Is Oscar Patriotic or Idiotic?

By Robert Ecksel on September 3, 2018
Is Oscar Patriotic or Idiotic?
"Having a National Anthem before a championship fight is what you're supposed to do."

Oscar took a shot at Triple G which was as unwarranted as it was false, and true to form he couldn’t care less…

“Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel.”—Samuel Johnson (1775)

Golden Boy CEO Oscar De La Hoya should stick with what he knows. For someone whose credibility has been questioned in the past, and allowing for the low bar that exists for boxing promoters when it comes to the truth, De La Hoya has sunk even lower to generate interest in the rematch between his fighter, the challenger Canelo Alvarez, and the reigning and defending middleweight champion, Gennady Golovkin.

Blathering to Villainfy Media on August 31, Oscar took a shot at Triple G which was as unwarranted as it was false, and true to form he couldn’t care less.

After declaring that “Facebook Watch is the best thing that ever happened to boxing,” Oscar cut to the chase. “The Golovkin people didn’t want to sing the National Anthem before the fight,” he said. “That’s a ritual. That’s like…that’s, that’s…that’s kind… Having a National Anthem before a championship fight is what you’re supposed to do. It makes it feel like a bigger event. And Golovkin’s people didn’t want the Kazakhstan National Anthem to be sung, the Mexican National Anthem to be sung, the American National Anthem to be sung. What else are you going to demand? Jesus, are they going to cancel the fight, you know? It’s ridiculous. Just go out there and fight, man.”

Oscar’s allegation was debunked by the other side.

“I have no idea what Oscar is talking about,” said Golovkin’s promoter, Tom Loeffler, “but it is not true. The truth is Team Golovkin had requested that the national anthems of Kazakhstan, Mexico and the United States be sung before the pay-per-view telecast began so that we could proceed with the fights seamlessly and uninterrupted. HBO supported this position and has always preferred that the anthems take place before the HBO Pay-Per-View telecast begins. To suggest that Gennady is unpatriotic and has no respect for the anthems of Kazakhstan, Mexico or the U.S., where Gennady resides in southern California, is patently false. Oscar and Canelo owe Gennady yet another apology. This is just another example of why Gennady never believes anything from Canelo’s side.”

Maybe De La Hoya was confused rather than mistaken. But it’s just as likely that he’s abusing the National Anthem to rouse the rabble and build the gate.

If that’s the case he should be ashamed of himself, assuming he’s not as shameless as he appears.

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  1. Raj 12:10pm, 11/25/2018

    Oscar de la hoya is the dumbest cunt i’ve ever seen on TV.  Americans buy his shit.  the WORLD does not

  2. nicolas 09:04am, 09/05/2018

    I have always been somewhat against national anthems being sung or performed before sporting events except for a few occasions. I am against them before regular domestic games, and boxing matches or other kind of single matches. I will always remember the second Chavez-Medal fight, when the guy singing the national anthem for mexico said after, “Viva Mexico,” and this kid, probably now a punk adult said “Viva Chavez” after the singing of the American Anthem. It really soured me to the singing of anthems for these kind of events. I actually do like when two nations play against each other and they do it, like during the World Cup, or when I have watched matches between Rugby nations. Something very majestic about it when the camera goes down viewing the players there, many singing along.

  3. Chico Salmon 10:03am, 09/04/2018

    thrashem.. Kind of unfair to condemn America and yet you won’t tell me your native country. I can no more control what the American government does than I can control the weather. Unfortunately a lot of people running things have no loyalty to America and American citizens. Now, let everyone know where it is in this world, where everyone is honest, has superior morals, and integrity? I want to buy a ticket.

  4. thrashem 09:04am, 09/04/2018

    USA has a beautiful Country.
    If you want to make USA great: stop your government from getting involved with unjust wars so oligarchy can profit at the peoples expense. That is criminal and they have paid war crimes at your expense.
    Now, lets talk boxing. Who will win Canello or GGG?

  5. Chico Salmon 08:51am, 09/04/2018

    thrashem.. And I suppose you read real “history books?” LMAO. Truth be told, America should not have been involved in any of the 20th century wars. I have noticed more than one anti-America comment from you in the past. Well, America is far from perfect, I will admit that, but maybe you could tell us what nation is perfect. I would hate to think you live in a nation that you hate so much, or do you reside in America? I am all eyes and ears, amigo. The average soldier, sailor, and airmen, had no idea how or why they were duped into fighting these wars and they were USED by men of no honor, integrity or morals playing on the “patriotism” theme.

  6. thrashem 08:21am, 09/04/2018

    Ali is a true hero for not getting involved with a corrupt government. He spent 4 yrs of his life battling idiots or he would have been really really great! Bombing innocent civilians in a foreign land don’t make you a hero. Read your fake history books, Chico.
    Freedom of speech is a wonderful thing, Oscar! It is all about the money!
    Hype don’t make it right!

  7. Chico Salmon 07:36am, 09/04/2018

    Your Name… Looks like the emotional female is back. hahaha. Why don’t you go ask the people who actually served with McCain what they thought about him.  Actually I am a veteran, and every male in my family served in the military, including the Korean War and Vietnam War. That funeral was made into a dog and pony show and was USED simply as a way to attack our beloved President Donald J. Trump. IF those people TRULY respected McCain, they would not have turned it into a SHAMELESS sideshow. Dance SUCKA dance.

  8. Casanovita de Ahome 07:28am, 09/04/2018

    Can’t blame Oscar for being uptight…everything is riding on Red and there’s nothing in the pipeline! Forget Kingry….has he signed Neeco the best fighter from Lancaster yet?

  9. Your Name 07:22am, 09/04/2018

    @ Chico Salmon, how long did you spend in the torture chamber? How long did you serve your country? People like you and Oscar make me want to do projectile pukes. But at least he showed courage . The Senator’s body is not even cold yet, and you can’t wait to spew your cowardly hate and orange-tainted swill. A true keyboard warrior. Mighty tough behind the keyboard, but not so much so up close.

  10. thrashem 06:06am, 09/04/2018

    Bad publicity is better than no publicity. Yah, it stinks!
    Chico, sounds like you are not a patriot. Or is the people you are fighting for…

  11. Chico Salmon 05:20am, 09/04/2018

    “Scoundrels hide behind religion and patriotism.” I was thinking more along the lines of John McCain, especially the “patriotism” part. He played that gig for decades.

  12. tlig 04:03am, 09/04/2018

    I’m sorry but this is a rather pointless write-up. Can’t believe you put that much effort into what’s essentially a non-story; I mean, seriously?

  13. Coach K 03:47am, 09/04/2018

    Fake News just ask that Kapernick guy!

  14. James Crue 03:32am, 09/04/2018

    Scoundrels hide behind religion and patriotism.  Think the White House.

  15. Kid Blast 01:17pm, 09/03/2018

    totally SHAMELESS. And bigly liar. Reminds me of someone…......

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