Jerry Quarry from Boxers Heaven

By George Thomas Clark on August 11, 2013
Jerry Quarry from Boxers Heaven
"We won’t let dogs fight, we won’t let chickens fight, because we care about the animals."

In boxing the primary objective is to destroy the other guy’s brain. So don’t shovel any crap about people paying big money to watch guys fight defensively…

In boxing the primary objective is to destroy the other guy’s brain. So don’t shovel any crap about people paying big money to watch guys fight defensively…

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Jerry Quarry vs Eddie Machen

1970 10 26. Muhammad Ali - Jerry Quarry I

Floyd Patterson vs Jerry Quarry (June 9, 1967) -XIII-

Jerry Quarry vs Thad Spencer

Joe Frazier vs Jerry Quarry I

Jerry Quarry vs George Chuvalo


Jerry Quarry vs Ron Lyle

Jerry Quarry vs. Earnie Shavers

Ken Norton vs Jerry Quarry

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  1. John Wilkinson 02:13am, 09/16/2014

    Look in on the JERRY QUARRY FOUNDATION LETTERS. [had the better message up /enjoy so much effective communications! UNITED STATES TURNS INTO A PAYTON PLACE/. “Communism is B-E-T-T-E-R!”][Their is “great hope” for the U.S. , put ME in as President!]

  2. john coiley 02:18am, 08/18/2013

    what a wonderfully introspective view of a great boxer Champion…thank you

  3. Deborah 11:04pm, 08/17/2013

    I knew Jerry and Mike at the end of their lives. What a terrible waste of wonderful, caring, compassionate men. Jimmy did all he could to care for Jerry, and Mike’s wife (Ellen) stood by him until the end.  I wish I had known all the Quarry brothers in their earlier careers, but then again, seeing the devastation of their lives might have been more heart-breaking.

  4. kid vegas 05:31pm, 08/15/2013

    Anything about Quarry makes me sad

  5. Jack 06:02pm, 08/13/2013

    A neighbor of mine, Odell, stopped by my garage when I was hitting the heavy bag one day about 10 years ago. He related to me, that he used to box also, and that he was a sparring partner for Jerry Quarry. He was a little surprised that I knew quite a bit about Jerry and Mike as far as their fights were concerned. He thought I was a lot younger than I am. He related that he fought as an amateur on some of Jerry’s cards at the Olympic Auditorium. Back in the 60’s they had mixed pro/amateur fight cards at the Olympic. He was saddened to hear that Jerry had passed away in the manner he did and the fact that Mike wasn’t in much better shape at that time. He shared a lot of sparring session stories with me about how tough Jerry was and the fact he got hit a lot in the gym. Your body can only take so much punishment and abuse. RIP Brothers!!!!

  6. George Thomas Clark 09:49am, 08/13/2013

    Irish - Jerry was definitely a warrior as well as an excellent boxer and strong puncher.  Those who want to watch him at his peak can look at videos here of his victories of Mac Foster, Ron Lyle, and Earnie Shavers.

  7. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 06:58am, 08/13/2013

    Eric-Great analysis as always….but the truth as I see It is this….there were only two that Jerry couldn’t defeat….Ali and Frazier….and that speaks volumes…he is one of the most undervalued and underrated fighters in modern times..

  8. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 06:50am, 08/13/2013

    George Thomas Clark-Back in the late sixties the LA Herald Examiner ran a blown up full page photo of Jerry in his corner with Johnny Flores leaning over his shoulder….it may have been taken between rounds in one of the Patterson fights. The picture clearly showed a fighter who not only was ready and willing but was in fact eager to fight…..not unlike so many of the great Mexican fighters who were campaigning in Southern California at the time. This is how I choose to remember Jerry.

  9. George Thomas Clark 03:27pm, 08/12/2013

    In the 1970s on TV I saw Jerry do a great imitation of Ali: “I been hittin da heavy bag…”  Both guys were witty and a lot of fun.

  10. Eric 01:40pm, 08/12/2013

    If Quarry had started a decade earlier he would have been heavyweight champion until Sonny Liston came along. Quarry would’ve have done extremely well in the Marciano era as well. I don’t see Quarry beating Marciano but I could very well see Quarry beating a 37 year old Joe Louis, a 38 year old Jersey Joe Walcott, and a 32-33 year old Ezzard Charles, and a 39-42 year old Archie Moore, if the right Quarry showed up. The enigmatic Quarry lost some fights he should have won and won some fights he wasn’t supposed to win. Quarry was supposed to be a sacrificial lamb for the much larger sluggers Ron Lyle & Mac Foster, Quarry handled both rather easily, winning an easy decision over Lyle, and knocking out the unbeaten Foster. However, Quarry would drop a decision to Jimmy Ellis in the WBA heavyweight title bout, and go on to suffer a controversial knockout loss to heavyweight gatekeeper, George Chuvalo. So it might be safe to assume Louis, Walcott, Charles, or Moore might catch Quarry on one of those “off nights” just as easily as catching Quarry on one of his brilliant nights.

  11. David Ball 10:51am, 08/12/2013

    Never met Jerry, encountered Mike late in his career when he boxing out of Orlando, nice guy but the signs were already there. RIP!!

  12. Ted 06:37am, 08/12/2013

    Thing about Jerry is that he somehow got into the hearts of so many scribes. Might have had something to do with his Southern Cali aura or maybe his tough family (aka Okie) background. or maybe his getting the most out of every 24 hours.

    The thing was, he was a very smart guy before the dreaded fog arrived; he knew what he was about and he was very articulate——-and then…

    If ever there was grist for a movie, it’s in the life and death of Jerry Quarry.

  13. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 08:08pm, 08/11/2013

    George Thomas Clark-You had it right…it was the Quarry Brothers versus….which reminds me…. there are many on this site that sing the praises of George Chuvalo and rightly so….but the ten count on Malik Scott was nothing compared to hose job of a count Jerry got that night in the Garden.

  14. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 07:39pm, 08/11/2013

    George Thomas Clark-I believe it was billed as the Soul Brothers versus the something or other brothers….anyway the next afternoon after the fights I was playing Keno across the Strip at The Flamingo I believe it was….hungover and totally bummed because for me at the time boxing began and ended with Jerry…when behind me I heard uproarious laughter….so loud that I turned and looked…it was Jerry laughing and I was dumbfounded at the time and remain so to this day by the incongruity of it all.

  15. Ted 07:30pm, 08/11/2013

    Stirring, GTC and painful

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