Jermain Taylor Busted Again

By Robert Ecksel on January 20, 2015
Jermain Taylor Busted Again
Something has seriously messed up Jermain Taylor. Chances are it’s not the marijuana.

An eyewitness said she “saw everything.” When the police arrived, Jermain Taylor said, ‘They got me again…’”

Martin Luther King Jr. would not be pleased.

IBF middleweight champion Jermain Taylor, recently anointed Comeback Fighter of the Year, was busted yesterday afternoon in Little Rock, Arkansas. He was charged with three counts of endangering the welfare of a minor and possession of marijuana after firing a gun at Thelton Smith, his wife Skylar Harris, and their two children, according to the Little Rock Police Department.

Shirley Johnson of Little Rock was at the corner of Martin Luther King Jr. Drive and Wright Avenue when she said she heard about five gunshots in the distance.

Johnson said she “saw everything” and when the police arrived, “Jermain looked over at us and said, ‘They got me again.’”

Taylor didn’t resist arrest. He told the police that he had a gun in his pocket. Officers also found a small bag of marijuana on his person.

Something has seriously messed up Jermain Taylor. Chances are it’s not the marijuana.

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  1. Eric 08:13am, 01/22/2015

    Bob…I understand your point somewhat. We have to be careful about who we house together in prisons. Putting some violent mentally ill person in the same area or cell with a check forger doesn’t seem logical. At the beginning of the documentary that I was describing, a clip was shown of several inmates crawling around on the floor naked. The inmates were being shouted at by the guards to crawl, one guard purposedly let a toothy German Shepherd take a couple bites out of an inmate’s leg for good measure. Now if these convicts were guilty of brutal crimes involving rape, random murders, child molestation, torturing innocent victims, I probably wouldn’t have a problem with this kind of treatment. However, I find it odd that it is usually people like child molesters and serial killers that are given protective custody. Some of those guards probably deserve the same punishment and they should serve time for participating in that kind of behavior. I’m sure they would be very popular among the inmate population. Fyodor Dostoyevsky said, “The degree of civilization in society can be judged by entering prisons.” Like anything run by the state or government, the prison system is a mess that needs a major overhaul.

  2. Bob 05:03am, 01/22/2015

    Just read Taylor’s Facebook rantings about why he did what he did and turning himself in and going to jail. He is out of his mind, but clearly a very dangerous man. If Lockdown goes to Arkansas, we might see him on the show when the dust settles.

  3. Bob 04:37am, 01/22/2015

    Eric:  You are 100 percent correct. It’s my bleeding heart talking. I had met Taylor on several occasions and am shocked at what has happened to him. He definitely seems as if he’s cracked.  Perhaps from the punches, drugs, alcohol, life’s pressures or a combination thereof. I was shocked when he got all tatted up and said idiotic things like no white boy will beat him even though several have. I realize he’s now an immense danger to society, but let my bleeding heart get in the way of my sensibilities. Thanks for bringing me back to earth.

  4. Eric 08:41pm, 01/21/2015

    Kid Blast… I used to watch a lot of Lockup Raw. teehee. Watch the Troy Kell documentary if you have time. Pretty interesting documentary. BTW, I still haven’t forgotten about, “Shattered.” Will order very soon.

  5. Kid Blast 07:33pm, 01/21/2015

    Eric, how do you know so much about what goes on in prisons?

  6. Eric 04:45pm, 01/21/2015

    Bob…True, but what about the others in prison that would probably be better suited for another environment. I was watching the Troy Kell documentary the other night on Youtube, and they put a guy who forged some checks in a max security prison in Utah. Anyhow, this check forging desperado/kid is stuck in there with rapists, murderers, serial killers, etc. and he winds up helping Kell kill another inmate. So now the check forger is stuck in prison for life. Another sickening part is while the check forger is holding down the victim, Kell stabs him a total of 67 times. The prison guards? Oh there was one behind a locked door calling for backup. Something needs to definitely be done about our prison system. Not everyone there deserves to become a victim of anal rape, shanked, beaten and tortured, and a great deal of those prison guards are useless POS, who are too lazy to get a job where they have to work. They are there to do their 8 hours and couldn’t give a rat’s arse about protecting the weaker inmates from the predators. Matter of fact the strong preying on the weak is encouraged by a lot of the sick f*cks who run these prisons.

  7. Bob 05:41am, 01/21/2015

    Sounds like Jermain is a stranger even to himself. This is not the same person of 10 years ago.  He is going to harm a lot of people or himself. The tragedy has already occurred. He needs to be removed from society, not necessarily prison but some type of stable environment where he can’t hurt others. So sad.  Seems like he’s gone, and he’s not coming back.

  8. Kid Blast 08:04pm, 01/20/2015

    The concussive KO’s by The Ghost, Froch, and Abraham have scrambled his brains. It doesn’t take a neurologist to conclude that.  When he was getting the ring instructions at the beginning of the Soliman fight, he had a look that said he was on another planet. He is totally shot and should be banned from boxing for his own good. Let him retire as a champion.

    But he needs treatment and he needs it ASAP.

  9. Kid Blast 08:00pm, 01/20/2015

    jimallcorn , he could also climb a tower out there. He has become very scary.

  10. jimallcorn 06:17pm, 01/20/2015

    Obviously, the accumulation of head trauma that he’s suffered over the course of his long career in the amateur & pro ranks has taken it’s toll on him. There can be little doubt.
    Unfortunately, unless he’s placed in an assisted living facility or made a ward of the state with steady supervision to prevent these sorts of incidents from taking place & resulting in even more tragic circumstances than what’s already occurred, then poor Taylor could wind up like Battling Nelson did. A danger to himself & others, with the potential for a bloodbath right around the corner facing him & his loved ones.
    As for his career?
    Really, who cares at this point?
    Yes, he still has enough of his skills & enough fitness left to hang onto his belt for a little while if matched properly, but to what end? To earn a living for a while longer, soaking up more punishment until the next brain bleed turns up on his next post fight tests? Or the one after that?
    What a shame that would ( will? ) be.

  11. Kid Blast 10:15am, 01/20/2015

    He is going the way of Valero in plain sight.

  12. Robert Ecksel 09:08am, 01/20/2015

    Everyone knew Taylor was an accident waiting to happen. This wasn’t the accident everyone expected, but it happened nonetheless. Boxing hasn’t helped. Easy access to guns has helped either.

  13. Koolz 06:14am, 01/20/2015

    head injury.  Is he on medication.  Did you know every crazy murder event from a person reported by the news that person was on drugs from a doctor!
    Is Taylor dealing with something from his head injuries? 
    Did he get in a fight too?  He has a cracked rib.
    The brain is a mystery that is not solved but anyone.  Not psychologists, not doctors.  The Brain is so complex that it is like having the whole Universe in your head.
    A lot of strange things can come from having major head injury.

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