It’s Official: Mayweather-Pacquiao Is On

By Robert Ecksel on February 20, 2015
It’s Official: Mayweather-Pacquiao Is On
Showtime and HBO may not bump fists in public, but discreet high-fives are in order.

Mayweather-Pacquiao may not live up to the hype, but it’s part of the continuum that is boxing, and boxing, now and forevermore, is where it’s at…

All things must pass, and the years long wait for the fight between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao is finally over.

Posting the signed contract on social media today, Mayweather announced, “What the world has been waiting for has arrived. Mayweather vs. Pacquiao on May 2, 2015, is a done deal. I promised the fans we would get this done, and we did. We will make history on May 2nd. Don’t miss it.”

Those who thought the fight would never happen, and for good reason, were wrong. The hurdles have been crossed, along with the T’s and dotted I’s, and the Fight of the Century between the two arguably greatest fighters of their generation is a done deal.

In a statement following his announcement on Instagram, Mayweather said, “I am glad my decision to meet with Manny and discuss making this fight happen helped get the deal done. Giving the fans what they want to see is always my main focus. This will be the biggest event in the history of the sport. Boxing fans and sports fans around the world will witness greatness on May 2. I am the best ever, TBE, and this fight will be another opportunity to showcase my skills and do what I do best, which is win. Manny is going to try to do what 47 before him failed to do, but he won’t be successful. He will be number 48.”

We’ve not heard the last of Mayweather claiming to be the best ever, but however doubtful that may be from a historical perspective, there’s no question that this is going to be the biggest fight of many of our lifetimes.

Showtime and HBO may not bump fists, at least in public, but discreet high-fives are in order.

Stephen Espinoza, Executive Vice President & General Manager of SHOWTIME Sports said, “Everyone involved, including Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao, knows this fight simply had to happen. All of us are thrilled to be able to deliver this event to boxing fans around the world. Now, for the second time under his current deal with Showtime Networks, Floyd Mayweather has agreed to fight an opponent that many people thought he’d never face. We set an all-time pay-per-view record with the first event back in September 2013, and we look forward to another record-breaking performance on May 2.”

Ken Hershman, President of HBO Sports, seconded that emotion: “Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather have been the two most prominent fighters in the sport of boxing for the past decade, and fight fans around the world have been clamoring for them to face each other. And now, on May 2nd, in what everyone believes will be the biggest boxing event of all-time, fight fans have been granted their wish. May 2nd will be a signature moment for the sport of boxing and HBO Sports is thrilled to be a part of this spectacular event. I know the fighters and their teams will be primed to excel and we plan to work closely with everyone involved to deliver the same level of performance from a broadcast perspective.”

There’s liable to be no other news fit to print between now and May 2. Mayweather-Pacquiao may not live up to the hype, but it’s part of the continuum that is boxing, and boxing, now and forevermore, is where it’s at.

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  1. Michael Daye 11:36pm, 03/01/2015

    I have been reading every comment made about this fight. Both are great fighters, to me Pacman feels he has something to prove to the world, that he’s the better fighter. So, fighting Floyd and beating him, he will prove that he is.
    Floyd boxing Maidana in the first fight, Floyd did not run, he stood toe to toe with maidana and out boxed him as the fight went on. Maidana is a bigger puncher than Pacman, to me.
    I do not see Floyd doing a lot of running in this fight, I see him moving and slipping punches and throwing more punches. A lot of people underestimate Floyd and think he can’t take a punch, but he can and he’s a lot tougher then you think! I see Floyd winning this fight, in 12, it not, before with a knock win over pacman. Why? Because pacman has been knock out before!

  2. bigbang 07:56pm, 02/28/2015

    i think pacman will beat may weather in 10 round.. but if decision.. i think may weather will win because of running tactics hahaha

  3. Old Yank 01:18pm, 02/24/2015

    bikermike—Good meeting spot.

  4. bikermike 05:36am, 02/24/2015

    I’ll meet you half way , Old Yank….about the Hagler leonard match….it was a good fight…..wrong decision

    I agree entirely with your analysis vis a vis Judah and Mayweather….the first four rounds…

    I’m hoping to see Pacquiao prevail…but ...I was also hoping to nail Raquel Welsh too

  5. Old Yank 07:16pm, 02/23/2015

    Look at the first 4 rounds of Mayweather/Judah. Now see those rounds again and imagine Mayweather without legs after 4. Different outcome? I’d say that a different outcome would be a big possibility!

