Joshua Outpoints Parker in Tactical Snoozer

By Robert Ecksel on March 31, 2018
Joshua Outpoints Parker in Tactical Snoozer
The final scores after 12 tactical rounds were 119-109 and 118-110 twice. (Showtime)

IBF/WBA champion Anthony Joshua outpointed WBO champion Joseph Parker to unify three of the four major heavyweight titles…

Saturday night at Principality Stadium in Cardiff, Wales, IBF/WBA heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua (21-0, 20 KOs), the young gun from Watford, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom, outpointed WBO heavyweight champion Joseph Parker (24-1, 18 KOs), the Samoan marksman from Auckland, New Zealand, after 12 tactical rounds to unify three of the four major heavyweight titles.

The final scores were 119-109 and 118-110 twice.

Fighting out of the blue corner in white trunks, Joshua was in control throughout the bout. He was never in trouble. He was never hurt. He was never inspiring. He exerted a minimal amount of effort for a maximum amount of effect.

Parker, fighting out of the red corner in white with black trim, succeeded in foiling most of Joshua’s vaunted offense. But a good defense alone doesn’t win fights, especially when it’s not supported by meaningful punches.

Joshua drew first blood in round 10 when an errant elbow caught Parker’s eye. It added color to the proceedings, but the fight was a long over, even though the championship rounds were still to come.

The new unified champion didn’t embarrass himself. It was an acceptable performance. But if we lavish unacceptable praise on merely acceptable performances, it won’t be long before we don’t know the difference.

Every heavyweight fight from here on out is a precursor to the bout between Joshua and Deontay Wilder, which will be in 2019 if all goes according to plan. That’s a fight everyone wants to see and if I’m not mistaken, Wilder will destroy him.

To the glass half empty crowd who believe Joshua had a bad night, he said this to Sky Sports after the fight: “I am not going to judge my performance. That’s for my coach to do. My strategy was to get behind the jab and we did that. The good jab will take you around the world.

“This was about boxing finesse—I stuck to my word. I know what it takes to be a champion. Joseph Parker said he wanted a war, but it was all about boxing finesse. The main thing we cannot forget is that I am the unified heavyweight champion of the world.”

There’s no forgetting that—and it speaks volumes.

“My strategy was to stick behind the jab. I was switched on and I was focused.

“Twelve rounds baby, it was hard. This is boxing, this is what we do. Forget the hype.”

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  1. Pete The Sneak 12:19pm, 04/03/2018

    The Holyfield/Bowe Heavyweight fights were pretty action packed and exciting as well. Fan Man and all…Peace.

  2. don from prov 04:02pm, 04/02/2018

    Norton/Holmes was sure as hell a great fight, Mr. Brown.

    I could see rating it over the Thriller in Manila

  3. James 12:03am, 04/02/2018

    Raymond Marine - You know that Parker and his team have admitted he didn’t do enough in the fight? They haven’t screamed robbery or grumbled because they know he lost. Anyone who scored that fight for Parker probably had Japan winning World War 2.

  4. Koolz 05:39pm, 04/01/2018

    funny how these fights for Wilder and Joshua go their way no matter what.
    Refs let Wilder recover
    Refs stop Parker from hurting Joshua on the inside
    yes of course Boxing is corrupt!!!!!!!!

    so who should Povetkin fight next.

  5. Dale 04:45pm, 04/01/2018

    Referee in this fight was not inept he was CORRUPT. It was in the bag for him to make sure Joshua would win. He interrupted the action two or three times when Parker appeared to hurt Joshua. Parker was fighting two opponents. Disgraceful!

  6. Raymond Marine 04:29pm, 04/01/2018

    This fight was a JOKE, Parker Clearly WON, but the scorekeepers gave it to Joshua.  Parker was the aggressor and JOSHUA DID NOTHING.  It seemed like Joshua made this fight so he could go 12 rounds against WILDER.  There was a lot of buildup, hope, and expectation from Joshua, but he was flat footed, threw less punches, and showed himself to be a LAZY SLOUCH throughout the fight.

  7. Koolz 03:43pm, 04/01/2018
    I am watching Povetkin vs Price again (no ads)
    I am wondering how Povetkin would do against Wilder.
    I feel like he would knock him out too.

  8. Ollie Downtown Brown 01:44pm, 04/01/2018

    don from prov…. Norton vs Holmes was a better fight than the Thrilla in Manila. Norton vs. Holmes was only a tad below Frazier-Ali I IMO.

    The Thrilla is overrated me thinks.

  9. Balaamsass 08:54am, 04/01/2018

    Joshua trying his damnedest to perfect Lennox’s ATG hold and hit foul that almost decapltated Michael Grant! Tried more than once to tee up Parker’s head by pulling down Joseph’s neck with his left but Parker would turn away from that uppercut from hell at the last nano second!

  10. Balaamsass 08:43am, 04/01/2018

    Hoping that the redhead will show up in person and not just phone it in, the NSAC will hold Canelo’s hearing at a club here in Vegas that will have a Stormy Daniels look-a-like contest later that evening!

  11. Lucas McCain 04:37am, 04/01/2018

    Michael Grant was born too soon

  12. don from prov 04:29am, 04/01/2018

    In my waning years, I can at least conjure images of the Thriller in Manila—

    Or even Norton/Holmes

  13. Koolz 04:19am, 04/01/2018

    remember there are ads.
    arrrg Parker my last hope, no wait.

    Fury Road!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Balaamsass 04:26pm, 03/31/2018

    Parker more like 6’2”.....loose tape issues in a Heavyweight Championship fight really half assed….bring in a fussbudget, old biddy of a ref from Italy why don’t you for a major fight with 80,000 in attendance and millions viewing around the world….Joshua controlling the distance but Parker compounding it by short arming his punches ....he landed zip in the first three rounds!

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