerto Rican’s.

Tokyo Terrors v Caciques Venezuela
Masao Obha v Betulio Gonzalez
Toshiaki Nishioka v Alexander Munoz
Fighting Harada v Bernard Pinango
Shozo Saijo v Antonio Esparragoza
Kyotaro Fujimoto v Jose Luis Garcia
Obha v Gonzalez is a superb fight that if you haven’t seen you should try to catch. Obha edges it by controversial decision which I agreed with but I wish a second happened. Nishioka and Harada get comfortable wins to seal the tie for Japan. Esparragoza gets one back and Garcia stops Fujimoto to get to second place in the group.

Tokyo Terrors 10-5
Caciques Venezuela 8-7
Puerto Rico Hurricanes 7-8
Toronto Tornadoes 5-10

Group C:
USA Knockouts v France Fighting Roosters
Willie Pep v Ray Famechon
Sugar Ray Robinson v Marcel Cerdan
Ezzard Charles v Fabrice Tiozzo
Muhammad Ali v Georges Carpenter
Johnny Tapia v Yoan Boyeaux
The American team is so ridiculously loaded. France get four of their five marquee boxers drawn into bouts and still none of them really get close to victory.

Argentina Condors v Cuba De Domodores
Sergio Martinez v Luis Manuel Rodrigues
Carlos Monzon v Jose Napoles
Marcos Maidana v Kid Gavilan
Juan Domingo Malvarez v Jose Legra
Raul Horacio Balbi v Joel Casamayor
Argentina gets the advantage early as its two superstars get good wins over strong opposition. Monzon is too strong for Napoles and Martinez edges Rodrigues. After that, the draw helped Cuba and they dominate to pull back the tie.
Marcos Maidana gets injured and misses the rest of the tournament

USA Knockouts v Argentina Condors
Sugar Ray Robinson v Carlos Monzon
Ezzard Charles v Victor Gallindez
Andre Ward v Sven Ottke
Vic Darchiniyan v Sergio Victor Palma
Thomas Hearns v Sergio Martinez
Arguably the toughest matchup that exists for Robinson, and I think Monzon edges a close decision. Charles and Ward get the USA back on track. Darchiniyan has the edge over Palma and the freakish power of Hearns stops Martinez. 

Cuba De Domodores v France Fighting Roosters
Sugar Ramos v Ray Famechon
Jose Napoles v Marcel Cerdan
Yoandris Salinas v Thierry Jacob
Miguel Bora v Eder Jofre
Luis Monzote v Roman Gonzalez
Heavy handed Ramos gets a big stoppage win in the first bout. Napoles follows up with his speedy straight shots getting him a win over Cerdan. Jacob has a slightly better level of competition than Salinas which gives him the edge. The two French draft picks in Jofre and Gonzalez come through big for the win.

USA Knockouts v Cuba De Domodores
Willie Pep v Sugar Ramos
Sugar Ray Robinson v Jose Napoles
Fidel LaBarba v Black Bill
Michael Carbajal v Luis Monzote
George Foreman v Nino Valdez
Pep and Robinson get America the early advantage with tough decision victories. LaBarba gets a comfortable win before Carbajal is able to cruise to a win over Monzote. USA are able to rest their superstar heavyweights and still use a legend in Foreman.
Nino Valdez gets injured and misses the rest of the tournament.

France Fighting Roosters v Argentina Condors
Marcel Cerdan v Carlos Monzon
Fabrice Tiozzo v Victor Gallindez
Marcel Million v Carlos Mario Eluaiza
Christophe Tiozzo v Sven Ottke
Roman Gonzalez v Juan Domingo Corboda
Monzon gets the Argentinian team off to a strong start. Gallindez I give the sleep get edge to over Tiozzo. It’s a poor minimum weight contest but Eluaiza is the winner. In the final two bouts, draft picks do the business with Ottke and Gonzalez getting the wins.

USA Knockouts 14-1
Argentina Condors 7-8
Cuba De Domodores 5-10
France Fighting Roosters 4-11

Group D:
British Lionhearts v Seoul Sluggers
Jimmy Wilde v Yong Kang Kim
Bob Fitzsimmons v In Chul Baek
Prince Naseem Hamed v Young Kyun Park
Lennox Lewis v Vitali Klitschko
David Haye v Byung Yong Min
The draw breaks well for the British team. Wilde is too slick and gets the decision over Kim before Fitzsimmons follows with a win. Hamed gets a stoppage win before Lewis edges Klitschko once again. Haye puts the icing on the cake with a victory.

