Herbology: Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. Takes a Hit

By Boxing News on March 1, 2013
Herbology: Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. Takes a Hit
The NSAC hit Chavez with a $900,000 fine and nine-month suspension for smoking grass.

Former WBC middleweight champion Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. has taken it on the chin. The punch wasn’t thrown by Sergio Martinez, not this time, but by the Nevada State Athletic Commission, who saw fit to levy a $900,000 fine and nine-month suspension for the cardinal sin of smoking grass. Robert Ecksel, editor-in-chief of Boxing.com, speaks with Rick Strom from TYT Sports about the NSAC and the stiff sentence they levied on the fighter. Is the Nevada Commission using Chavez Jr. to set an example? Have they overreacted? Or is it possible that they are just blowing smoke…

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Chavez Jr. Smokes Weed - Suspended 9 Months, Fined $900,000

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  1. Robert Ecksel 05:58am, 03/05/2013

    shotgun517—From one race man to another, good shot, but you missed the target by a country mile. We’re all out of Africa and anyone who thinks otherwise doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground. The subject isn’t black or white. The subject is green. Gotta check that color wheel every once in awhile. That’s what it’s there for.

  2. shotgun517 12:05am, 03/05/2013

    I wonder if this was a Black fighter would you guys say his fine and suspension was too harsh or would you be calling him out of control!

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