In Living Color: Klitschko vs. Fury

By Robert Ecksel on July 6, 2015
In Living Color: Klitschko vs. Fury
It is a go. Everyone is looking forward to the fight. Even Tyson Fury appears pleased.

Klitschko has ruled the heavyweight roost for a decade. He has 18 successful title defenses to his credit. But he is slowing down…

WBA/IBF/WBO/IBO heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko (64-3, 53 KOs), from Kiev, Ukraine, by way of Zhangiztobe, Kazakhstan, and undefeated Tyson Fury (24-0, 18 KOs), from Manchester, Lancashire, United Kingdom, have reached terms to fight at the ESPRIT Arena in Düsseldorf, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany, on October 24.

Negotiations at the WBA offices in Panama this morning down-to-the wire, which prompted Fury to tweet, with the delicacy we’ve come to expect, “Got to say the [Klitschkos] and [their] peeps are liars & cheats. Say 1 thing & mean another. We had a deal and they reneged on it! Con artists.” But the back-and-forth continued and reached a satisfactory conclusion just minutes before the deadline prior to the purse bid.

Tom Loeffler of K2 Promotions, which represents Klitschko, and Mick Hennessy, who represents Fury, agreed that the reigning and defending heavyweight champion will earn 80% of the purse, while the remaining 20% goes to the challenger.

As Fury’s tweet suggests, it wasn’t exactly smooth sailing. Eddie Hearn, Frank Warren, and Vlad Hrunov were in Panama, hoping to win exclusive promotional rights for themselves. But all sides are presumably happy with the end result.

The superlatives are already flying fast and furious.

Klitschko has ruled the heavyweight roost for a decade. He has 18 successful title defenses to his credit. But he appears to be slowing down.

Fury is undefeated and three inches bigger than the 6-foot-6-inch Dr. Steelhammer. He is also 13 years younger. Whether that size and age difference can force a changing of the guard, we’ll have to wait and see.

But the fight is a go. Everyone is looking forward to the showdown. Even Fury appears pleased.

“VivaDeutschland,” he tweeted, “I’m coming to rock your country in October be there [or] miss the best fight in heavyweight history #letsgetthispartystarted”

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  1. Asher 01:06pm, 07/09/2015

    Fury entertaining at times, good showman, good fighter and good for boxing. Agreed that he has the proverbial puncher’s chance. I just think it’s a long shot. Wlad’s defense has tightened up considerably since KO losses against Corrie Sanders (RIP) and Lamon Brewster over 10 years ago. Boxing fans would love to see a “bombs away” contest by two guys with heavy hands but can’t see Klitschko getting drawn into that. Too smart and too methodical. Good on Fury for agreeing to 80-20 split. Shows he is a real fighter with no excuses.

  2. nicolas 10:13am, 07/09/2015

    I just see Klitschko as getting older, and now he is fighting a much bigger man, the biggest he has probably faced. I just get the feeling that this is it. In Wlads last defense, he seemed in rounds 9 to 11 to be confused. Furies fight with Abell was after a long layoff. Against Cunningham, yes he did get decked, but he defeated a man who has had very questionable decisions go against him in two other heavyweight fights, and Fury left no questions with the knockout, in beating a man who is definitely top ten heavyweight at this time. Certainly Wlad is a big step up for Fury, even at the age that Wlad is now. What if Fury catches Wlad with a great shot, something that has not happened to him since the Peter’s fight. Just feel there are so many reasons why Fury has the best chance of any heavyweight of thanking this title from Klitschko.

  3. Asher 08:54am, 07/09/2015

    No one who witnessed Fury beat tough American journeyman Joey Abell can possibly think that he is anything more than a longshot at beating Klitschko. It’s like comparing a Chevy to a Cadillac. The Abell fight showcased a disinterested, clowning, badly overweight and off-balance Fury. Not a fan of Wlad’s boring safety first style. And yes, his chin has been dented. But in terms of power, boxing ability, that jab, defense and footwork, he is head and shoulders above Fury. If Steve Cunningham can knock down Fury, count on Klitscho to do the same, and keep him on the canvas. Klitschko by late round knockout.

  4. nicolas 01:33pm, 07/08/2015

    I would have liked to see Fury fight Haye, and I think that he would have beaten him. I felt that all these things that happened to Haye before those fights were to happen, was a way to get out of them, as Haye I don’t think really had the desire to go in the ring anymore. Nothing against Haye on this, it is a tough business, but I think he really thought otherwise, though I am sure for Fury, he would rather have not had the man bother since he lost some time.

    In Fury, Wladamir Klitschko will not have the advantages he has often had, in height, in weight, and certainly not in age. He is fighting a man in his twenties. While some may say that the fighters today at an older age are not to be compared to the fighters of the past at an older age, the truth is Wlad is 39. He is fighting a man who has a punch. perhaps none since the time of Sam Peter in 2005. NO disgrace if he loses, at 39. he will be older than Jersey Joe Walcott when he got stopped by Marciano back in 52. the one advantage of course Wlad will have is that the fight is in Germany. If it goes the distance, would not be surprised if Wlad wins a very controversial decision.

  5. FrankinDallas 07:47pm, 07/07/2015

    KB…..surely you’re not being serious ....

  6. SeanNess 11:37am, 07/07/2015

    The fact that Fury has settled on an 80-20 split shows how bad he wants to become champion. He has heart and a burning desire to be a champion with money not being an issue, that’s one dangerous animal to be getting into a ring with.

  7. SeanNess 11:34am, 07/07/2015

    I’ve come to appreciate everything about Tyson Fury. How many boxers have fought three world title eliminators only to see his hopes dashed in succession? I used to loathe they guy but his personality and character have won me over. He has improved too and looks to have matured as a fighter making use of his jab and picking his shots as seen in his fight with Del Boy Chisora. This will be a Klitschko fight that unusually fills me with excitement.

  8. KB 07:45am, 07/07/2015

    peter has the beat

  9. peter 08:22pm, 07/06/2015

    Wlad is smart for fighting Fury now, before Fury becomes more seasoned and more able to beat him. Wlad’s scotching the snake before he hatches.

  10. Koolz 05:33pm, 07/06/2015

    I want Wlad to be knocked out or TKO or something from Fury!

    Fury let the Fury out!!!

  11. KB 04:57pm, 07/06/2015

    I think if Wlad beats Fury, he calls it a career. If he fights after that, I don’t think it would be against Joshua. But Fury is a load and has tons of skills.

  12. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 04:42pm, 07/06/2015

    Wlad KOs Fury then Wilder then Joshua then rides off into the sunset with a stop over at the Hall of Fame….that is, if Jennings or Povetkin doesn’t get to Wilder or Joshua first because dangerous as they are, they just don’t have Jennings’ chin.

  13. Eric 01:41pm, 07/06/2015

    KB…I agree. I think Fury MIGHT pull it off.

  14. KB 01:24pm, 07/06/2015

    Dangerous fight for Wlad

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