Julian Jackson vs. Terry Norris

By Boxing News on May 29, 2013
Julian Jackson vs. Terry Norris
The fight could be generously described as a bump in the road to Terry Norris' greatness.

When young whippersnappers hear the name Julian Jackson, they assume he was one of the Jackson 5. Although both had hits galore, knockout artist Julian Jackson’s were more emphatic. Jackson met “Terrible” Terry Norris on July 30, 1989, at the Convention Center in Atlantic City. Jackson, who was 37-1 going in, was defending the WBA junior middleweight title he won in 1987. Norris was 21-2 and his best years were to come. The fight could be described as a bump in the road to Norris’ greatness, or a prime example of what happens when one man’s fist connects with another man’s chin…

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  1. McGrain 06:23am, 07/02/2012

    I love that Norris was able to regain his feet.

  2. Jim Crue 07:06am, 01/10/2012

    thanks for posting this. Jackson was SOME puncher!!

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