Jeff Horn—No Fear

By Robert Ecksel on May 29, 2018
Jeff Horn—No Fear
Positive thinking can move mountains. But positive thinking alone has won few fights.

“He can hurt you in the body or in the head. He’s able to switch-hit. But that’s alright; I have a few plans of my own…”

“Boxing is a sport of self-control. You must understand Fear so you can manipulate it. Fear is like fire. You can make it work for you: it can warm you in the winter, cook your food when you’re hungry, give you light when you are in the dark, and produce energy. Let it go out of control and it can hurt you, even kill you…Fear is a friend of exceptional people.”—Cus D’Amato

On Saturday, June 9, at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, Jeff Horn (18-0-1, 12 KOs), the WBO welterweight champion from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, will defend his title against two-division champion Terence Crawford (32-0, 23 KOs), the Fighting Pride of Omaha, Nebraska.

Few people are picking Horn to defeat Crawford, who is at the top of many pound-for-pound lists. But Horn thinks they’re betting on the wrong horse.

“I’m not scared of this guy,” he told Fox Sports. “You have to be confident in boxing, if you go in there thinking you’re going to lose then that’s exactly what will happen.”

The power of positive thinking can move mountains. But positive thinking alone has not won many fights.

“They’re trying to make me feel nervous and to doubt myself,” said Horn, “but I haven’t done that for a second.”

Horn knows what he’s up against. Crawford is the genuine article.

“He has a devastating left hand, he can hurt you in the body or in the head. He’s able to switch-hit. But that’s alright; I have a few plans of my own.”

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  1. Ralph Fight Fan 02:20pm, 05/30/2018

    My comment starts out with the fact that Crawford might be the best, pound for pound. He truly deserves a shot at Lomachenko, should he move up in weight class from lightweight. While Jeff Horn insists he isn’t afraid, and I’m loving that Cus D’Amato quote, Horn’s positive thinking won’t win this fight. Few fighters have the skills Crawford and the ability to fight effectively from both stances and hit yo’ass HARD as does Crawford. Add that Crawford is a MEAN S.O.B., who appears to take delight in breaking his opponent down. I actually fear for Jermall Charlo and Erroll Spence, two fighters from Texas (my Mom’s home was down there in the Big Foot Country) should either get a shot at Crawford. But at least Charlo and Spence have one most of their fights by KO. Horn’s 18-0-1, 12 KOs record shows he lacks enough of a punch to take his opponent out should he land a good punch and that is a MUST if you are going to beat Crawford!!

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