José Can You See?

By Robert Ecksel on January 24, 2012
José Can You See?
There may be incontrovertible proof that Chavez Jr. isn’t getting a fair shake in Twitterdom

José Sulaiman admitted yesterday that he spends time on Twitter. Although that’s news in itself, don’t spend time looking for the WBC President’s tweets. You won’t find them. Sulaiman wasn’t on Twitter to tweet, which is a pity, but he was looking at the tweets of those that are and do, seeking incontrovertible proof that WBC middleweight champion Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. isn’t getting a fair shake in Twitterdom.

“Yesterday I spent several hours on Twitter,” said Sulaiman, “and I sensed the negative effects on the Mexican fans produced by press releases of promoters saying that Chavez Jr. will fight against several boxers if he beats Marco Antonio Rubio, which is already a very tough fight. As President of the WBC and close friend of Julio Cesar Chavez Sr. and his sons, I wish to emphasize that Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. is in no way scared of Sergio Martinez.”

Martinez’s New York-based promoter has been known to tweet on occasion, but it’s impossible to be certain beyond a reasonable doubt that the WBC President was referring to him and/or his tweets.

“I know Chavez,” Sulaiman continued. “I know he has the same brave heart just like his father. He’s a great boxer with power in his fists and he’s a Mexican idol, so let’s stop these attacks in regards that he doesn’t want to face his mandatory bout.”

Rumors on Twitter, it must be admitted, spread like wildfire during a drought. But the charge that Chavez Jr. was ducking his mandatory isn’t equivalent to pulling a rabbit out of a hat. At the WBC’s annual convention in Las Vegas last summer, it was stipulated that his next fight was supposed to be against Martinez. But someone did an end run around that stipulation, with or without the WBC’s approval, so a little animus and doubt is to be expected under the circumstances.

“The bout next February 4th between Julio Cesar and Marco Antonio Rubio will be a great bout full of courage and honor. With all respect to the Mexican fans, I inform you that Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. has never said that he won’t face Martinez. He has even said that he’s willing to face any boxer because he is a WBC world champion and he will prove it against anybody.”

That must be sweet music the ears of Maravilla and his promoter. If only Sulaiman had tweeted it on Twitter, then his message would have been disseminated far and wide. But Twitter’s limited use of characters means that each tweet must be short and sweet, which is an art unto itself.

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  1. "Old Yank" Schneider 09:05am, 01/24/2012

    Has the Soul-less-man turned promoter for the Chavez family now? He can’t handle his job sanctioning bouts, what makes him think he can promote?

  2. mikecasey 07:00am, 01/24/2012

    Mr. Sulaiman has been twittering and wittering right from the start. He just doesn’t seem to know it.

  3. bk don 06:55am, 01/24/2012

    Even if somehow Arum was forced to let chavez fight martinez, that’s obviously very unlikely, i’m pretty sure after sergio knocked him out Sulaiman would make up some bs wbc belt to give the kid. I will give jose this much, he doesn’t pretend to be impartial. He has no problem letting the world know he’s a cheerleader for team chavez.

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