In the Red Corner: Canelo Clobbers Khan

By Robert Ecksel on May 7, 2016
In the Red Corner: Canelo Clobbers Khan
“You’re starting to wear him down. Let your hands go. Change ‘em up.” (Naoki Fukuda)

“Like we say in Mexico, ‘We don’t (expletive) around. I don’t fear anyone. We don’t come to play in this sport…”

Saturday night at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, in a fight televised live on HBO PPV, WBC World middleweight champion Saul “Canelo” Alvarez (47-1-1, 33 KOs), the knockout artist from Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, retained his title by starching former two-time champion Amir Khan (31-4, 19 KOs), the Fighting Pride of Bolton, Lancashire, England, with a right to the jaw at 2:37 of the sixth round.

Fighting out of the red corner in red and white trunks, Canelo started slow. Sometimes he looked clueless. He wasn’t putting his punches together. He was eating combinations.

Khan, fighting out of the blue corner in black trunks with burgundy trim, was tactical and assertive. A thinking man’s fighter, he had a game plan he executed to perfection.

Between rounds one and two Khan’s trainer, Virgil Hunter, told him, “I told you he wouldn’t be able to deal with your speed.”

It was more of the same in rounds two and three. Khan was out-speeding and outthinking Canelo. He was beating the middleweight champion.

Canelo came on in rounds four and five. He was no longer chasing Khan. He was cutting off the ring. He landed crunching rights to the body. He wasn’t hitting air anymore.

Canelo was hitting Amir Khan.

Between rounds five and six, Canelo’s corner told him, “You’re starting to wear him down. Let your hands go. Change ‘em up. Don’t be overconfident.”

The fight between boxer and puncher was about to end. The dividends on those body shots had taken their toll.

A booming right to the jaw dropped Khan onto his back. He was unconscious when his head hit the canvas. It was lights out. A hush fell over the crowd. Canelo knelt beside Khan, almost as if in prayer.

It was good sportsmanship at its finest.

They peeled Khan off the canvas a few minutes later. He made it through the post-fight interview coherent and intact. He’s in a hospital for observation. He appears to be okay.

It was a spectacular knockout. It was a great fight while it lasted.

“People know me only for my power,” said Canelo after the fight. “I have many more qualities in the ring and I showed that. I think people saw more of me.”

Canelo continues to improve.

“I knew things would be complicated in the beginning,” he added. “But I knew they would come to my favor as the fight went on.”

Khan to his credit went out on his shield.

“I tried my best,” he said. “I want to be the best, and I want to fight the best. That is why I took this fight.

“I’m one of those fighters who will step in the ring with whoever. I was getting in the ring with a big guy. The challenge came and it was hard to turn down. Unfortunately, I didn’t make it to the end.”

It was a fine win for Canelo, but the elephant in the room is Gennady Golovkin.

When asked when he would fight Golovkin, Canelo said right now.

“Like we say in Mexico, ‘We don’t (expletive) around. I don’t fear anyone. We don’t come to play in this sport.”

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  1. Carlos Torres 08:42pm, 05/26/2016

    There is no doubt that it was a very impressive knockout but lets not forget that Canelo was eating Khan`s right hand. Canelo will not be able to do that with all that Golovkin brings to the table. Canelo will be knocked out by either a right hand or a devestating left hook to the body.

  2. tuxtucis 10:53pm, 05/09/2016

    @Peter: Canelo kayoed Khan and Kirkland? Oh, wow impressive, Khan and Kirkland had two of the best chin of all time…It’s like to have kayoed an Hagler or Chuvalo…

  3. Don't Cuck Around 04:46pm, 05/09/2016

    At least Khan was bigger than the 5’3” 108lb boxer that Canelo allegedly beat up in a street fight. Does this guy ever fight someone his own size? Canelo would actually be the larger man in a fight with Golovkin.

  4. Darrell 04:30pm, 05/09/2016

    @Antonio Stop the BS.
    Mayweather didn’t run…..except the last round to put his arms up in celebration of an easy nights work.

  5. KB 02:58pm, 05/09/2016

    And don’t forget Baldamir

  6. peter 02:46pm, 05/09/2016

    Canelo has landed two of the most dramatic right hands in the last year. Both punches resulted in dramatic knockouts—his pulverizing KO of Kirkland, and now this smashing of Khan.

  7. KB 02:45pm, 05/09/2016

    Koolz, that is correct. Just follow the money. No big deal.

  8. koolz 02:37pm, 05/09/2016

    Golden boy will not put there golden egg in with The Monster of the middle weight division.
    It is about money and canelo is their money machine.  GGG would be way to high a risk for them.
    The belt cometh Golovkin.

  9. No10Count 01:58pm, 05/09/2016

    All the press of Alvarez being the face of boxing is what is wrong with boxing.
    This fight is what is wrong with boxing.

    Name a fighter at 140-154 lbs who would not have fought
    Avlarez in this past fight for $6 million plus dollars?  How many of us would let him KUTFO! for that money? 99% would do.

    I do not believe Alvarez or DLH when they talk about
    fighting Golovkin. It is pure name dropping marketing. Boxing is not a sport therefore they do not have to fight. They will power play the biggest, easiest #s.

    If Alvarez actually fights a 160lb fight
    I would suspect them to fight Lemieux or other 160lber first.
    He fights for GB and was on the same card. Isn’t highly proficient in foot work nor a 1 punch KO’er. And has been stopped previously.  That keeps ALLOT fo the money in house at GB.

    People - just STOP buying PPV’s.
    pretty simple for US to force change.