  6. Old Yank 07:13pm, 02/23/2015

    bikermike—Although the bout on paper favors Mayweather, anything can happen. Maidona laid down a blueprint and if Pacquiao trains as if he needs to win it in 8 to 10, he could pull off the upset.  Maidona took away Mayweather’s legs and made the first bout close. In my minds eye, if Pacquiao can take Mayweather’s legs that way Maidona did, Pacquiao will surprise Mayweather big. And there ain’t a Mayweather that ever lived that liked the idea of getting n the ring with a good southpaw.

  7. bikermike 07:09pm, 02/23/2015

    leonard played us like the sixteen yr old flirt with big tits and a push up bra…all the way thru highschool….
    by the time we got under leonard’s sweater to feel his tits…..a lot of time….maybe too much time ....had passed

    ...and the tits were jacked with steroids anyway

  8. Old Yank 07:07pm, 02/23/2015

    Leonard/Hagler a farce? Now that’s a new one for me. Leonard was coming off about a 2 year lay-off and moving up two weight classes. Hagler had been on a huge winning streak. I was stunned at how much Hagler seemed to have left after 12 and still don’t know what he did not leave it all in the ring that night. It was as if he was pacing himself for a 15 round bout rather than 12. Leonard, after about a 2-year lay off and moving up two weight classes, fought about as smart a bout as could be fought over 12 rounds against Hagler. No matter how many times I watch the bout I still see it 7 rounds to 5 for Leonard. It was a hell of a great bout—amazing buzz in the business—amazing closed-circuit revenues and remains one of the most talked about bouts in the hoistory of the sport.

  9. bikermike 07:04pm, 02/23/2015

    Old Yank….I’m hopn’ pacman nails pbf with a bunch of left hook…uppercut…whatever…
    ..for that I’ll bring a crock ...and put in my three bucks…and sit close to the TV….and breath deep

  10. Old Yank 06:59pm, 02/23/2015

    Bikermike—Of course I meant Hagler/Leonard. Good to see you too.

  11. bikermike 06:55pm, 02/23/2015

    I always get invited to the Jamaican Boxing fan club…..Cindy is no longer active….and I’m crippled with arthritis…so all I want is to see the fight and drink more booze than I brought !!
    These guys still wanna get payback for the night I was the only guy that cheered for Tarver…the first time he KO’d Roy Jones Jr….back in 2004…..I was lucky to get outta there alive !!

  12. bikermike 06:46pm, 02/23/2015

    Old Yank..great to hear from you buddy…

    Hearns leonard II only happened because leonard knew Hearns was no longer a threat…with a large ring…and he gets to choose the officials Even then…leonard stole a draw

  13. Jim Crue 03:30pm, 02/23/2015

    Leonard vs Hearns 1 was in 1981
    no one cared about Hearns vs Leonard 2 which was in 1989
    Leonard vs Hagler in 1987 was a farce and probably not on the level

  14. Old Yank 01:12pm, 02/23/2015

    In a day when fighters were often considered to be facing west into the sunset when they crossed their 30th birthday, a fight that everyone thought would never happen happened —on April 6, 1987. It was between Hearns and Leonard and they were just shy of 33 and 31 respectively. It was worth the wait and all the hype and remains a bout that even today elicits spirited dialogue when brought up.

    Not a Mayweather has been born who is comfortable in front of a southpaw. And there’s not a man alive that Pacquiao has ducked.

    I suspect this bout will also be worth the wait and may very well end up being talked about for more than a generation after it’s over.

  15. Vic The Plic 01:14pm, 02/22/2015

    All you NA Sayers, Leave a comment after the fight so not to be considered an A*****E or give an opinion now and be one.

  16. Galvar 06:19pm, 02/21/2015

    Mayweather by UD or early KO.  He’ll prolly try to come in over the weight limit.  Hope Manny had some kind of clause against that in the contract.  Go to a sports bar to watch this one and it’ll only cost you a few beers.  Or go on Twitter to get round by round tweets.  Personally, I’m throwing a rent party on fight night. $5.00 per head, I’ll be serving burgers and beer.

  17. The Barker 05:47pm, 02/21/2015


    I’m with you! I refuse to put money in the pockets of an unrepentant woman beater who hasn’t KO’d anyone in almost eight years.

  18. Scoste 05:19pm, 02/21/2015

    The fight will be a fiasco! Pacman by cuts will win the fight!

  19. Eric 01:26pm, 02/21/2015

    I’ll catch the fight on Youtube for free.

  20. Koolz 12:28pm, 02/21/2015

    I will have to find the Best Bar to see this!  I hope Pacman gives Mayweather a boxing lesson.

    Will be the biggest PVP ever! 

