Floyd Patterson vs. Ingemar Johansson II

By Boxing News on June 19, 2020
Floyd Patterson vs. Ingemar Johansson II
On June 20, 1960 at New York's Polo Grounds, Floyd and Johansson fought a second time.

Floyd Patterson fought a memorable trilogy with Ingemar Johansson. Their first fight was on June 29, 1959, and Patterson lost the heavyweight title after being knocked down seven times in round three. It was a devastating loss. On June 20, 1960, at the Polo Grounds in New York City, Patterson and Johansson fought a second time with a somewhat different result. Patterson, originally from Waco, North carolina, was 35-2 coming in. Johansson, rom Gothenburg, Sweden, was undefeated at 22-0. The fight was scheduled for 15 rounds…

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1960-06-20 Ingemar Johansson vs Floyd Patterson II (FOTY)

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  1. Lucas McCain 09:09am, 06/28/2018

    Not really, john.  Ingo’s right was a threat to anyone,  Look on youtube for Eddie Machen’s first round KO loss to Ingo.  Machen was probably as good a fighter as Floyd (though he later lost a decision to him) and both probably better than Ingo all-around.  But the toonder punch was for real.

  2. john t. coiley 04:18am, 06/20/2016

    that Floyd lost the first time was a fluke of nature…

  3. Michael Hegan 03:07pm, 06/20/2013

    Ingo drank long and deep from the cup of life.  When he found himself HW Champion of the World…...Ingo didn’t spend a lot of time going to church…...know what i Mean…..

    When he faced Patterson again..for the second time….Ingo thought he had it in the bag….and ...for the record….Ingo didn’t train too hard and long for the third one either.

    I loved Ingo…..not so much as a HOF Fighter…but as a guy who did well with what cards came off the top of the deck for him