Ingredients for Disaster

By Ted Sares on March 12, 2014
Ingredients for Disaster
This would be tongue-in-cheek were it not for two names that stick out—Hirales and Leal.

Trinidad “Trini” Mendoza out of Guaymas, Sonora, Mexico has been duking since 1997 and started fast out of the professional gate by going undefeated in 21 of his first 22 outings until he was by KOd by grizzled veteran Oscar “Pajarito” Andrade (37-35-2) in Las Vegas in 2000. Trini then went undefeated in his next 3 before things fell apart and he was stopped by rugged Tomas “Gusamo” Rojas in 2001.

No one can accuse Trini of fighting soft opposition, as he was then beaten by the likes of Ricardo Vargas, Daniel Ponce De Leon, Danny Romero, Israel Vazquez, Jhonny Gonzalez, Hector Velazquez, Antonio Escalante, Gabriel Elizondo, Rico Ramos, and Tomas Villa. He does hold wins over hapless Alberto “Cholo” Perea (2-17) and the even more hapless Alejandro “Tequilan” Padilla who sports an eye drooping 1-25-12 mark with23 defeats coming by way of KO. Tequilan’s last (and only) win came in 1993 against lame Sergio “Cero” Sanchez.

Trini is now at 26-30-2 and has been waxed 22 times. However, his last win came against Eduardo “Lalo” Gutierrez in September 2011 in Sonora as he iced the totally shot Lalo in the sixth round.


A peek at Lalo Gutierrez’s record is, well, startling and very non-Mexican–like. With the exception of a TKO loss to Cristobal Cruz way back in 2003, a KO loss to the late Frankie Leal in 2005, a KO loss to Raul Hirales in 2007, a TKO defeat to Hugo Ruiz in 2008, another stoppage loss to Daniel Lomeli in 2008, there is not much that stands out. Eduardo’s abysmal record is a non-macho-like 3-65-1 with 49 defeats—yes 49—coming by way of stoppage. He has been nothing more than a confidence building notch on an opponent’s belt.

This Lalo should not be confused with another Eduardo “Lalo” Gutierrez, a middleweight who fought from 1989 to 2008 running up a workmanlike record of 32-21-2 with 15 losses coming by way of stoppage against stiff opposition. In fact, this Lalo stopped Jorge Vaca (56-20-1) in 1998

All of this would be tongue-in-cheek were it not for two names that stick out—Raul Hirales and Frankie Leal. When they fought in October 2013, only Hirales left the ring alive. The talented Hirales also beat the equally talented Oscar “Fantasma” Gonzalez in December 2012 by a close UD. The streaking Oscar then lost his life against underdog Jesus Galicia on February 1 in Mexico City.

Now if you mix in names like Lalo and Trini with men like Raul Hirales, Rico Ramos, and Adrian “Chinito” Young, the ingredients for disaster emerge and warning signs should go off.

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Charles Huerta V.S Trinidad Mendoza 8th round

Alex Quintero vs Trinidad Mendoza

Trinidad Mendoza - Fernando Espinoza

Baan Singto pelea Eduardo Gutierrez Sep 2012

Julian Jackson vs Eduardo Gutierrez

2013-04-19 Ulises Perez vs Eduardo Gutierrez

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  1. Tex Hassler 09:55am, 03/13/2014

    Fighters who have been KO’d 12 or less times should be checked out totally by Doctors and then probably banned from boxing for their own good. Yes I know this will never happen but it should. Provocative article by Mr. Sares, THANKS

  2. Big Walter 10:50pm, 03/12/2014

    “Alejandro “Tequilan” Padilla who sports an eye drooping 1-25-12 mark with 23 defeats coming by way of KO.” Great line.

  3. kid vegas 09:06pm, 03/12/2014

    Outstanding piece that is right up your alley

  4. Ted 03:21pm, 03/12/2014

    Irish, that stuff happens all the time. The skill level of some of those guys is zilch. But the crowd loves it.

  5. Ted 03:19pm, 03/12/2014

    Yeah, he is a Facebook “friend” and I follow him, Phil.

  6. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 03:19pm, 03/12/2014

    Ted Sares-The prelims on some of the local/ regional cards in Mexico are astonishing as regards the low skill levels on display….saw one not long ago where a fighter actually launched into the air with both feet off the ground to throw a hook and was intercepted in mid-air by an overhand right that damn near broke his neck.

  7. Philip H. Anselmo 03:08pm, 03/12/2014

    Excellent story Ted.
    Off-subject, but you gotta love Julian Jackson man… now that cat had POWER!
    PHA ‘14

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