Is Patience a Virtue for Fans of Welterweight Boxing?

By Paul Magno on June 18, 2018
Is Patience a Virtue for Fans of Welterweight Boxing?
While waiting on Spence vs. Crawford, there’s a lot worth watching at welterweight.

At this point that it’ll take tranquilizer darts and a giant butterfly net to ever get Pacquiao in the same ring with Crawford…

Over at my other writing gig, I said that I’ve seen videos of old ladies being mugged on security cam videos that were about as competitive as Errol Spence’s one-round blowout of Carlos Ocampo Saturday night. I meant it.

Ocampo lacked even the hint of any sort of skill or ability that would’ve given him a shot against a prime Spence. In private messages, I flat-out told friends that I think the kid will go down with the first solid punch landed—and I was almost right.

If the feds cared to notice, the behind-the-scenes maneuverings that led to the 22-year-old Ocampo becoming the IBF’s mandatory challenger—with no real wins of note and a clearly underdeveloped skillset—might be dubious enough to spark up another FBI probe into the Jersey-based sanctioning body’s business dealings.

But, while voicing my frustration over what I felt was a wasted night in the life of a special fighter, I had a moment of clarity. Then, a touch of serenity. Everything was going to be ok.

I’d love to have all the big fights now and it would make lots of sense at 147 to not wait too long before putting them together. Errol Spence and Terence Crawford really do need to meet each other. Both are just bursting with star potential and the only way to get to that next level of stardom is through the other in a true Fight of the Year battle.

In the meantime, though, while waiting on Spence-Crawford, there’s a lot worth watching at welterweight.

Shawn Porter vs. Danny Garcia for the vacant WBC belt in August is going to be a damn good fight. Manny Pacquiao vs. Lucas Matthysse for Matthysse’s paper WBA title should also be pretty interesting. There are also a lot of second tier and third tier fights to be made in the division. And, who knows, maybe one day we’ll see Keith Thurman back in the ring.

Spence kinda, sorta called out Jessie Vargas after Saturday’s light snack and that fight wouldn’t be too bad if the plan is to then move on to the winner of Porter-Garcia. Beyond Vargas, Porter, and Garcia, there are still fight options for “The Truth” in the deep PBC talent pool. Nobody would be too worked up over Spence beating on Omar Figueroa, Devon Alexander, Victor Ortiz, or Andre Berto, but all are bankable options.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the boxing street, it looks like the new WBO champ, Crawford, is being lined up to face the talented, but inexperienced Jose Benavidez. The genuine bad blood between the two may make up for it being a fairly one-sided affair. Beyond Benavidez, things get iffy for “Bud.” It’s clear at this point that it’ll take tranquilizer darts and a giant butterfly net to ever get Pacquiao in the same ring with Crawford, but if Golden Boy’s Matthysse can somehow beat the Filipino icon, there may be a shot at a Crawford-Matthysse bout in early 2019.

Again, the big one is Spence-Crawford and it’s not that much of an exaggeration to say that it could very well be an essential fight to make when it comes to a flat-lining American boxing scene.

Without a Mayweather or a Pacquiao willing to pass the torch to the next generation, the welterweight division is having to build its next big star from scratch. Luckily enough, there are two uniquely talented fighters, in their primes, tearing things up at the right time and place. And those two fighters are surrounded by at least a half-dozen solid contenders to the throne, who could rise up and become the undisputed king of the historically glamorous 147 lb. class should the top two falter.

But while we wait for common sense and the (hopefully) tireless pull of history to bring Errol Spence and Terence Crawford together, it’s not like there won’t be anything to entertain us.

So, sit back and enjoy the next 18 months or so. Unless boxing royally fucks up, the welterweight division should be white hot.

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Errol Spence Jr. Knocks Out Carlos Ocampo in Round 1 | SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING

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  1. Pugwash 04:42pm, 06/19/2018

    Paulie Magno, I enjoy most of your articles, but this one sickens me.  If you are old enough to remember Muhammad Ali throwing slow motion jabs at Trevor Berbick, and unable to summon proper quick twitch reflex to block a punch, you would be sickened to think of a creaky PAC-Man taking a king size beating against a prime pound for pound contender.

    This is the side of boxing that turns my stomach.  Let Crawford fight someone who has a prayer at making a competitive fight.  Let PAC fight a couple stiffs if he even survives Matthysse and call it a career.  If the showing against a clumsy novice like Horn didn’t tell him what we all saw, why put him against a stud like Crawford? 

    I, for one, would never dial in for this fight. 

  2. Kid Blast 06:02am, 06/19/2018


  3. don from prov 03:17am, 06/19/2018

    Well, in Mexico you are on a “money-for-meal-sent” kind of bet.
    But he has honor and will send the money.

  4. Paul Magno 05:08pm, 06/18/2018

    ,,but I live in Mexico…How do I collect my free meal?

  5. Ollie Downtown Brown 04:14pm, 06/18/2018

    Patience is only a virtue until it becomes apathy.

  6. Kid Blast 03:42pm, 06/18/2018

    He’s afraid I’d poison him by slipping something into his Margaritas. Maybe Ambien. heh heh

  7. don from prov 11:25am, 06/18/2018

    Take the bet MangoMan, Ted always loses—and he pays up!

    Plus, as shitty as he seems on here he is a good loser (practice will do that I guess) and a very good luncheon host.  Up the bet a little though—
    Get a full meal out of the old crank, especially after his recent huff.

  8. Kid Blast 11:15am, 06/18/2018


  9. Kid Blast 11:14am, 06/18/2018

    Pac has no pop in his punch. Could not put away Horn who was on Alternative Sex street—I think in Round 10 or 11. Let him off the hook because he had nothing left in his arms or fists. 

    The Argentinian has always been a power puncher and as you know, power generally is the last thing to go.

    I may be going against the grain here but I see an “upset” in the making. And I’ll bet you a Chicago hot dog and a NYC egg cream on it. With maybe some polo poblano con mole sauce as the main entre.

  10. Paul Magno 09:47am, 06/18/2018

    @Kid…I don’t think a flat-footed, predictable, limited fighter like Matthysse could beat any version of Pacquiao, young or old…Pacquiao, although diminished, is not too far removed from total domination over two really solid guys in Jessie Vargas and Timothy Bradley…Matthysse has proven nothing at 147 and hasn’t looked even remotely special since 2013 at 140…I don’t see how anyone would have Matthysse as the favorite…

  11. Kid Blast 09:30am, 06/18/2018

    ” if Golden Boy’s Matthysse can somehow beat the Filipino icon…” Huh. That should be the other way around. Pac is as done as a burnt piece of toast.

  12. Ollie Downtown Brown 08:38am, 06/18/2018

    How about lukewarm over “white hot?”

  13. don from prov 08:12am, 06/18/2018

    “White hot” is not something I am banking on—
    but will give you due respect if that is what the next 18 mths. turn out to be.

  14. Balaamsass 07:17am, 06/18/2018

    “Bankable options” that are nothing but shit fights like a Pound for Pound fighter fighting a guy who the oddsmakers say has a 1 % chance of winning! Who gives a fuk if Spence needs to “stay busy” or if Ocampo needs the money and is not afraid! Garcia/Porter is a fight….you get one or two like that a year and that speaks volumes about this “sport”!

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