Is Paulie Off His Rocker?

By Robert Ecksel on June 16, 2014
Is Paulie Off His Rocker?
Who is their right mind doesn't love knockout artists? But it's called boxing for a reason.

“He spent the whole night trying to land the same big shot and that same big punch that he landed in round one…”

He’s personable. He’s talkative. He’s successful and he can fight. But, bottom line, does Paulie Malignaggi know anything about boxing?

That question may be impertinent, but judging by the number of people who had Ruslan Providnikov (23-3, 16 KOs) defeating Chris Algieri (20-0, 8 KOs) Saturday night, Malignaggi’s comments add fuel to the fire.

“I had it eight rounds to four for Algieri,” said Malignaggi, according to “There was nothing going on for Provodnikov after round one. The guy’s not making adjustments. There was not one adjustment made by Provodnikov after round one. I mean, there was not one adjustment, and that’s pretty simple. He spent the whole night trying to land the same big shot and that same big punch that he landed in round one and that didn’t happen for him. It just didn’t happen.”

Everyone adores sluggers. Who is their right mind doesn’t love knockout artists? But the sport is called boxing for a reason. What happened at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center is that one-dimensional Provodnikov got out-boxed, pure and simple.

Maybe Malignaggi was swayed by the fact that he and Algieri are both of Italian descent. Maybe the fact that he and Algieri hail from New York caused the Magic Man to fall off his rocker. Or maybe Malignaggi calls ‘em as he sees ‘em, which he has done repeatedly with little blowback.

Is this one instance where blowback is justified?

I, for one, am not convinced.

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  1. "Rockin" Rodney Moore 02:13pm, 06/23/2014

    I think paulie is a pretty good boxer, a very hard guy to fight and a hellava commentator. I certainly agree that Chris won the fight by at least 3-4 points hands down, hell, it was not even close. Come on folks, Ruslan really has trouble with anyone who uses the jab and can box and move. Bradley showed that when he decided to box and not brawl. Ruslan is a fan favorite and fun to watch, but hes at his best when there is give and take (toe to toe). So, with that said hell make great fights with the likes of Brandon Rios or Lucas Matthysse. I believe the most dangerous 140 pounder is “Viktor Postol”. Whenever and whoever he gets his title shot against any of the champs will be in hardest fight of their respected career. “Rockin” Rodney Moore, 2-Time Boxing Hall of Fame Inductee.

  2. glowrod 10:19pm, 06/20/2014

    You pacman fans are a joke bragging about paulie getting koed when pacman was knocked cold by one punch a couple fights ago

  3. Steven 09:35am, 06/19/2014

    Ruslan won. This is not the amateurs.  Given the critical elements of a PROFESSIONAL fight, these two were the same on defense. Ruslan ran away with the rest:

    Prizefighting - Objectives and Scoring

    Prizefighting utilizes a 10-point system by which the winner of the round must be given 10 points, while the loser of the round must be given nine or fewer. There are 3 judges instead of 5 and there is no computerized-tallying scoring system.

    Fighters can hit each other anywhere above the belt as long as it is on the side or front of the head or body. And as in the amateur game, it’s illegal to strike an opponent below the belt or on the back of the head and in the kidneys.
    In stark contrast to Olympic boxing, prizefight scoring is open-ended and scores are rendered purely based on the judges’ opinions using four criteria: Effective Aggression, Defense, Ring Generalship, and Clean and Hard punching.

    Effective Aggression
    Essentially, an effective aggressor is the fighter making the fight happen. He’s effectively pursuing and throwing punches while his opponent is back pedalling (Algieri all night) or on the defense. In order to be “effective” one must have success landing consistently while moving forward.

    In prizefighting, as in the amateurs, the ability to hit the opponent without being hit in return is key. Defense may include ducking, dodging, bobbing and weaving, parrying, blocking, slipping, and sidestepping, as well as effectively utilizing the clinch. In prizefights, judges are impressed with fighters who can protect themselves well in the heat of battle.

    Ring Generalship
    The fighter who dictates the tempo of the bout or is seemingly in control of the action is the ring general. An effective ring general makes his/her opponent fight their fight instead of their opponent’s.

    Clean and Hard Punching
    A “clean” blow is one that lands flush without being partially blocked or parried. Pros are rewarded for knockdowns and are given extra credit for landing harder punches and/or staggering or wobbling an opponent.

  4. Koolz 09:26pm, 06/18/2014

    Irish Frankie saying it like it is!!!

  5. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 10:46am, 06/17/2014

    Now Chris wants Pacquiao!......Trella turns in a “when in doubt mark C” score card and Shreck “sees” Algieri winning the 12th when he was in all out survival mode and now Chris has the title…..he actually has the title…..and guess what… one but no one was more surprised than he was when the cards were read because he knows that he just barely made it to the finish line…...and he wants Manny! I say let him fight Paulie….there’s a match right there made in Heaven…..Ruslan was the Champion…...he made the fight…..he landed the telling power punches throughout…..this was a professional fight…..not an amateur boxing bout and he won the Goddamned fight whether by a point or ten….he beat the Holy Hell out of Chris.

  6. Eric 08:18am, 06/17/2014

    Completely natural for Paulie to share a bond with a fellow Italian fighter and root for him on the basis of ethnicity. “The cafeteria syndrome” is completely natural, while all this forced assimilation and political correctness isn’t. That was the draw in the past when matching Jew vs. Italian, Irish vs. Italian, and you can see it now when Pac fights a Mexican. You can’t fool Mother Nature.

  7. Rocky Balboa 07:58am, 06/17/2014

    “Yo Paulie, you ain’t down, and you ain’t a loser, you’re just a jealous, lazy, bum.”

