Jacobs TKOs Mora

By Robert Ecksel on August 1, 2015
Jacobs TKOs Mora
For one round it looked like the fight might be a fight to remember. (Tim Nwachuckwu)

Danny “Miracle Man” Jacobs TKO’d Sergio Mora at 2:55 of round two to retain his WBA World middleweight title…

Saturday night at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, WBA World middleweight champion Danny Jacobs (30-1, 27 KOs), hailing from Brownsville, New York, successfully defended his title by stopping Sergio Mora (28-4-2, 9 KOs), from Los Angeles, California, at 2:55 of round two.

Fighting out of the blue corner in blue trunks with red and white trim, Jacobs was the favorite coming in. He is six years younger than his opponent. He was also fighting in front of a partisan crowd. But he still he seems like a work in progress.

Mora, fighting out of the red corner in black trunks with gold trim, has been in several wars and his face bears the scars of those skirmishes. He may have won his last five fights, but how much more punishment can his body take?

Based on tonight’s performance, the answer is not much.

Both men were cautious at the start of round one. Mora was busier, moving in and out and dictating the action, such as it was. Jacobs hadn’t thrown a meaningful punch when he exploded with a hybrid right hook/uppercut that dropped Mora as if he’d been shot. The Latin Snake got to his feet. He was doing his damnedest to stay away. Jacobs was as enthusiastic as he was reckless. Out of position, defense an afterthought at best, he was going for a knockout when nailed him with a right that dropped him to the canvas. The champion made it to feet, but he was wobbly at the bell.

Between rounds Jacobs’ cornerman told him, “Son, listen. Nice and smooth. It’s going to come.”

At the bell to start round two, Mora came out aggressively. He had said he was coming to Brooklyn to win and that was how he fought. Jacobs, who hadn’t been dropped since his 2010 loss to Dmitry Pirog, was playing it safe when he wasn’t playing it sloppy. Mora’s 34-year-old legs are at this point adequate at best. As a nothing second round was drawing to a close, Jacobs dropped Mora again. He fell awkwardly. He grimaced. He was hurt. Mora beat the count, but he could barely walk. The referee Gary Rosato waved it off.

After the fight Mora said, “I think I broke my ankle. I heard it pop.”

It was a bad way for the fight to end, especially a fight that started with such promise.

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  1. Jim Crue 10:50am, 08/03/2015

    Jacobs seems like a nice kid but he is not a top caliber fighter although with todays lack of talent in boxing he will make a few bucks

  2. mark baylor 08:02am, 08/03/2015

    I find it hard to believe a fighter of Jacobs talent is the champ. a decent fighter but the quality of champions is not there any more. also how does mora even get a shot. there are more deserving fighters that are not heard of in the division.

  3. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 07:57am, 08/02/2015

    How was that round of the year? More BS for PBC shows…..Mora didn’t get the memo and was there to win and really believed he would find a way to do it….Jacobs couldn’t beat a prime Vernon Forrest if his life depended on it.

  4. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 07:40pm, 08/01/2015

    Where’s the TKO here? Did Jacobs KO his friggin’ ankle? The Colon fight was a TKO if ever there was, a knockout without a ten count, this was something else.

  5. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 07:24pm, 08/01/2015

    Nothing meaningful landed at the end…..Mora dipping way too low trying to duck walk out of trouble….Jacobs forced him down and added his weight on the leg as it gave out. Faces and hands break up and they can keep on keepin’ on….shoulders, elbows, knees, ankles….even hips are another matter….these warriors are chock full of Achilles heels.

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