Jersey Joe Walcott vs. Ezzard Charles III

By Boxing News on November 6, 2013
Jersey Joe Walcott vs. Ezzard Charles III
Jersey Joe Walcott and Ezzard Charles were great fighters in an era full of great fighters.

“I started out in life as Arnold Cream. I guess with a name like that I had to learn to fight at any early age.”—Jersey Joe Walcott

Jersey Joe Walcott and Ezzard Charles were great fighters in an era of great fighters. They ducked no one, evaded no challenge, and their individual talents were the stuff of legend. Walcott and Charles fought four times over a three-year period. They fought in June 1949, March 1951, July 1951, and June 1952. Their third fight on July 18, 1951, at Forbes Field in Pittsburgh was for the heavyweight title Charles won by UD15 over Walcott four months earlier. Walcott was 69-5-1 going in. Charles was 69-5-1. If you like heavyweight fights that are action-packed grudge matches to their very core, Walcott-Charles III, The Ring magazine’s Fight of the Year for 1951, is the fight for you…

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Ezzard Charles vs Jersey Joe Walcott III

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  1. Paul Gallegos 07:55am, 02/05/2012

    The best left hook/uppercut knockout of all time. This one is better than the one that Frazier threw against Ali in Madison Square Garden.

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