Inoue Destroys McConnell

By Robert Ecksel on May 25, 2018
Inoue Destroys McConnell
“The champion came all the way to Japan for this fight and I'm grateful to him.” (Getty)

Naoya Inoue stopped reigning and defending WBA bantamweight champion Jamie McDonnell at 1:52 of round one…

Earlier today at Ota-City General Gymnasium in Ōta, Tokyo, Japan, Naoya Inoue (16-0, 14 KOs), the unbeaten “Monster” from Yokohama, stopped reigning and defending WBA bantamweight champion Jamie McDonnell (29-3-1-1ND, 13 KOs), from Doncaster, Yorkshire, United Kingdom, at 1:52 of round one.

It was McDonnell’s first loss in over a decade.

No sooner had the opening bell sounded than Naoya dropped McConnell with a left hook to the body. The champ beat the count, only to be met with a flurry of punches, followed by a combination that staggered and decked him a second time.

McDonnell’s corner had seen enough and threw in the towel.

“Everybody! This is boxing!” said Inoue after the ref waved it off. “For those who think it ended too quickly, I’m sorry. I’m surprised myself with this result. I’d trained extremely hard for this and I’m satisfied right now.

“The champion came all the way to Japan for this fight and I’m grateful to him.”

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AUDIENCE SHOT naoya inoue destroys jamie mcdonnell

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  1. Koolz 02:19pm, 05/31/2018

    have to correct even more about this fight.

    Inoue landed a jab to the stomach on Jamie and Jamie felt that and moved back, then Inoue started to load power shots and he landed a few body shots.
    Jamie couldn’t figure out what to do to keep Inoue off him.
    He tired to jab him to the stomach again and Inoue Timed Him and Landed a *Left Hook to the Head*
    Inoue then slipped a right jab and landed a *Left to the body*
    that knocked Jamie down.
    as Jamie was down his corner was yelling at him, telling him what to do.
    *Jamie fell in his own corner.*
    That same side is where Inoue Backed Jamie up with a hook and then sent a flurry of punches to his head on both sides, his arms on both sides, a jab to his face, and even a hook while jamie was falling.
    Jamie wasn’t going to beat the count.
    There was a three knock down rule Jamie wouldn’t have lasted he would have been knocked down or out if he some how beat the count.

  2. Koolz 01:46pm, 05/31/2018

    There is to much wrong information on the fight and before the fight.  I am reading in youtube vids and else where.

    Jamie bragged about his training and even has a video on all the equipment they used for training.

    Jamie’s brother warned him about Inoue.

    Jamie and his coach were going to use the weight as way to handle Inoue and his power.

    Jamie knew who Inoue was called him P4P before the fight!

    Inoue left hook to the body creating the first knock down dug under Jamie’s ribs.

    Inoue had only one thing on his mind in this fight Destroy Jamie he wanted to punish him for making him wait an hour at weigh in.

    Inoue just picked up Jamie’s patterns and then exploited them fast.  (hook to the head)Inoue never really boxed in this fight or even tried.
    Jamie steps in to jab Inoue Body Inoue throws a hook to the head.

    When Inoue attacked Jamie at the end with the flurry, many punches got through some were even breaking his defense and Jamie was psychological done already.  He coward in terror and wanted it to end.
    (no they did not all hit on the gloves)

    Inoue never was hit in this fight.  Zero punches from Jamie landed.

    Jamie didn’t back up on the ropes on purpose Inoue forced him to the ropes by throwing a wide hook to back him up and time him.

    Jamie’s corner was going to stop the fight after the first knock down.

    The Ref was stopping the fight same time Jamie’s corner was stopping the fight.

    Inoue wanted the fight to end with one punch.

  3. nicolas 11:43am, 05/31/2018

    Surprised how easy this fight was for Inoue. I just wish that he had stayed down at Super fly and fought the Thai fighter, Estrada, Gonzalez and a few others. I think the competition there was far better.

  4. Koolz 02:29pm, 05/29/2018

    talking about Inoue Fight!

    Good Post commentary!

  5. Koolz 12:06pm, 05/29/2018

    Check Inoue sparing!

  6. Koolz 11:16am, 05/29/2018

    how dare they take down the fight the bastards here is the full fight HD!

  7. Koolz 03:38pm, 05/26/2018

    Here is different angle of the fight so you can see everything better.

    notice the first body shot practically cuts Mcdonnell in half.

    Look at how his body shot that gets the first knock down wraps around and digs in below the ribs.

  8. Koolz 03:07pm, 05/26/2018
    his Kos
    he could be a four division world champ if he wanted to.

  9. Koolz 01:19pm, 05/26/2018

    I am guilty of watching this fight probably over 30 times.
    It’s actually over in 20 seconds.  After Inoue lands first body punch and starts flurries of hell on Mcdonnell, Mcdonnell is scared out of his mind.

    Then he get’s hit with Inoue’s next punch a strange sort of hook to the top of the head which practically knocks him off his feet.  After that Inoue slips a punch and then nails him with perfect body shot to the ribs, that knocks him down.

    When Mcdonnell get’s up from that he is shocked his face shows he is done.  Inoue just goes flurry hell mode again and Mcdonnell team end the fight.  Really Mcdonnell would have never beat the count again.

    I think Inoue wanted it over at 20 seconds from the first body shot. 
    He was thinking only one thing end the fight as fast as possible.

  10. don from prov 08:32am, 05/26/2018

    The overall ranks may have thinned out but we have some potentially great fighters on the scene at this moment.  What a body puncher this kid is!

  11. ceylon mooney 06:31am, 05/26/2018

    i LUV the comments by the japanese fighters. excellent.

  12. Koolz 04:58pm, 05/25/2018

    Koolz 04:57am, 05/25/2018

    Shiro vs Lopez 2
    Koolz 04:52am, 05/25/2018

    They call him The Monster!
    Koolz 03:02pm, 05/24/2018

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