Is Khan-Judah II More Likely Than Khan-Alexander?

By Matt Andrzejewski on September 26, 2013
Is Khan-Judah II More Likely Than Khan-Alexander?

A fight between Amir Khan and Devon Alexander in December has been rumored for months. However, it has yet to be finalized for a variety of reasons. It’s my opinion that the fight will not happen and that Khan’s management will instead focus on making a rematch with Zab Judah instead.

The main reason this fight will not happen is the increased potential of Khan being a near term opponent for Floyd Mayweather Jr. Khan is a big name in the UK and a very marketable fighter. Mayweather and Showtime will presumably be looking for such a fighter for Mayweather’s next pay-per-view. A fight between Mayweather and Khan would certainly do big business in the US as well as in the UK

Khan is also enticing an opponent for Mayweather for other reasons. Khan is not a good defensive fighter.. He does not move his head at all and often squares up to his opponents. This would make him an incredibly easy target for Mayweather.

In addition, Khan has a questionable chin. Mayweather may see him as being an opponent whom he can knock out and do so in a spectacular fashion. And since most Mayweather fights recently have gone the distance, a knock out in a heavily hyped worldwide event would certainly help Mayweather’s marketability for future events.

From Khan’s perspective, a fight with Mayweather means a substantial payday and a big opportunity. However, Khan would certainly be ruled out as an opponent if he were to lose his next fight. Alexander is a talented southpaw with good boxing skills and fast hands. He is a very dangerous opponent for Khan with such a big paycheck looming. Why would Khan face such a difficult foe and risk a big fight with Mayweather?

That said, Khan will still probably go forth with a fight in December. And as mentioned earlier, Zab Judah would fill in nicely as the opponent.

There are a number of reasons why I think Judah is the perfect opponent for Khan. First, Khan was dominating Judah when they fought in 2011. Khan was consistently beating Judah to the punch in that fight and eventually knocked him out in the fifth round with an uppercut to the body. Judah would however claim the punch was low.

Judah, for his part, is a name and is from Brooklyn where the fight would probably be held. He will sell tickets and also help sell the event as a whole. Plus, he will claim he was fouled in the 2011 fight and that he deserves another chance at Khan. This all helps promote the fight and thus from a promoter’s perspective makes Judah an ideal opponent.

Khan would have confidence going into the fight knowing that he already dominated Judah once. In addition, Khan already took some decent shots from Judah and was not fazed. Judah is not really considered a big puncher and would be coming up to Welterweight to face Khan in the rematch. So Khan’s questionable chin may not be a big concern in this fight.

I fully expect Amir Khan to sidestep Devon Alexander in December. And if he does, look for a rematch with Zab Judah at the Barclays Center to take place instead.

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