Jack Dempsey vs. Jack Sharkey

By Boxing News on July 20, 2020
Jack Dempsey vs. Jack Sharkey
Dempsey was 64-5-11. Jack Sharkey was 27-6. The fight was scheduled for 15 rounds.

On July 21, 1927 at Yankee Stadium, Bronx, New York, former heavyweight champion Jack Dempsey, from Manassa, Colorado, met future heavyweight champion Jack Sharkey, from Binghamton, New York, with the winner to fight current heavyweight champion Gene Tunney. Dempsey was 64-5-11. Sharkey was 27-6. The fight was scheduled for 15 rounds...

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Jack Dempsey vs Jack Sharkey (July 21, 1927) -XIII-

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  1. Jan Swart 10:03pm, 07/20/2019

    Jack Sharkey was a much better boxer than given credit for. His occasional lack of big match temperament - not evident in the Dempsey fight - and the indelible question mark over the Carnera “KO loss” destroyed whatever legacy he may have had.

  2. David 12:12pm, 07/20/2018

    If Muhammad Ali had fought in the same era as the great Jack Dempsey, he would have been mauled. Dempsey was ‘the greatest heavyweight of all time.”

  3. Lucas McCain 06:11am, 07/21/2016

    Excellent quality film, much better condition than others I’ve seen.  Too bad so much slow mo time is spent on Sharkey writhing on the canvas.  The real issue is the low blows.  They look deliberate—two or maybe 3 right shots quite low, then Dempsey comes upstairs with the hook very quickly when he complains, almost as if they were all part of the same combination.  Dempsey did have impressive power, but I think much of Shakey’s pain was from the low shots.