Jimmy McLarnin vs. Tony Canzoneri

By Boxing News on July 9, 2019
Jimmy McLarnin vs. Tony Canzoneri
Jimmy McLarnin fought every fighter of distinction during his long and productive career.

Former welterweight champion Jimmy McLarnin was one of the greatest boxers in history and fought everyone of note during his long career. He met Tony Canzoneri, another all-time-great, on May 9, 1936 at Madison Square Garden in the first of their two fights. McLarnin was 52-10-3 going in. Canzoneri was 117-16-8. McLarnin was slowly winding down but still had plenty in the tank. Canzoneri, amazing, was still going strong and would continue to go strong for a few more very busy years…

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Jimmy McLarnin vs Tony Canzoneri I (Highlights)

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