    Damn 2015 is becoming the most amazing Boxing Year!

  21. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 10:51am, 02/21/2015

    What the hell was that last night? First off….what is McGirt teaching Cojanu any Goddamned way….it’s sure as fuk not how to jab and control distance when you’re 6’8”.....Christ the guy he was in with had zip experience! Then Heaven rolls out of the ring WWA style…..he should have kept right on going…..and Vukosa…..

  22. Snap Wilson 10:23am, 02/21/2015

    You guys are really cynical. No, this wouldn’t be the fight it was five years ago, but both fighters are still *really good* despite their age, #1 and #3 P4P, and they probably stand as each other’s best opponents at least since Marquez. Barring the ideal situation of Floyd being in prison, what fighters would you rather have them fight right now?

    I get the feeling that if PacMan somehow flipped the script and beat Floyd, that this fight would suddenly become “meaninful” to people. Win or lose, I hope he looks good out there, and I hope Mayweather is seriously tested.

  23. Eduardo gomez 08:44am, 02/21/2015

    Mayweather should take this fight 5 years ago now he wants to run 12 round get the ud and took 100 millions from his fans manny is not same fighter he use to be it could be a draw tryng to get the rematch too i dont think is going to be an explosive fight

  24. Ted Spoon 08:43am, 02/21/2015

    Precisely, Mohummad. Come fight night I’ll be glued to the screen but it’s reassuring that this fight has come off. Now there’s no excuse for all the other key ones not to materialize. And yes, Pete, it’s good for boxing.

  25. NYIrish 08:43am, 02/21/2015

    They are both too old and wise to leave all that money on the table. That’s the same reason the fight will be a dance. Unless somebody gets hurt with a potshot I don’t think we’ll see much violence in this one.

  26. Pete The Sneak 07:49am, 02/21/2015

    Well yeah, it might be 5 years too late, but I’m glad it’s happening. I was working-out in the gym this morning and every station in the joint, from CNN, FOX NEWS, NBC, etc., was leading with this news. Heck. even ESPN took a hiatus from their usual Saturday morning college football monotony to lead of with the MAY/PAC story. I mean, the last time Boxing got this much publicity and lead story time was probably when Mike Tyson was being released from Prison. So with that I say, if it’s good for Boxing, let’s embrace it…Peace.

  27. Mohummad Humza Elahi 06:26am, 02/21/2015

    I’m not cynical.  At the end of the day, this is the fight that the majority of hardcore and casual fans wanted, it’s what we’ve got and more importantly for me, it will hopefully set a precedent in terms of breaking this taboo of not fighting the best because there’s no money.  This fight was the high water mark excuse for all the others who dodged and ducked and now it’s here, come May 3rd, the fans are going to start demanding it from other boxers.  That can only be a good thing.

  28. Vito 05:37am, 02/21/2015

    after 5 years is not too late, but I hope that they will entertain and satisfy the boxing fan & paying patrons. Not just a showtime to get the guarateed prize 250K.

  29. Danger dong 02:40am, 02/21/2015

    Hopefully just as Thomas Hauser Described how Ali and Frazier"s “downward spirals perfectly intersect"ed for the Thriller in Manilla, we will get a similar situation here. I don’t understand the negativity Floyd didn’t want it 5 years ago and now he does. So what, they may have slipped a little but they are still 1 & 2 in the division. If you are a real boxing fan this match up is incredibly exciting, I know I’m pumped for it. I this event is fitting of the moniker of Fight Of The Century, hopefully Pac Man can do the business, if he does no one will be complaining after. Roll on May 2nd the snacks table will be ridiculous. Go Pacquiao!!!!!!!!!

  30. raxman 12:34am, 02/21/2015

    come guys, don’t be so cynical. these guys may not be the same the fighters they were 5 years ago but at least they’ve faded in tandem. and besides, its much better that this fight is happening now then never at all.

  31. andrew 09:52pm, 02/20/2015

    The money generated by this over the hill non-event will confirm how stupid the average person is.

  32. Kid Blast 09:12pm, 02/20/2015

    Ho hum

  33. Jim Crue 08:59pm, 02/20/2015

    too late. Neither deserves a payday. Five years too late

  34. Eric 08:06pm, 02/20/2015

    @Disgruntled… Agreed. You could add Leonard-Duran III. Mayweather in a boring decision. Floyd runs and pecks, wins by a score of 8-4.

  35. A Disgruntled fan 07:26pm, 02/20/2015

    Who cares? This is as exciting as Leonard-Hearns III or Hopkins-Jones II. Too little, too late.

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