Juan Manuel Marquez vs. Agapito Sanchez

By Boxing News on April 20, 2020
Juan Manuel Marquez vs. Agapito Sanchez
Marquez was 19-1. Sanchez was 20-5-2. The fight was scheduled for 12 rounds.

On April 21, 1997 at the Great Western Forum in Inglewood, California, Juan Manuel Marquez, from Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico, fought Agapito Sanchez, from La Victoria, Dominican Republic, in defense of his WBO NABO featherweight title. Marquez was 19-1 coming in. Sanchez was 20-5-2. The fight was scheduled for 12 rounds…

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Juan Manuel Marquez - Agapito Sanchez

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  1. Murray Thrasher 12:19pm, 04/23/2018

    Marquez vs Sanchez fight was in 1997. I thought the fight was suppose to be this weekend???
    Marquez showed great posture and poise in dealing with the shorter more muscular opponent.
    Marquez could read Sanchez feet. Agapito would do a double front foot shuffle before he came inside, if he threw a punch and missed, he left himself wide open and Juan would go to town counter punching. When Sanchez would backoff and stop, Juan would come forward and then jump back out of range. Very one sided fight.
    Don’t like Sanchez shorts with the frills. I’d of sent him back to dressing room to change.