Azumah Nelson vs. Jeff Fenech II

By Boxing News on February 28, 2019
Azumah Nelson vs. Jeff Fenech II
Going into the rematch, Nelson was 34-2-1. Fenech was still undefeated as 26-0-1.

On March 1, 1992 at Princes Park Football Ground, Melbourne, Victoria,  WBC super featherweight champion Azumah Nelson, aka The Professor, from Accra, Ghana, fought Jeff Fenech, from Sydney, Australia, for the second of three times. Their first fight was nine months earlier and ended in a split decision draw. Going into the rematch, Nelson was 34-2-1. Fenech was still undefeated as 26-0-1. The bout was scheduled for 12 rounds and was crowned 1992 Upset of the Year by Ring Magazine…

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Nelson vs Fenech II pt1

Nelson vs Fenech II pt2

Nelson vs Fenech II pt3

Nelson vs Fenech II pt4

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  1. bernie 05:31am, 03/01/2015

    I have watched Nelson vs Fenech (1) many times over the years and i can never see Fenech as the winner. I have always seen the fight how the judges did, a draw. Their rematch turned out to be embarrassing for Fenech as Nelson walked through him. Nelson was suffering from a very serious illness only a week or two before their first fight. which seems to be the reason for his lethargic performance in their first bout. Azumah Nelson was a great great fighter.

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