It’s a Family Affair

By Robert Ecksel on December 20, 2012
It’s a Family Affair
"We are always thinking positively," said Erika Marquez, "that the fight will turn out alright."

Manny’s victor, Juan Manuel Marquez, is hearing the same thing from his wife Erika, who wants exactly what Jinkee wants….

“The worst enemy a fighter has is his family.”—Ray Arcel

Once upon a time women, and of course children, were seen but not heard. Not anymore. Nowadays they are seen and heard. Whether or not they are paid any mind is another matter.

It can’t be fun sitting ringside watching one’s spouse getting punched. Even the winner gets bruised, if not battered, in the so-called bruising art.

Since his knockout loss three weeks ago, Manny Pacquiao’s wife Jinkee has been imploring her husband to call it a day. Her entreaties, however heartfelt, however logical, will likely go unheeded.

And now Manny’s victor, Juan Manuel Marquez, is hearing the same thing from his wife Erika, who wants exactly what Jinkee wants.

Before the fourth fight with Pacquiao, Erika Marquez said, “I don’t go to the fights because Juan doesn’t like to mix business and family life. I don’t think you ever get used to it. We are always thinking positively that the fight will turn out alright. I don’t go to his fights because it makes me nervous and that is the least he needs, so we support him and allow him to do his job.”

Having done his job, with Erika sitting ringside, about as effectively as was humanly possible, Marquez’s wife, while happy her husband won, is unhappy at how Pacquiao lost.

“I’ve asked Juan to leave,” she says, according to, the Spanish language equivalent of BoxRec. “He is receiving offers to continue fighting, but all of the money in the world won’t buy you another life, and no money in the world will buy you another brain.”

The subject of brains and boxing is too rarely discussed in our concussive sport, perhaps because it, and not PEDs, is the real elephant in the room.

“What I want is for him to retire,” continues Erika, “and to devote his time to enjoying his family. When Juan fights I suffer enough. In this fight it was no exception. I saw Pacquiao’s wife crying, desperate to climb into the ring. She feared the worst. I saw what she felt, and I reflected and understood her suffering. I felt her anguish when I saw that Pacquiao did not move and did not get up.”

Many of us felt anguish as Pacquiao lay there unconscious, at the same time as others were jumping, and perhaps are still jumping, for joy.

“Since Juan came home after this victory I’ve said the same thing that I’m saying now—to stop boxing. In my way of thinking there is no turning back. He could leave right now…I know that is a difficult step, but it’s my opinion and I gave it.”

It sounds as though Erika has a mind of her own but will stand by her man no matter what. But she shouldn’t hold her breath. Her husband is on the cusp of making more money than either of them ever dreamed. Juan Manuel Marquez will fight again, and chances are it will be against Manny Pacquiao…despite Erika’s and Jinkee’s objections.

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  1. Carlos 08:00pm, 12/26/2012

    Both Manny and Juan Manuel have given us boxing fans many thrills and I truly hope that both hang up their gloves and call it a great career. There is a new crop of young fighters coming up and it is inevitable that one of these young lions would get into the ring and beat either Manny or Juan Manuel. I hope that their wives are persuasive enough to insert some sense into their husbands.

  2. ALRIOS 04:25pm, 12/22/2012

    Mayweather now wants Marquez.

  3. paul 01:30am, 12/21/2012

    It’s true that the brutality and primal animal nature of boxing cannot be ignored. As a tangent, interesting scientific papers are now being written which suggest the human hand evolved to be able to make a solid fist (interestingly no primates can make a fist - only humans) -  suggesting throwing punches to hurt others is really something which has shaped human history. Our hands are both highly precise tools and also clubs which can inflict serious damage! Wonderful!

  4. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo (aka) Gimpel 06:27pm, 12/20/2012

    Robert Ecksel—What’s going on here…. in the photo above that lady with JMM looks an awful lot like Jinkee to me!

  5. peter 04:36pm, 12/20/2012

    “The worst enemy a fighter has is his family.”—Ray Arcel. What a great quote! I wish I had written it….And I wish it weren’t true. Another wonderful article! Thank you.

  6. the thresher 04:29pm, 12/20/2012

    So is being a fan.

  7. Meinhard Schmidt 03:43pm, 12/20/2012

    Being a boxer´s wife is tough.

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