Bangkok Bruisers v Italia Thunder
Pone Kingpetch v Salvatore Burruni
Sirimongkhon Iamthaun v Sandro Mazzinghi
Plaisakada Boonmalert v Silvio Branco
Saensak Munagsurin v Duili Loi
Saman Sorjaturon v Hekkie Budler
Kingpetch gets the Thai team off to a brilliant start but a strong triumvirate of Branco, Loi and Mazzinghi gets them the win in the tie. The final bout is an intriguing one but I just favour Sorjaturon to get the edge over Budler.

British Lionhearts v Bangkok Bruisers
Jimmy Wilde v Pone Kingpetch
Brian Mitchell v Yodsana Sor Nanthachai
Amir Khan v Apidej Sithiran
David Haye v Suthat Kalalek
Ricky Hatton v Saensak Muangsurin
The explosive power of Wilde will be a bit too much for Kingpetch despite trailing on the cards. After that the British fighters are never really troubled.

Italia Thunder v Seoul Sluggers
Salvatore Burruni v Yong Kang Kim
Sandro Mazzanghi v Ki Soo Kim
Nino Benvenuti v In Chul Baek
Massimilliano Duran v Byung Yong Min
Rosendo Alvarez v Bong Jung Kim
Burruni got the early edge for the Italian side. Mazzinghi and Benevenuti are both superior to their opposition and I have to give them the edge. Duran gets a big stoppage win and Alvarez completes the whitewash.

British Lionhearts v Italia Thunder
Jimmy Wilde v Salvatore Burruni
Bob Fitzsimmons v Nino Benevenuti
David Haye v Massimiliano Duran
Ted Kid Lewis v Michele Piccirillo
Lennox Lewis v Primo Carnera
Five strong matchups. Wilde once again overpowers his opponent for a win but Benevenuti pulls one back. Haye stops Duran before Lewis confirms the win. L. Lewis puts the exclamation mark on the result, avoiding the big punches of Carnera.
Jimmy Wilde gets injured and will miss the rest of the tournament.

Bangkok Bruisers v Seoul Sluggers
Saman Sorjaturon v Jung Koo Chang
Pone Kingpetch v Yong-Kang Kim
Khaosai Galaxy v Sung Kil Moon
Isaraphap Sor Varunee v Vitali Klitschko
Kittipong Jaigrajang v Seung Hoon Lee
Chang gets the big win for the Sluggers to start the tie but Kingpetch brings it back to level. Moon once again puts the Sluggers in front. Draftee Klitschko gets the tie winning victory for Seoul before they lose the final bout.
Pone Kingpetch gets injured and will miss the rest of the tournament

British Lionhearts 14-1
Italia Thunder 9-6
Bangkok Bruisers 4-11
Seoul Sluggers 3-12

A three way tie for eighth position sees a box off occur between Filipino Flashes, Puerto Rico Hurricanes and Argentina Condors. All three teams will clash and the team with the most victories will qualify.
Box Off:
Filipino Flashes v Puerto Rico Hurricanes
Nonito Donaire v Sixto Escobar
Manny Pacquaio v Carlos Ortiz
Morris East v Wilfred Benitez
Luisito Espinosa v Juan Laporte
Marlon Alta v Carlos De Leon.
Two huge Punchers in the first bout. Escobar has the better chin but I feel Donaire can edge him with his speed. Ortiz though gets one back. Benitez dominates East to put the Puerto Rican’s back in the lead but Espinosa edges Laporte. De Leon stops Alta to get them the win.

Puerto Rico Hurricanes v Argentina Condors
Wilfred Benitez v Sergio Martinez
Felix Trinidad v Carlos Baldomir
Miguel Cotto v Carlos Monzon
Eric Morel v Pascual Perez
Carlos Ortiz v Raul Horacio Balbi
What a set of battles here. Benitez has just too much accuracy for Martinez to win rounds and gets the decision here. Trinidad will catch Baldomir too often on the way in and the referee will stop it with his face a bloody mess. Monzon dominates Cotto with a stoppage win. Perez also outclasses his opponent with Ortiz far too much for Balbi.