  8. FrankinDallas 07:26am, 06/17/2014

    No Paulie is not off his rocker. Of at least, not because of this fight. He’s exactly correct…Ruslan was looking for the big shot all night after he put Algieri down early. And we all know that happens sometimes after a guy gets an early knockdown.
    I’m not a professional judge….I don’t go round by round while watching a bout; that would take the fun out of watching it and I don’t work without pay…..but I was amazed at the HBO scorecard going into the 10th round. I thought about “ring generalship”....Algieri was controlling the fight by making Ruslan follow him around nearly helplessly. No, Algieri can’t punch very hard, but he constantly knocked Ruslan’s head back and also worked the body very well. The only time Ruslan got positive results was when Algieri let him…by laying on the ropes. Ruslan certainly landed a couple body shots that shook Algieri but except for the first round (and a couple others where Ruslan outworked him) Algieri did very well. 10-7 first round and a couple others for Ruslan and you have a close score. Maybe a point either way…but certainly not 117-110. And if that’s not enough for you, consider Roach’s pleading to Ruslan to knock him out because he was behind…that wasn’t just psychology, that was a shrewd evaluation of what was going on in the ring.
    Saying Paulie scored for Algieri because they are both of Italian origin (Sicilian in Paulie’s case) is, frankly, insulting.

  9. Pete The Sneak 04:43am, 06/17/2014

    “I like Frank, only I like you better.”—Tony Montana to Elvira in Scarface

    I like Paulie…I was never a fan of his, that is until he caught that serious and vicious beatdown by Miguel Cotto at MSG some years back. The guy showed me some real cojones in continuing to fight despite being torn apart….However, Paulie is one of these guys whose mouth is able to escape from his brain and thus it’s on the lam to sometimes make stupid comments before the brain can reel the mouth back in. Still, there were plenty of rounds there in this fight where Algieri did box Provo’s ears off and yes, Provo did spend a lot of time trying to get Chris on the ropes to try and land those big bombs he landed in round 1…Certainly not to the extent that Paulie suggests, but even Provo himself admitted movers/boxers like Algieri give him trouble…Or, Paulie could simply just be enamored with Algieri’s Pitty Pat, non power punching style of fighting. You know what they say, misery loves company…Peace.

  10. Balagtas 12:00am, 06/17/2014

    Yes, Paulie is the same man that looks like a cocky headless chicken when punched by Pacquiao sparing partner, am I correct?
    This man used to criticized all related to Pacman sparing partner and trainer. Maybe he is still in coma when Porter hit him. Paulie advise and comments shows his ignorance.

  11. PACMANUSA 07:10pm, 06/16/2014

    I thought he was ok until he made all his STUPID comments before Pacquiao Bradley 2 saying some such garbage about Bradley beating hm etc etc .

    Now I tend to think Maglinapo is a stone cold IDIOT !

  12. Clarence George 06:39pm, 06/16/2014

    Spare my blushes, Robert!

  13. Robert Ecksel 06:27pm, 06/16/2014

    Another in a long list of reasons for me to respect you.

  14. Clarence George 06:01pm, 06/16/2014

    Well, I do hold Pep in high regard—greatest featherweight and very high on my list of top pound-for-pounders.

  15. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 06:00pm, 06/16/2014

    This one is not just about boxers vs. sluggers…..for me it’s just as much about the wacky ass card that Don Trella turned in….plain and simple…..which reminds me…..another boxing site is showing a photo of the “official” score card which clearly is a hand copied compilation (by some NYSAC official) of the three original cards turned in by the judges….no wonder it took so long to get the decision…..why the hell is that necessary?

  16. Eric 03:36pm, 06/16/2014

    Didn’t see this fight either, but I remember not being able to believe how some people thought Chavez Sr. beat Whitaker and a good deal of people felt Hagler was “robbed” against Leonard. The Whitaker-Chavez “draw” was one of the worst decisions I’ve ever seen, clearly Whitaker won the fight. And I still can’t see how anyone thinks Hagler won his fight against Leonard, not even close.

  17. Robert Ecksel 03:15pm, 06/16/2014

    I may be wrong, Clarence, but I think you’ll hate Algieri’s performance. It smacks (good word) of Pep and Rigondeaux, neither of whom, if memory serves, is your favorite fighter.

  18. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 02:37pm, 06/16/2014

    Paulie had Broner/Maidana a draw…..does that help at all? What adjustments did Paulie make with Porter….he should have adopted Algieri’s game plan and stuck to it for dear life… fact he should have started pirouetting around the ring like a whirling dervish even before the first bell sounded and never but never stopped until they put the net over his head and trundled him off…. did he really believe that he could actually stand in front of Porter and exchange punches without suffering dire consequences…..or was he just resigned to his fate and just wanted to get it over with.

  19. Clarence George 02:01pm, 06/16/2014

    I didn’t see the fight, so can’t make a judgment (well, that’s not strictly accurate—that sort of bagatelle never stopped me before).  But I do have an opinion, and it’s a low one, of Malignaggi’s boxing knowledge.  The greatest boxer of all time, in his opinion?  Sugar Ray Robinson?  Joe Louis?  Harry Greb?  I’ll let him speak for himself:

    “I think Floyd [Mayweather Jr.] beats everyone in history, and anyone who doesn’t realize that by now is stubborn, blind, stupid, or all three.  He is the best ever.”

    Of course, the above-quoted bit of arrogance, lack of historical perspective, and just plain stupidity doesn’t necessarily mean he’s wrong about what happened Saturday night.  Still, he ain’t my go-to guy when it comes to boxing wisdom.

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