Is Arum Contagious or Outrageous?

By Robert Ecksel on August 29, 2014
Is Arum Contagious or Outrageous?
Bob Arum’s relationship with Pacquiao isn't exactly like Svengali’s relationship with Trilby.

Mayweather has let it be known that he refuses to “put money in Arum’s pocket,” no matter the circumstances…

Steven Soderbergh’s “Contagion” is a great film. Not only did he knock off Gwyneth Paltrow in the opening minutes, which was satisfying on many levels. But the film reminds us, as if any reminding were necessary, that a global pandemic is not only likely, it’s just around the bend.

Despite Ebola and scores of scary diseases coming to get us from the darkest corners of the earth, some things are more contagious than others.

Take, for example, Bob Arum. He’s not disease-ridden, at least to our knowledge, but he may be contagious, or what he says may be contagious, based on what is being written about the imminent fight between his man Manny Pacquiao and his bugaboo Floyd Mayweather.

On a recent visit to San Francisco during the whirlwind international press tour for Pacquiao vs. Algieri, Arum visited The Chronicle’s offices and admitted, for the millionth time, that he’s “very optimistic” about Mayweather fighting Pacquiao in the not too distant future.

“Both networks (HBO and Showtime) want this fight to happen,” he said. “All signs seem to point to the fight happening early next year.”

Perhaps Arum’s optimism is justified now that Richard Schaefer, the Bobfather’s public enemy number one, is temporarily sidelined while plotting boxing’s future. Another reason for optimism is the temporary ceasefire between Golden Boy Promotions and Top Rank.

Arum’s relationship with Pacquiao isn’t exactly like Svengali’s relationship with Trilby, but there are similarities, and if Arum wants Manny to fight Mayweather early next year, Manny will fight Mayweather early next year.

The wild card in all this wild speculation is the Money Man himself. Without Mayweather there is no fight, and Mayweather has let it be known on more than one occasion that he refuses to “put money in Arum’s pocket,” no matter the circumstances.

Mayweather may change his mind, just as Oscar De La Hoya and HBO and Showtime have changed their minds. Money makes fools of us all. But unless there are back channel negotiations between Floyd and Manny’s people about which we know nothing, it’s just talk and talk is cheap, unlike pay-per-view, unlike the price of tea in China.

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Arum compares Mayweather to Hitler

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  1. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 05:31pm, 08/30/2014

    It’s called chutzpah folks….Bob Arum….Joan Rivers…..Jackie Mason…..these folks grab life by the balls and don’t let go until life gives them what they want…. whether it’s fame, fortune, or just plain respect….you gotta love’em!

  2. bk don 10:59am, 08/30/2014

    pacquiao v algieri isn’t creating much buzz so The Bobfather starts talking Money May to get the press’ attention in a hope to drum up some interest in the actual fight that is signed. There are still too many issues to even discuss this fight and i would bet the $35 bucks in my checking acct that there haven’t even been any discussions bet the sides. You’re telling me Haymon and Mayweather and The Bobfather are all gonna get on a conf call and discuss this fight. Then, HBO or Showtime is going to let the other network showcase it. I’m not buying Arum’s bs talk.

  3. Eric 06:45pm, 08/29/2014

    According to famed trainer, Ray Arcel, heavyweight champ Max Baer was a “supot.”

  4. artjd 06:28pm, 08/29/2014

    Does the author honestly, really honestly, believe Floydie when he (Floydie) said it was because of Arum that he doesn’t want to fight Pacquiao?  Let us go back few years ago:

    1) First, it was the drug testing that held the fight back;
    2) After the drug testing was resolved, Floydie balked at the money sharing;
    3) After the money sharing was resolved, Floydie balked at the ppv revenue;
    4) After being labeled as ridiculous Floydie’s offer of USD40 million to Pacquiao but no share on ppv, Floydie came up with Arum.

    You will notice that nowhere in the early negotiations Arum’s presence was cited as a problem.  You will also notice that after one problem is resolved, Floydie will come up with another one.  It is very obvious that the real problem is Floydie hasn’t grown a pair despite being 37 years old.  Where i came from, we call that supot, and where I came from, that’s the most demeaning term you can call a man.  Obviously also, Floydie is not a man.

  5. apdjr 04:29pm, 08/29/2014

    I don’t think Arum is contagious or outrageous.
    I think he’s more religious to boxing.

  6. Critical Beatdown 04:15pm, 08/29/2014

    Arum’s comments are kinda like farts (which aren’t contagious either, to my knowledge) in that they seem to come with little warning, then cause a bit of commotion, followed by folks clearing the room, and finally, we get back to business as usual. Arum’s latest mouth-fart I see as way to hype a thoroughly underwhelming Pac-Algieri, errr, showdown, or whatever. Anything to keep people’s attention and sell some PPVs. Come to think of it, don’t you smell something funny? -CBD

  7. Eric 10:10am, 08/29/2014

    “Hitlerian?” WTF does Hitler have to do with Floyd not wanting to fight Pacman? I get the Hitler obsession out there, and a lot of it has to do with things like the so-called “History Channel” broadcasting Hitler, Nazi, WWII 24/7, but what in the hell does Hitler have to do with boxing and Floyd Mayweather Jr? It always baffles me how people like Tojo, Mao, Pol Pot, Stalin, Lenin, and Genrikh Yagoda, who ironically sports a moustache just like Hitler, get a free pass, and never reach the ultimate boogey man status of Hitler. If anyone in boxing is “Hitlerian,” it would be Bob Arum. Maybe Arum slips under the radar like Tojo, Mao, Stalin, etc., and allows Don King to be the Hitler of boxing in the eyes of the public.

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