Argentina Condors v Filipino Flashes
Pascual Perez v Pancho Villa
Sergio Victor Palma v Gerry Penalosa
Ruben Condori v Nonito Donaire
Carlos Baldomir v Barbados Joe Walcott
Juan Domingo Corboda v Rodel Mayol
Both teams need to win this 5-0 to qualify. I think Perez has the slight edge here where he can use his incredible rolls and body attack to dominate the fight. Unfortunately for the Philippines this is the only fight where they cannot get the win but that is enough to get them knocked out.

Quarter Finals
USA Knockout 14-1 v Puerto Rico Hurricanes 7-8
Henry Armstrong v Felix Trinidad
Thomas Hearns v Wilfred Benitez
Archie Moore v Jose Torres
Fidel LaBarba v Eric Morel
Andre Ward v Arthur Abraham
It is a strong start for USA as Armstrong boxes clever to earn a decision win. Just as impressive is Hearns who trailing on the scorecard finds the big punch to stop Benitez. Moore seals the win by stopping Torres. LaBarba and Ward seal the whitewash.
Thomas Hearns is injured and misses the rest of the tournament

Tokyo Terrors 10-5 v Panama Punchers 9-6
Fighting Harada v Panama Al Brown
Kyotaro Fujimoto v Max Schmelling
Yoko Gushiken v Hilario Zapata
Guts Ishimatu v Ismael Laguna
Tsuyoshi Hamada v Alfonso Frazer
Al Brown gets a big win with his speed and length keeping Harada away. The other matchups are in the favour of Panama and they go 4-0 up before losing the final tie.
Max Schmelling is injured and misses the rest of the tournament

British Lionhearts 14-1 v Caciques Venezuela 8-7
Benny Lynch v Betulio Gonzalez
John Conteh v Gusmyr Pedroza
Naseem Hamed v Antonio Esparragoza
Ricky Hatton v Carlos Hernandez
Maurice Hope v Mike McCallum
Similar story in this tie as Britain build up the early lead before Venezuela come back but it is too late. Lynch replaces Wilde effectively and gets a win before both Conteh and Hamed stop their opponents. Hernandez edges Hatton and McCallum stops Hope.

Mexico Guerreros 12-3 v Italia Thunder 9-6
Salvatore Burruni v Miguel Canto
Duili Loi v Julio Cesar Chavez
Pierre Rollo v Ruben Olivares
Sergio Caprari v Salvador Sanchez
Hekkie Budler v Humberto Gonzalez
Italy need the draw to work out perfectly if they are to have a hope and it doesn’t. Canto and Chavez are matched up in the marquee bouts and then three strong Mexicans get drawn.

Semi Finals
USA Knockouts v Panama Punchers
Henry Armstrong v Roberto Duran
Roy Jones Jr v Syd Brown
Fidel LaBarba v Alfonso Lopez
Joe Gans v Ismael Laguna
Willie Pep v Ernesto Marcel
Bernard Hopkins v Tito Mendoza
Sugar Ray Leonard v Julian Jackson
Just look at that American team. Duran mauls his way to a victory over Henry Armstrong but after that it is pretty much one way traffic.
Fidel La Barba is injured and misses the final

Mexico Guerreros v British Lionhearts
Jose Luis Castillo v Freddie Welsh
Saul Alvarez v Bob Fitzsimmons
Humberto Gonzalez v Paul Wear
Juan Francisco Estrada v Masanori Tokoyuma
Miguel Canto v Benny Lynch
Salvador Sanchez v Naseem Hamed
Oscar De La Hoya v Ted Kid Lewis
Welsh and Fitzsimmons pull the Lionhearts into an early lead. However Gonzalez destroys Wear to take it back to 2-1. Draft pick Tokoyuma gets a win to take Britain to the edge of success but Canto and Sanchez manage to tie it up. Kid Lewis edges De La Hoya, giving Britain the victory.
Naseem Hamed is injured and misses the final

USA Knockouts v British Lionhearts
Henry Armstrong v Ted Kid Lewis
Sugar Ray Robinson v Bob Fitzsimmons
Vic Darchiniyan v Duke McKenzie
Michael Carbajal v Paul Wear
Johnny Tapia v Masamori Tokuyama
Aaron Pryor v Ricky Hatton
Joe Gans v Freddie Welsh
Once again the Americans dominate here. The marquee matchups are in favour of the American teams and the draw does not really place them in any danger.

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