Johnny Famechon vs. Fighting Harada II

By Boxing News on January 5, 2021
Johnny Famechon vs. Fighting Harada II
Famechon was 54-4-6, Harada was 55-6, and the fight was scheduled for 15 rounds.

On January 6, 1970 at Metropolitan Gym in Tokyo, Japan, WBC featherweight champion Johnny Famechon, from Melbourne, Australia via Paris, France, fought former WBC/WBA bantamweight champion Fighting Harada from Tokyo, Japan a second time. Their first fight was five months earlier at Sydney Stadium in Sydney, Australia. Famechon won the decision on points. Going into the rematch, Famechon was 54-4-6, Harada was 55-6, and the fight was scheduled for 15 rounds…

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Johnny Famechon v Fighting Harada II 6 January 1970 Tokyo,Japan

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  2. nicolas 07:13pm, 01/08/2014

    they finally have the correct video up there, the rematch which came some I believe five months later. I have seen both of these fights on youtube about a year ago, and while the first one the picture quality was not so great, I thought Harada won that fist fight. What was amazing was what a difference five months made, a dominating Famechon in this fight. One of the biggest problems I think Harada had, which was mentioned earlier about Japanese fighters, they just came tearing in, without much defense, blocking punches with ones head.

  3. Flea Man 05:03am, 01/18/2013

    I think the above video (black and White) is the first bout with Famechon, where Pep bowed to local fans and robbed Harada.

    I may be wrong but I think the only footage of Famechon-Harada is in glorious technicolour.

  4. Bodyshots 10:05pm, 01/11/2013

    first time i’ve ever seen Harada in action. what an energizer typhoon he was. although, i kept on expecting a KD as a consequence of his hard-charging style. he reminded me of an Arce with amazing reflexes, hand, and footspeed. i’m glad i finally got to see him. a real tasmanian devil . . . (in hot-pants).

  5. Sean Curtin 03:46am, 01/11/2013

    Remember that fight well, Harada was stuck up as he won the fight, the rematch was a better fight but Harada had seen better days especially when he fought Jofre he was at his best .
    Willie Pep did a good job as the referee.