Juan Roldan vs. James Kinchen

By Boxing News on July 8, 2012
Juan Roldan vs. James Kinchen
Roldan fought Kinchen on April 6, 1987, on the undercard of Hagler-Hearns in Las Vegas.

Juan Domingo Roldan fought James Kinchen on April 6, 1987, on the undercard of Marvin Hagler vs. Thomas Hearns from Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. Although overshadowed, as almost any fight would be overshadowed, by the war between Hagler and Hearns, the bout was significant in its own right. The great Argentinean Roldan was 63-3-2 at the time. The Heat from San Diego was 37-2-2. This fight is not for the faint of heart. But it is some of what boxing is all about…

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  1. Jethro's Flute 04:07am, 08/13/2012

    Hagler fought Hearns in 1985.

    This fight, if it took place on the undercard, must have been on the same night as Hagler VS Leonard.

    Thomas Hearns beat Dennis Andries for the WBC light-heavyweight title in 1987 and added the WBC middleweight crown by beating Roldan.

    He later won a split decision of James Kinchen for the WBO Super-middleweight title.

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