Joey Giardello vs. Rubin “Hurricane” Carter

By Boxing News on December 13, 2016
Joey Giardello vs. Rubin “Hurricane” Carter
Giardello was 97-23-7. Carter, with two more years of freedom ahead of him, was 20-4.

On December 14, 1964 at Convention Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, WBC/WBA middleweight champion Joey Giardello, hailing from Brooklyn, New York, defended the titles he won from Dick Tiger a year earlier against the always dangerous Rubin “Hurricane” Carter, from Clifton, New Jersey. Giardello had fought everyone and was 97-23-7 going in. Carter, who still had two years of freedom and fighting ahead of him, was 20-4. The bout was scheduled for 15 rounds…

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Joey Giardello vs Rueben 'Hurricane' Carter

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  1. Eric 05:39am, 12/15/2015

    The fight that Hollyweird LIED about on video for all to see.

  2. ch. 12:32pm, 12/15/2014

    Got to see this one for free. When word was flashed that all the $3 seats were sold out, my friends and I and several hundred others just stormed the doors and the helpless doormen had no chance. Also saw the Giardello -Sugar Ray Robinson bout the same way with almost the exact scenario (again they claimed the $3 seats were gone and us impoverished Philly fight fans took the matter personally.

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