  10. Jim Crue 01:07pm, 05/09/2016

    This is a ridiculous argument. Oscar and Canelo are scared crapless of GGG. Canelo is pulling a Floyd. Fight lighter opponents or wait until they are on Medicare. As I did with Floyd I’m done with Oscar and Canelo. Anyone who pays to watch this guy fight had more money than sense.

  11. KB 10:09am, 05/09/2016

    Canelo might well fight David Lemieux next in a neat styles clash of an incoming slugger vs. a counterpuncher. Weight is the variable, but the fight would be a nice comparison point re GGG.

    Beat DL by KO, have one more fight, and then answer GGG’s call-out. Makes a lot of financial sense to me instead of engaging too much risk too soon.

    In the meantime, props to Canelo and to Tapia’s corner for showing the human side of boxing.

  12. tuxtucis 09:55am, 05/09/2016

    1- Macklin, Geale, Rubio, Lemieux, Murray were all natural middleweights and all were top 5 contenders at moment Golovkin destroyed them. Angulo was not for sure better.
    2- Cotto is still the best Canelo win and that was a past prime grown up superlightweight. Same for Mosley.
    3- Not enough experience? The natural born superwelterweight Canelo simply disn’t land a single clear shot vs superfeather born Mayweather Jr., espn scorecard 108-120 was the right one.
    4- Kirkland was knocked out in one round by Ishida, who was later knocked out by GGG.
    At middleweight Canelo’s resumee is not for sure better than Golovkin one.

  13. Just Sayin' 09:05am, 05/09/2016

    Canelo is waiting for GGG to have two or tree mo’ birthdays before he is brave enuff to step up to the plate. Canelo, the natural 170lber, might even wait until Golovkin turns forty. Meanwhile, Alvarez will continue to beat up a bunch of welterweights, jr. welterweights, etc.

  14. Antonio 08:27am, 05/09/2016

    tuxtucis here are a few known names
    1.A .Trout
    Yes 3 of those where pretty much done Lara was a close one but only one person can win a fight running that’s Mayweather and loss against Mayweather was mostly due to not enough experience. GGG has no notable fights at least these guys Canelo fought have been champions at one point and have lots of experience who has GGG beat last 4 guys have been pathetic.

  15. tuxtucis 08:06am, 05/09/2016

    @Antonio: Dear Antonio who were the names Canelo fought? Lara, debatable win, Mayweather (Canelo simply didn’t win a single round), Cotto (past prime superlightweight), Khan (overrated at lightweight, think you at middleweight). At least Golovkin foes were natural born middleweight.

  16. Antonio 07:48am, 05/09/2016

    Hey Fan great fight suggestions would love to see those match ups, here is another one M. Garcia vs A. Bronner



  17. fan 07:30am, 05/09/2016

    it could be good to have…
    1. ggg vs canelo alvarez
    2. Lara vs Lemieux
    3. Stevenson vs Kovalev
    4. d.garcia vs k.brook

  18. Antonio 06:20am, 05/09/2016

    The same faith awaits GGG everyone talks how good of a fighter he is when he really hasn’t fought anyone one of any importance Dominic Wade really?  The fact is Canelo at least has fought some of the biggest names in boxing while GGG has fought nothing but no bodies no surprise why he looks good every time. Canelo will be putting GGG to sleep next.

  19. Pete The Sneak 07:31am, 05/08/2016

    No surprises here…Pretty much as predicted…Brutal Canelo KO…Now that ‘playtime’ is over, how about taking that ‘I don’t fear anyone’ line to task…No need for me to continue…Peace.

  20. Steve-O 07:00am, 05/08/2016

    If you f**k around then GGG at MW limit of 160?

  21. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 06:25am, 05/08/2016

    Crolla’s win way more impressive against a slashing, thrashing, very hungry Venezuelan Zombie…..Daryl Dixon would have been impressed.

  22. Don from Prov 06:22am, 05/08/2016

    ” the knockout artist from Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico”

    Kirkland + Khan = knockout artist?
    What TOP fighters his OWN SIZE has Canelo stretched out, Mr. E?

  23. Old Yank 04:46am, 05/08/2016

    I’ve always seen Khan as a notch below the former hype and the current press. Thurman, Garcia, Brook and Vargas all eat his lunch at 147. Exactly what is he moving back down to? I will admit that it’s mildly entertaining guessing when he’ll gas out or when his low ring IQ will appear or when his chin will turn to glass. He simply does not belong with A-level fighters any longer.

  24. Don't Cuck On Me 03:49am, 05/08/2016

    @tuxtucis….Well said. Like we didn’t see this coming. Even Oscar didn’t really believe that prefight bullsh*t he was spewing. G3 will destroy the Irish Mexican kid if Canelo ever grows the stones to fight someone his own size. Yet another “superfight” hoax in a dying sport.

  25. Jeff Weston 01:48am, 05/08/2016

    That is the measure of the man (Canelo). Always concerned with his opponent, as with Kirkland. Very honourable boxer.

  26. tuxtucis 01:44am, 05/08/2016

    Ok..maybe Golovkin was in the public…but anyway, that fight was a shame…Alvarez should be canceled as middleweight linear champ if he fights not GGG this year…

  27. tuxtucis 01:42am, 05/08/2016

    A natural born superwelterweight crushes a grown up lightweight who never fought at middleweight for the middleweight crown at a catchweight near the superwelterweight limit. The true world middleweight champion (Golovkin) sleeps thousand miles away. The death of boxing is near…

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